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Malgor is a Blood Elf, a former Priest and now presently a Warlock. Feeling nostalgic, Malgor returned to the city of his birth, Silvermoon City, intent on living quietly and making friends.


Malgor is ugly. Not only is he ugly, but he's old. When Malgor goes to sleep, people put mirrors under his nose to see if he's still breathing. He's suffered a few strokes, as evidenced by the limp and the slight drool on his left side (if he isn't wearing a mask, anyway), and his right hand is a prosthetic mechanical hand that he isn't quite used to (and sometimes doesn't wear). His hair is slowly receding, and though the ends of his hair maintain their original red color, they are starting to turn colorless at the root.

He dresses in regal robes when he has to make an appearance, a scythe on his back. He doesn't know how to use the blasted thing, and when questioned, says he only has it as per an ancient Convocation of Silvermoon law requiring all Warlocks to have a scythe.


Malgorthaur is almost totally mad. He seems very much like a sweet, quiet old man, until awkward silence (or any breaks in conversation) occur... at which point, he begins to gibber and rave about things that don't make sense.

Possessing a dry wit and unbearable incoherency, it is a wonder that anyone lets him near children.

He tries constantly to make jokes, oftentimes failing miserably.


Gorthaur was born to the orphanage in Falconwing, by two lowborn parents, and as such, was raised there by a kind woman, Isildrang Il'phuk'ihr. He took her name out of respect, and very shortly after, discovered an inborn talent for sorcery. Apprenticed and given a name, he added the Mal to the beginning of it to make his name a few more syllables (else, his name sounded -orcish- and thats just bad taste for an elf).

He met and married into an influential (at the time) family, the Bloodspear clan. A clan of assassins and thieves, it was widely presumed he was the trophy husband. Yana Bloodspear, his wife, continued her work, and due to her title and lands, Malgor became a Magister in name only (he was not given the duties of one, so to speak). She gave birth to twins, who both entered the Farstriders under Alleria Windrunner when the second war broke out.

Malgor became famous in the church circles by converting to the Faith of the Holy Light, and by blending the path of the Priest with that of the Mage. He called this "Applied Theurgy" and for a brief time, it was considered the arcane equivalent to Paladins. It was never formally recognized in Dalaran, but it -was- in the church, and so Malgor was contented.

When the Third War broke out, his son Myansr was the first to go missing. The body was never recovered, and so Malgor drew all of the Theurgists to him to raze the Scourge (and to acquire the body of his son, if he had died). They did not succeed, no more than the paladins did, but they tried.

Clacygael, his daughter, came down with the Plague of Undeath, and died a scant four days later. The next day, Malgor brought all of his students together, and proceeded to sacrifice them to summon (or create) a demon of the Burning Legion, using the demon to face off against the undead. Unfortunately for him, the demon didn't get -all- of the witnesses, and he was chained and stripped of what little Light based powers he had left (most had gone when he had sacrificed his students), and was scheduled to be executed when he escaped.

Listed as a criminal for years, the devastation of the Sunwell hid most of his crimes (or at least, made them not as severe as those of the boyprince).

After his escape and the death of the Sunwell, Yana Bloodspear fled, as well, and together the two of them joined the Scarlet Crusade, with Malgor teaching the younger students the art of harnessing shadows.

A scant year ago, he returned to Silvermoon, alone. He was given a full pardon by Grand Magister Rommath provided he work for the good of the Blood elves (and that he didn't decide to kill any of them). Malgor, now truly insane, agreed.


As the first ships sailed, headed ever northward towards the Lich King's throne, the ancient elf went to Vengeance Landing to throw his lot in with the Forsaken. As a magister, he worked closely with the Apothecaries and worked to unravel the mysteries of the runic magic used by many of the Vrykul. It is said that he and Grand Apothecary Putress consulted many long evenings together to discover what was so unique about the plague that had claimed the life of his wife and daughter...

That is when he got the message, bloodstained in the mail. It said only this- "It seems nobody was happy with my death. Meet me in the place my life ended. We have much to discuss, father."

Quite naturally, after a period of soul searching and overmuch angst, he went and saw what had happened to his daughter. Raised as one of Arthas' elite, Clacygael had become a Death Knight. After the initial shock, he revealed to her that he was a former member of the Scarlet Crusade and was now a warlock.

She took it quite well. In her words, "How can I judge you for using fel magic against its masters when I seek to do the same?" He shied away at that.

The End of Malgorthaur?

It is rumored by many that he and his daughter shared unique details of their trade- Clacygael instructing her fathers in the fine art of scourge plagues, so as to help with his research on Putress, and Malgor in turn teaching her about the art of flames and of fel runes. Together, the two of them might have done many great things, each serving in turn to break apart the boy-prince's power over death. And it seemed the two of them were inseperable.

Unfortunately, Malgorthaur has not been seen since Putress's actions at the Wrathgate. Given his personal history with the plagues, it is possible and in fact likely that he rebelled early on, and was 'silenced' by Putress, or slain by Varimathras.


  • Malgor is technically homeless, and probably dead.
  • Overly polite, the former priest is known for his overblown language far exceeding the situation at hand.
  • Due to the circumstances of his pardon and information given to his superiors regarding the Scarlet Crusade, Malgor is considered Exalted by all except the Tauren of Thunder Bluff, who have an uneasy feeling regarding him.
  • Malgor has accumulated and lost a number of pets, including a baby worg, a spider, a mana wyrm, two hawks, a dragonhawk, three moths and a cat. If asked, he jokingly says he forgot to feed them. His brother in law tells a different story.

Out of Character Information

  • Malgorthaur is retired, and is no longer played. OOC, the toon got a race change, and the person who played Malgorthaur is now known as Malgara, a Forsaken Warlock (presumed to be Clacygael).
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