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Bc icon EU-Spinebreaker (PvP)

A european PvP server.

The server was opened February 18th 2005.

The Spinebreaker Realm gets it's name from Tagar Spinebreaker, the leader of the Bonechewer Clan.

Realm Population Stats

Alliance 15 Alliance: 1458 (10%) Horde 15 Horde: 12,876 (90%)
IconSmall Draenei Male Draenei: 235
IconSmall Dwarf Male Dwarf: 154
IconSmall Gnome Male Gnome: 155
IconSmall Human Male Human: 449
IconSmall NightElf Male Night Elf: 465
IconSmall BloodElf2 Male Blood Elf: 4146
IconSmall Orc Male Orc: 1963
IconSmall Tauren Male Tauren: 2539
IconSmall Troll Male Troll: 1205
IconSmall Undead Male Undead: 3023
Last updated:25/10/2009 according to Warcraft Realms
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Neutral 15 Spinebreaker EU Portal Edit

Neutral 15 PvE Progression Edit

Neutral 15 Crafting Lists Edit

Neutral 15 Guild List Edit

Alliance 32 Alliance guilds Alliance 32 Horde 32 Horde guilds Horde 32

Last updated 28/08/2009.

Neutral 15 Test of Honor Edit

To celebrate the launch of the Honor System, Blizzard issued a Test of Honor Contest.

  • Alliance 15 IconSmall Dwarf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Ladrim
  • Horde 15 IconSmall Tauren Male Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Seny

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