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Guild Progression

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Rare Crafters

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Alliance 32 Alliance

Guild Level Homepage Guild Master PvE/PvP Hardcore/Casual
Alliance Pug 0 None PvE Hardcore
By Crayon Be Purged 18 None Kelticfox PvE Casual
Forever Faithful 4 Coraly PvE/PvP Casual
Hidden Mercy 5 Konserwa PvE Casual/Hardcore
Illuminati 2 IL Officers PvE Casual/raiding
Middle Aged Madness 25 Märy PvE Casual
Mithrid 5 Moonie PvE Hardcore
Order of the Hammer 25 Gannon PvE Hardcore
Paradise Lost 25 Zhabutu PvE/PvP Casual
Pandorian Alliance 0 Batty PvE/PvP Casual
Skull Squadron 25 None Silveretta PvP/PvE Casual
Soggy Biscuit 25 SB Officers PvE Casual
Team Hannibal 21 Sliver PvE -

Horde 32 Horde

Guild Acronym Homepage Guild Master Focus (PvE/PvP) Hardcore/Casual
Blizzard stole my life BSML Totie PvE Casual
Beirepoot err? Beirwarreket PvE slacking
Mature Weekend Raiders MWR Tanka Pve Casual
Devastation Deva RBJ Pve Hardcore
Dies Irae DI Polackntango PvE Semi-hardcore
Divide Et Emperia DeE -- Dobermann/Svirve PvE -
Divine Intervention - Medius - Casual
Empyrean Collective EC Kanduluk PvE Semicore
Evokian Evokian Ly & Sereen PvE Hardcore
Exercitum Exer Oougly PvE


Fishbone fishbone PvE Semi-Hardcore
Frostbite Frostbite Elinore PvE Hardcore
Fugazi FGZI Klunk PvE Casual
Fula skitiga och elaka FSoE Lysistrate PvE Casual
Gosu Gosu Sendrag Slacking -
Hembränt HB Gautier Slacking in Org Hardcore
Horde Mode Horde Mode Eldin PvP -
Insidious Insidious http:// Anyah PvE Hardcore
Kréator Kréator Razzoria PvE -
Kreator Kreator Dobermann PvE -
Legion of Attma LoA Doherty PvE Hardcore
Loco Motives LM Count PvE Hardcore
Omen Omen Boax/Fadermerrin Casual -
Playforfun p4f Theatre PvE Inactive
Postmortem Strong PvE/PvP Semi-Hardcore
Profanity Pro Jeyay PvE -
Purify Zoulguard PvE -
Raptum Raptum Aeiedil PvE Semi-Hardcore
Reckoning Reckoning Roihu PvE Semi-Hardcore
Remains Remains Grosh PvE Semi-Hardcore
Titans Titans Celdor PvE -
Totally Bullox TB Krudax PvE Casual
Twisted Saturn PvP -
Vicious Vicious Sileya/Anteza PvE Hardcore
Vulgus Profanum VP Magimongo PvE Hardcore
Wheelchair Dealers Dealers Fiskeboss/Neij/Atric PvE Semi-Hardcore
We Wont Evolve WwE Nocke PvE Semi-Hardcore WOTLK 60 PvE
  • For a full list of current and old guilds, see this page.

Shattered Hand Migration History

Transferred to Kor'Gall

Transferred to Genjuros

  • Alliance 15 Guild: the Alterac Deviants

Transferred to Mazrigos

Transferred to Frostmane

  • Alliance 15 Guild: Memento Mori
  • Alliance 15 Guild: Notorius
  • Alliance 15 Guild: Victus Forensis
  • Horde 15 Guild: Crimson Fellas Utd
  • Horde 15 Guild: Novus Principium
  • Horde 15 Guild: Inspiration
  • Horde 15 Guild: Non Phixion
  • Horde 15 Guild: Save The Whales

Media from Shattered Hand

Also on the forums at (Discontinued! Look here for all your Media needs!)
Note that these links can become outdated easily. Reupload and edit at your own will.

In alphabetical order by user/guild:

Blankstar's and Scarity's wedding (121 MB)
Comment: Some bad editing in some places, but pretty much my first time making one of those :)
<E V O>'s raid on Ironforge 080223 (137.77 MB)

Coraly Rogue PvP - Pre-TBC (117 MB)

Dohh's: (Pewpewpewpwe's)
Level 19 Twink Warrior (288 MB)
"The 1v1 Tournament"

Nogg-aholic the Movie (693 MB)
Exploration the Movie (355 MB)

Eternal Dawn:
Ragnaros - Pumpan's PoV
Instructor Razuvious - Klause's PoV
Nefarian - Pumpan's PoV
Hydross the Unstable - Zaylock's PoV
The Lurker Below - Zaylock's PoV
Lady Vashj - Aragul's PoV

The Cannon

Karabasan movie (by Keekoo)
Comment: The legendary story about Karabasan the Staff Wielder

Kimbaa's Warrior PvP clips:
Kimbaa PvP #1 - (398 MB)
Kimbaa PvP #2 - (450 MB)

Presentation of the <Evil Eye Tribe> (41 MB)
Learning to Fly (66,5 MB): (

"Insane Nefarian kill, with Ventrilo"
"Ragnaros VS Profanity"

Starshard tick for 1200 (Raphnersalt) - (11 MB)
The day the EU realms went down(Hotfixx) cuess a GM saw me play with rampage - (Stream)
Raphnersalt PvP 3 (Shadow priest) - (291 MB)
Raphner Warlock Destruction PvP (Succubusion) - (541 MB)
Comment: "Raphnersalt PvP 1 and 2 was removed because of overloading filefront with downloads, wasnt saved on computer either :("

FtA vs Illidan (stream)

"Rookies downs their first PvE guild"
Comment: Very, very old movie with one of the many ganks we did...
"WoW - AB - Twisted vs Oggi premade"
Comment: "I got no clue who shot this movie tho:"

Skull Squadron & Team Hannibal:
Majordomo & Dwarf Dancing

"Fortress Manueaver Priest PvP" (261 MB)

Naxxi and Mooneye's wedding video:
Onyxia Randomness:

Sylvictus Warlord PvP
Sylvictus 2
Crimson Fellas Utd: Tribute
Crimson Fellas Utd: First Ragnaros kill

Crimson Fellas Utd: First Nefarian kill

The story of Illidan Stormrage

Rise of the Lich King

Brittana and Mariia's wedding held by Equinox video - year 2005:
Evolved's AQ40 Movie - year 2006:
Ludriches and Tvålen clearing Scholomance - year 2005 or 2006?:
Various Clips from 2004 - 2006, Nostalgia Clips:

"13man / 15man mc"

Rank 14 Fury Warrior PvP (224 MB)
Vikturus - Crusade of the Forsaken - PvP (353 MB)

--Binabiksh (talk) 17:30, 11 May 2008 (UTC)

Legendary Characters of Shattered Hand

People that are known for their epic deeds.


Horde 15 IconSmall Orc Male IconSmall Shaman Karabasan - This mighty Orc Shaman became known for his topic on the Shattered Hand Realm Forum titled Bogget is a noob like most of alliances. In this thread he stated that he could take on any Alliance and kill them easily. His spelling was not so good, and of course people did not take him very serious. Another one of his statements is that Paladins are noobs and that they are not worthy to be purged because he will kill them anyway.


Alliance 15 IconSmall Human Male IconSmall Warrior Lorthar - This legend of a Human Warrior is very well known throughout the server as the best of his class. His Warrior skills were unmatched by the Horde. He and the Grand Marshal Retribution Paladin Melgirandus went along and stirred alot of world PVP throughout the server. Lorthar is known for going solely for the Marshal title with no help at all while maintaining most of his focus in PVE raiding. His Gladiator titles were easy to get for him throughout the arena seasons in Burning Crusade, even so with random arena partners. Today, he is a member of the guild Method from the Xavius server.

Alliance 15 IconSmall Human Male IconSmall Paladin Drettica - The father of most pvp raiding, formed the guild Skull Squadron in the early days of Shattered Hand, spending several months trying to get Grand Marshal aka Rank 14 with a big number of 14 Dishonorable kills and he managed after a great deal of trying. After setting the record of highest amount of honorable kills with over 100 000 he held the record until the patch that changed the rank/hk system and kept playing, this paladin is known by all veterans even though he has stopped playing since a while back.

Alliance 15 IconSmall Human Female IconSmall Priest Silveretta - Veteran freak pvper since early days of Shattered hand, this priest joined the elite of the server. Joining the legendary guild of Skull Squadron her mentors where the best of the best. She's known for her ability to get together an excellent pvp team. With the experience of a Grand Marshal, she only became as high as Commander though this with 2 hours a day for 5 months. Though retired you may see her around still.

Alliance 15 IconSmall Human Female IconSmall Mage Saponia - The first person to achieve the status of Grand Marshal, Rank 14, on Shattered Hand. In the summer of 2005, this human mage from the guild Order Of The Hammer achieved her rank after fighting the Horde for months in the cold mountains of Alterac Valley.

Alliance 15 IconSmall Dwarf Male IconSmall Paladin Hazadur - One of the underrated PvP healers out there. He helped Samotraki get his Grand Marshal by healing him in PvP, he quickly became known when he started playing with people the likes of Drettica and Dcmeister. After finishing in the top ranks with his 3v3 team in Season 3. He later on formed the guild 'Divide Et Impera' with some friends and they became a hardcore raiding guild.

Horde 15 IconSmall Undead Male IconSmall Rogue Shader - Remarked himself in early days when he beat his rogue officer naked and got himself kicked out of his guild due to his officers ego. With his 5v5 team WE RLY CARE, Shader reached the grand final of the Cyclone Turnament hosted by SK-Gaming in midseason 3, and with that the whole WoW community got to know him, "Like European rogue heroes Zom and Adrasill before him, Shader is carrying the flag of our class with pride in a different continent. He deserves a round of applause for his outstanding achievements" - Quoted by Ming on

Horde 15 IconSmall Undead Female IconSmall Priest Sistah - One in the duo Isy & Sistah, known for beeing a ganker with no mercy. Learned to master shadow priest one month before the release of The Burning Crusade and got quickly known as one of the best PvP'ers on Shattered Hand.

Horde 15 IconSmall Tauren Male IconSmall Druid Cableguy - One of Shattered Hands finest when it came to PvP. Cableguy stepped into the PvP scene with the release of The Burning Crusade and was ranked as one of the best druids on the server after only one season. He was one of the five players in the team WE RLY CARE (Enough to state we care in our name) that reached the final of Cyclone Turnament in midseason 3. Cableguy performed also good in PvE, which led to him beeing recruited by SK-Gamings World of Warcraft PvE team where he still plays today.

Horde 15 IconSmall Undead Female IconSmall Warlock Isy - One in the duo Isy & Sistah. Known as a ganker with a bad temper. With his great skills he started terrorising the community in early days when warlocks were devils of World of Warcraft, and he kept it going all the way into The Burning Crusade. Isy took a spot as one of the best PvP'ers on Shattered Hand early on, even before The Burning Crusade was released.


Alliance 15 IconSmall NightElf Male IconSmall Rogue Ludriches - The first person on Shattered Hand to hit level 70 after the release of The Burning Crusade. This Night Elf Rogue dinged 70 on January 20th, 2007 around 3 AM. Ludriches spent most of his yourney in the Outlands leveling together with Tvålen. After hitting 70 he immediately bought his new mount, which also makes him the first person on the server with a swift flying mount.


Teresia's welcoming party after obtaining Thunderfury.

Alliance 15 IconSmall NightElf FemaleIconSmall Rogue Teresia - The first character on Shattered Hand to obtain Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, on 20 November 2005 as a member of Order of the Hammer.

Horde 15 IconSmall Undead Male IconSmall Mage Nightingale - This Undead Mage, who origined from the guild Hembränt, was the first character to reach level 60 on Shattered Hand. Nightingale dinged 60 when the second fastest player, Ghoulinacan, was only level 50.

Horde 15 IconSmall BloodElf2 Male IconSmall Paladin Razadin - This Blood Elf Male Paladin was the second Blood Elf paladin EU wide to ding 70 and also the first one on the server to ding 70 with the new races and the second fastest only was lvl 51. This guy is also known as Razman and most of the players know who it is since he played in almost all the best guilds on both alliance and horde with many characters. This guy is a pure legend when it comes to leveling.

Bad Behavior on Shattered Hand

Abusing and Trolling

Abusing and trolling is pretty common on Shattered Hand. The worst chat channels/places are;

The Barrens - People just talking nonsense. The Barrens is considered a very boring place to level up and that's why people use the chat to talk about Chuck Norris and related things.

Westfall - People flaming eachother. People around here are generally pissed because it is a high risk that you will be killed by a Dust Devil or a Defias Pillager. Sentinel Hill is a popular spot for high level hordes to come and taunt the low level players and they often make the low level alliances go PvP-flagged and instantly killing them resulting in more whine in the General chat.

Stranglethorn Vale - People being pissed about gankers. Takes out their anger in the General chat.

Molten Core - The Barrens for high level players. People just talking nonsense because of the boring trashmob killing in Molten Core.

Realm Forums - Many players are trolling the forums in the hopes to become famous. Sadly enough for them, most players just hate them for trolling.

We Care! (not)


Sadly enough, the general attitude on the SH forums is a "We do NOT care" policy. This attitude, created due against the many whiners, has been picked up by many posters, yet every poster is also against the attitude. Sometimes it just seems that this is the only solution against whiners.

These whiners generally enter our forums for one of the following:

  • <Random player> ganked me!
  • I ganked <Random Player> 3 times, I pwn this world, I R ZE IMBA!!!1!1!
  • <Random Player> ninjad in our PUG. (this can be any PuG from a lowlevel run to a Raiding PuG)
  • <Random Player> scammed me! Everyone Hate him!
  • The above 2 generally also affects the guild of those persons, generally followed by a flaming war post.
  • Gz, <Random Player> and his team in AB/WSG exploited! Have fun with the ban!

In general, all of the above points are of no concern to the players on our forum. Sadly enough, we do NOT care about this. Try keeping it out of our forums, please. Handle it ingame with <Random Player> or even with a Game Master

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