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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Vuduu Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade US IconSmall Troll Female Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter 80 The Murder of Crows Deathguard
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Deathguard Vondalisha Spearsinger.
Character's Nick-name(s): Deathguard Vuduu, Warchief Vuduu (roleplay), Blood Guard Vuduu, Vuduu the Noble.
Race: Darkspear Troll (there is an active RP line which may reveal she is not what she believes herself to be).
Age: 36 years of age.
Class: Hunter.
Secondary Skills: Grand Master Cook, and damn proud of it. Grand Master Fisherman and First Aid. Artisan Rider.
Role-playing weight class: Ultra-Heavy.
Role-playing status: Always in character unless specifically noted otherwise.
Goals and Motivations: Furthering the cause of Trolls, Forsaken, and the Horde. Other motivations you’d need to discuss with her.
In Character Strengths: Vuduu’s loyalty is absolute, along with her persistence.
A typical quote from Vuduu: “Many have eaten mah cookin’ and gone on to lead normal lives!”.
Leveling speed: Slow these days. I needed a break.


Vuduu is a Grand Master Alchemist (Elixirs) and Herbalist. She is the former Warchief of Citadel, a branch of the Horde Army on detached duty. She has also led THEGA, The Horde End Game Association, which was a group of 12+ guilds dedicated to ending the threats to the world (similar to Doomhammer Legion).

Position in society

Currently a senior military officer on detached duty, free to pursue her own direction so long as it serves Thrall. Vuduu considers herself “retired” from active duty, and more of a soldier of fortune these days.

Current Home

Varies from time to time. Vuduu has left the Citadel (fictional location near Orgrimmar) and is now mostly nomadic. She keeps a well hidden lair in the Undercity that she returns to from time to time.

Physical Description

Vuduu is tall for a female Darkspear – tall enough to stand out in a crowd of her sisters. She is blue skinned, with short cropped blue hair, which she keeps frosted white. Despite her age and her lifestyle, her face is soft and smooth. Her tusk size is average for her race, although it has been seen to vary – she most likely has at different points in her life had them magically shortened and lengthened.
Vuduu is most often seen in full battle attire. She very rarely changes her outfit to more casual clothes, unless she is taking part in an official military or social function. Her armor and weapons are kept spotless and sharp, reflecting the pride she takes in her skill. When the need arises, Vuduu has been seen in a variety of formal attire, ranging from elaborate enchanted gowns to festive pantsuits. At special events, she tends to trade her helmet for a floating crown of flame, signifying her position as one of Thrall’s Warchiefs.
In most situations, Vuduu’s bearing is best described as “alert”. While she rarely keeps her weapons in her hands, she gives the impression that she could have an arrow knocked and drawn in a literal heartbeat. That impression is accurate. Even when socially dressed, Vuduu has been known to react to sudden noises and movements by instantly producing a blade or a bow out of nothingness.
More difficult to see is the damage that the black dragonflight has caused to the right side of her body. When exposed, it can be seen that part of the flesh on her shoulder has been stripped away, replaced with dark, shiny, black scales. Vuduu does not discuss this “infection” with anyone, and changes the subject – violently if needed – when asked. On closer inspection, her entire right arm seems somewhat deformed by whatever happened to her shoulder. The bones are more pronounced, the fingers elongated, and the nails sharpened into claws.
Vuduu has recently noticed that her features are a bit more like those of the Drakkari than of other Darkspear Trolls. The significance, if any, of this finding remains to be seen.

Personality Description

Vuduu has gone through several stages in her life. Rebellious and anarchistic as a teenager, ferocious and bloodthirsty as a young adult, noble and reserved as a Warchief. Through it all, she has maintained her passions and her odd sense of humor. Now, as a wanderer, she is alternately jovial and serious. She is quick to anger, and has reclaimed the bloodthirst of her youth.
But, in all, the best way to get to know her is to talk to her.

In Character Weaknesses

Her sense of loyalty is to her own ideals and her own sense of right and wrong. While she would never abandon a friend, she would happily leave an unworthy ally or superior officer to die if he crossed her.

Passionate About The War?

Vuduu started out as a member of The Grim on the Twisting Nether server. The philosophy of The Grim was to slaughter every last Alliance man, woman, and child. While she put this passion aside for a while to further the overall cause of the Horde, it is now back with a vengeance.

PvP preference (do it a lot?)

I would love World PvP if it was about RPing out the war, instead of kids ganking each other. I had to transfer off of a PvP server because of it. In general, I prefer PvE and RP to just regular PvP, but my desires do tend to change back and forth. I could get into BGs again. But I’d really love a world PvP event.

AddOns Used

Typical raiding add ons (frames, threat monitor, bossmods) that vary based on what the team uses. I use Ventrilo for raids and BGs. Carbonite Quest for questing. An all-in-one bag mod that helps keep my sanity. General mods to compare equipment, search for herbs, etc.

Weekly on-line schedule

Varies greatly, but if I am online it will be between 6-11PM EDT on weekdays, or variable times on the weekends. I prefer events that happen on weekday nights (not including Fridays). I like to plan in advance, since I have many other commitments.


What follows is the accepted public history of Vondalisha Spearsinger. The author makes no claims as to its exact accuracy or completeness.
Vondalisha of House Bom’Bay was born the third of four children, to the current witchdoctor of Sen'jin Village. At a young age, she was given the nickname “Vuduu” because of her tendency to get into trouble with other children – parents used to warn their kids to “stay away from da Vuduu”. While the actual Troll expression predates her by several thousand years, Vuduu likes to tell outsiders that it originated with her. Vuduu’s father can still be seen stirring his cauldron an offering odd elixirs to all who visit the village. Her older brother is in training to one day take over as witch doctor. Her younger brother serves Thrall in the Army. Her older sister, Dolor, was recently recovered from the control of the Lich King, and fights for Thrall as a Deathknight.
At age 15, Vuduu survived an assault on Sen'Jin by the Alliance. She left the village soon after to start her training as a Hunter, and returned a year later with the hearts of 24 Alliance warriors – one for each Troll killed in the attack, and one for each Alliance member who participated in the raid.
{The events of Through the Rib Cage take place at this time.}
Vuduu joined a branch of the Horde Army called “The Grim.” Only the most bloodthirsty and ruthless of the Horde were accepted. Vuduu rose through the ranks under the tutelage and command of Maledictus, a Forsaken possessed of a powerful passion to purge the world of the Alliance races. Maledictus helped shape Vuduu’s personality, and she found herself treating him as one would a father. It was here that Vuduu also met Chavie, a Forsaken girl who Vuduu would take as her mate. At their mating, Vuduu took on the surname “Spearsinger”, a combination of “Darkspear” with Chavie’s surname “Singer”.
{The events of An the Chal Shall Lead the Way take place around this time. Please consult this work for more details about Chavie and the Chalren.}
When Maledictus fell at the hands of the Alliance, Vuduu was shattered. She continued to rise through the ranks of The Grim, becoming an Irredeemable (officer) with them. However, she felt that they had strayed too far from their mission. When she found the other officers being abusive of subordinates, she turned on them, betrayed their intentions to the corps, and was expelled. A dozen other Grim turned in their tabards in solidarity with her, including her beloved Chavie. In mockery of what the Grim had become, she named herself “Vuduu the Redeemed”. To this day, no member of The Grim is permitted to speak with Vuduu, lest they find themselves expelled from the ranks.
{The events of Maledictus Reborn take place here.}
Vuduu and the outcast Grim found a home in Citadel, a branch of the Horde Army on detached service. It was with Citadel that Vuduu found likeminded individuals who shared her ideals of service and loyalty to the Horde and each other. For a year Vuduu served as a soldier before being elevated to the officer position of Ambassador – from which post she founded the multiple guild alliance of THEGA. The Citadel and Vuduu conquered the threats of the Molten Core and other realms before the Horde gained access to Outland.
With the opening of Outland to the Horde, Citadel’s founder and senior officer Torg decided to retire. He appointed Vuduu as his successor. For the next two years, now Warchief Vuduu organized and led into battle the two hundred soldiers of the Citadel. The Citadel conquered Karazhan and marched through the Scourge strongholds in the Outlands in the name of the Horde.
{See the series Break Upon the Walls of the Citadel! for details of these encounters.}
Sadly for Vuduu, after several glorious years of battle and conquest, the days of the Citadel were coming to an end. Thrall was consolidating the power of his armies in preparation for the assault on Northrend. After much deliberation, it was determined by Thrall that the skills of the Citadel elite were needed elsewhere, and the order was given to return to active duty. Chavie left for Northrend on a special mission at the request of the Forsaken commanders, and has yet to return. She was subsequently declared Killed in Action by the Horde. Nobody was ever recovered.
Mourning her lost Chavie, Vuduu refused to take another command. Thrall assigned her to serve with the Miscreation brigade, dedicated to finishing off the Scourge in Outland. Vuduu served with distinction if not enthusiasm, and was still referred to as “Warchief” by her new peers out of respect.
{These events are chronicled in the tome The Outlands Cookbook – Ashes and Blood.}
After the battles of the Outland and with transportation to Northrend established, Vuduu petitioned Thrall for an indefinite leave of absence. She traveled to Northrend alone, save for her loyal pet Humar, the black lion. Since then, she has been seen sporadically in various parts of the countryside. There have been sightings of her mounted on her black netherdrake Onyxian near Dalaran. She has been seen masquerading as Scourge near Zul’Drak. On various occasions, she has been seen in the tabard of The Darkspear and in her old Citadel uniform.
What her intentions are now, and where she is headed, remain hers alone to know.

Vuduu was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([1]) on December 16th, 2008 when she was level 72. She was already a member of [[Guild:Citadel (Scarlet Crusade US)|Citadel] at that time. She switched to The Murder of Crows on Tuesday, March 31st when she was level 80. Neophyte Vuduu was promoted to Butcher by Master Jannik on Saturday, April 11th, 2009. Vuduu was promoted from Darkslayer to Deathguard by Master Jannik on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009.
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