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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Synissa Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade IconSmall Undead Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 31 None None
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Caterina Synissa Machaud.
Character's Nick-name: Synissa. Synissa has removed all notions of her birth name.
Race: Forsaken.
Age: Synissa was in her late twenties when she became most fatally ill. She cannot keep track of how long she has been born anew.
Class: Warlock.
Professions: Artisan Herbalist, Artisan Tailor.
Secondary Skills: Artisan Cook.
Face/Heel: Synissa tends to keep quite, feeling more comfortable watching others before she truly becomes involved in conversation or an activity.
Current Home: The Undercity.
Personality Description: Work in progress.
Role-playing weight class: Work in progress.
Role-playing status: Work in progress.
Goals and Motivations: Work in progress.
In Character Strengths: Synissa is loyal and caring for those who show her the same affects. She is a tremendous keeper of secrets.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): "New to the world of PvP, but finding that I like it more and more as I become more powerful."
A typical quote from Synissa: "My past dogs me in the present, how ironic."
Leveling speed: "In no rush to top out. I enjoy other aspects of the game besides leveling quickly."

Position in society

Synissa was born of noble blood, but was quickly banished away to fend for herself. She cannot stand the so called class system put in place by the humans, but understands the need for rank and order.

Physical Description

Green hair, of average height and, well, now underweight… Synissa’s hair is often the home for her favorite pack of cockroaches, and can use them to do her bidding. Among their many tasks, will deliver messages for her. If you look closely, you will notice that Synissa’s eyes have been forced shut by two unyielding straps of metal. How she ‘sees’ is a gift known only to her.

In Character Weaknesses

Having a somewhat complicated history with Thraxxus, she tends to be over-sensitive to his comments, and most often feels as if she has something to prove to him.

Passionate About The War?

Because of her background, Synissa feels nothing but a burning revenge for the Humans who cast her out. She would like nothing more than to see them all burn.

Weekly online schedule

"At the present I juggle a full time job, as well as courses for both my own degree and program for work. I try to be on at least 2 nights per week, and weekends. If notified prior, I can most often be there for any scheduled event."


Synissa now sits in a quiet back room of the Apothecarium in the Undercity. Her head grows weary after such a long day of running after her charge. She sometimes wonders why the Dark Lady would have given her such an assignment to be coupled along with her current study with the dark arts of destruction and demonology. Her mind wanders to thoughts of her past, before she was reborn unto the Forsaken
She is a mere girl in her memory. Always in bright clothes, clean scented hair. Her mother would have nothing else for her. Her nursemaids were charged to bathe her two, often three times a day because of the mischief she would get into. From a very early age, Synissa became unyieldingly curious as to the mysteries of the world, life in particular. She could be found running through the areas now known as the Plaguelands with her puppy, Izzy, and would return covered in what can only be described as muck.
Synissa only remembers that she was what others would call “normal” until her 7th birthday. She studied etiquette, language, and equestrian arts as all noble children did. She forged such a bond with her dog that she would accompany her to all of her lessons. One day, she got into a particularly vehement argument with her nursemaid about coming inside because it was raining. Not wanting to miss a chance to run in the fields with Izzy, she cursed the nursemaid for making her return to the sitting room in the castle. Because of the particular fervor in which she did so, the nursemaid fell ill several hours later and promptly died in the night. Synissa did not realize that the emotion she had poured into her words had actually proved fatal to the nurse. After the second outburst with such dire consequences, finding another nurse for the young noble proved a task most difficult for the family.
Perhaps the most crucial time in Synissa’s young life came at the age of eleven. Quickly growing and becoming more and more of the scholar her parents had hoped for, she and Izzy spend the majority of time in the libraries of the keep rather than running the Plaguelands (which was just fine to Izzy, who had now become quite old). The hound was still inseparable from her mistress. Synissa learned patience and diligence from the aging dog, as Izzy insisted on staying by Synissa’s side. Not to long after her 11th birthday, Synissa decided it would be a grand time to take Izzy for a run through their old stomping ground. After an hour or so of running, they approached the gates of their home once more, and as they returned to what they hoped was a hearty meal of stew, Izzy stopped to sniff a particularly interesting insect and was bitten on her nose. A yelp of surprise and pain alerted Synissa to the problem but it was too late. Izzy developed a fever and died two days later. Synissa was absolutely inconsolable. She was also completely unaware that this would be the event that would shape the rest of her future.
Synissa spent countless hours studying ancient books dealing with death and the passage to the other realm. Often she was chided by her nurse, and threatened by her parents, but she nonetheless snuck around the libraries trying to find a way to bring her beloved Izzy back. After several months of research, Synissa felt she was ready to prepare her first experiment and gathered the reagents that she would need. She left the grounds of the keep in the dead of night and ventured to the hallowed ground where she insisted the family bury the dog. After preparing herself, Synissa began a spell more powerful than she had any right to be performing at her age. She quickly became weak, and tried to end the ritual prematurely. However, the magic had taken hold of her and she could not put an end to the spell. When her body screamed that it could take no more, a sudden shift of the ground created a small chasm. To her amazement, climbing through the earth was none other than Izzy. Synissa cried aloud in delight. Even though the flesh had begun to rot from Izzy’s bones, she would have not been happier to see anyone in her life. As Izzy came closer and closer to the surface however, Synissa noticed the frenzy in her eyes, and rather than the gleeful reunion she had so envisioned, Izzy ran straight past her, snarling and growing, directly to the keep. Synissa tried to grab her dog, but it was to no avail. Izzy broke free of her grasp, and continued her blood-lustful dash to the grounds of the keep.
The first guard was terrified; he did not have time to raise the alarm. Izzy had bitten through his throat before he could lift an arm in defense. Synissa ran after her former companion, desperately trying to control her, but it was to no avail. The improper preparation of the spell left her helpless. Izzy was shot dead (again) by the third guard she approached. She was then beheaded and burned as to ensure that she would not return.
Synissa was more destroyed than she was at Izzy’s first death. Her parents found out how the dog had returned and locked Synissa away in the dungeon of the keep until they came to a decision on how to handle the child. Her Mother was vehement that she should be sent away to a monastery. Her Father, always a callous man, wanted death for the girl. Neither one of them chose to foster the magical talents that Synissa had started to exhibit years before. This would be their eventual undoing.
Late in the night just before her 12th birthday, Synissa was awakened with a start by the nurse who was last in charge of her. She had gradually become attached to the elderly woman, and viewed her as more of a Mother than her true parent. She asked the woman what she was doing there, and received no answer. Synissa did not know that her father planned to execute her in the morning. The good grace of the elder nurse was to be her salvation that night. The door to her cell was opened, and Synissa hugged the woman. As she did so, a black sack was placed over her head, and her arms were tied. The woman whispered for her not to struggle as this was the only way she would live. Tied and blindfolded, Synissa was put into a cart and hauled miles away from the home that she knew. It seemed an eternity, but the cart eventually stopped and Synissa was thrown to the ground. Her bonds were cut. She was warned not to take off the sack until she counted to one hundred, or else they would slice her neck open. Afraid for her life, she did as she was told, and counted aloud, between bitter sobs.
Over the next few days, Synissa traveled until she came to a town the locals referred to as Brill. Never having been to town before, it was a learning curve for her but her instincts gave way to her survival.
One particular day, when Synissa was so hungry she thought she might actually wither and die, so she decided that she would steal the food she desperately needed. She required a diversion to focus the crowd elsewhere. The crowd was particularly dense that day as the Darkmoon Faire was in town. Luckily for Synissa that also meant that the best provisions were on display. She waited for what she thought was the perfect moment and then called upon the power she first found in that graveyard…the very power she was punished so severely for summoning. Synissa poured her remaining energy and hope into the apparition. Suddenly one of the carts in the square was on fire. The townsfolk ran to extinguish it and Synissa took as much of the food as she could muster, running as hard as she could to a nearby hiding place.
Once there, she ate her fill of the plundered rations and began to get terribly sleepy. As she nodded off, an old man stooped his way into her hiding spot. Immediately Synissa became defensive and panicked. The old man reassured her that he meant her no harm, then congratulated her on the display she had put on in the square. Synissa became frightened for her life. Who was this man, and how did he know what she could do? If he decided to turn her in, she would be executed. Weary from the fighting she had become accustomed to in these strange lands, Synissa fell to tears and begged the elder not to tell on her. She pleaded through her sobs, and explained that she was just so hungry. The elderly man barked at her to stop her whimpering. Synissa looked quizzically at the man and tried to stop her crying. He looked at her and explained that she was not in any danger and that he wished to help her. She said that she would do his bidding in exchange for his clemency. The old man smiled, and said “Yes, yes you will.”
The memories from there become blurry, a drink from the elder’s cup, and then sleep. She awoke in a cold land, colder than she could remember. Another drink, and then more sleep. Synissa shivered as she remembered that she might have been homeless and scared, but from that point on, the true hopelessness took seed and would manifest itself so many years later.
Synissa’s mind had a tendency to fast forward through the next decade. Her work for the elder wizard was thankless, most often times painful, but such allowed her the knowledge to control the power that was bestowed upon her. Yes, she was beaten and put to manual labor for the old man but she was also given access to books that explained to her what she was able to do. This was something she never would have received back with her “family”.
However, there came a time when Synissa finally did realize her potential. She became very comfortable with herself and her abilities. She became familiar with the demonic world. This also brought forth the day when she had enough of the old man’s incessant orders and barking. It was clear what needed to be done. Synissa planned to end his life. On that fateful day, she was surprised to find a dagger slipped into her belly. A struggle ensued as the would be hunter was now the prey. Synissa lunged for the elder mage’s face, her only recourse left to was bite and claw at her attacker. Her teeth found their mark in his right jaw as she tasted the blood of power for the first time. With a magical push, Synissa shrieked as she tumbled out of the tower that she had come to know as home. While her stomach wound was not fatal, the plague that covered the knife was. Synissa ran as far as she could until she finally tired and could run no more. She laid her head upon the shores of a land now called Northrend and made peace with herself. Her breathing slowed as her body lay still within the cold snow. Her last words uttered were “Damn you, Thraxxus, with my last breath I curse you with all the malice and hate I can draw forth till your untimely death.” A death curse is a powerful thing…
Much is a blur after Synissa awoke once more. All she can remember is ‘His’ voice, a new master that guided her actions. Time passed as if in a dream. The first thought of her own consciousness was given by a band of newly born travelers, who explained to her that she should now know herself as Forsaken. They escorted her to the Undercity and brought her forth for an audience with the Dark Lady’s advisors. Synissa was overjoyed to find that the power she could so easily sense in her former life came easier and with more grace to her now in this new existence. She was told that she would meet the Dark Lady herself, and was questioned in great depth about her former duties as the Thraxxus’ apprentice. Synissa was then given a task by the Dark Lady and vowed never to speak of it. She never has, and has tired for her cause endlessly since.

Synissa was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([1]) on August 24th, 2007 when she was level 21. She was already a member of The Murder of Crows at that time.

Neophyte Synissa's Promotion

"Neophyte Synissa: In the two & a half weeks of your time as a Crow, you have accomplished a great deal. You have thoroughly documented yourself at our Guild Archives, proven yourself on the field of battle, & made yourself known to your fellow Crows. I'm pleased with how well you mesh with the Murder. We accept you into our Murder completely, as a full Crow. I delcare that you be promoted to Cohort!" --Master Jannik, in Guild Chat on Monday, September 10th, 2007, 12:15am. Synissa was removed from The Murder of Crows by Master Jannik on Thursday, March 27th, 2008 at 8:47am for violating the 1 month idle activity rule (she would have reached 2 months idle a few days later).
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