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General Info

Kuolema was born Taimi Tähti in the Capital City of Lordaeron. She is now around 20 years old and lives in Stormwind City


Kuolema is fairly tall for a woman standing 5'8". She has shoulder length layered red hair and bright green eyes. She would be regarded as pretty but not beautiful by the majority of humans. She is pretty fit and runs daily. Kuolema is elegant and knows how to be a lady when required. However, she can also be tough and even cruel in battle.


Kuolema is introverted and very antisocial. She used to be a very cheerful and sweet child until she witnessed Prince Artha's betrayal, the fall of the Capital City of Lordaeron and the brutal murder of her parents during the scourge's attack to the city. She distrusts most humans and doesn't open up easily. She is angry and bitter and finds no time for love or compassion. She dreams of vengeance.

Beliefs and Views

Kuolema lost her ability to believe in human loyalty. She believes that the state of the Eastern Kingdoms and the whole Azeroth is due to the human lust for power. She doesn't particularly believe in the Alliance nor does she have any particular feelings towards the Horde. She despises the Scourge and the Burning Legion. She believes that all inhabitants of Azeroth should stand united to face the real problems of the world. She is very fond of the Kal'dorei and her best friend is a young druid called Neridhren Istarion Edaurion



Early Life

The Present


Kuolema studying magic at the library

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