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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Abigee Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade IconSmall Blood Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 37 None None
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Abigee Belorzoram.
Race: Sin'dorei.
Age: 68 years.
Class: Rogue.
Professions: Expert Leatherworker, Master Skinner.
Secondary Skills: Expert Cook, Expert First Aid, Journeyman Fisherman.
Current Home: Orgrimmar.
Physical Description: Shorter than most Sin'dorei, she is best described as wirey.
Role-playing weight class: Medium to Heavy.
Role-playing status: Always in character.
In Character Strengths: A master of hiding in the shadows. Abigee is quick witted and worldly.
A typical quote from Abigee: "I luv the way humans scream 'n cry when ya cut off their ears. They have such small ears, you'd think they wou'nt even miss 'em."
Leveling speed: Slow. Often distracted by adventures that don't offer XP.
Weekly on-line schedule: Casual, 3 nights or so. 9-11:30 EST. Often drops to AFK due to RL offspring.

Position in society

Untouchable. The citizens of Silvermoon enjoy their beauty and their wealth, but they do it on the backs of the working class. Below that are the untouchables; the whores, street cleaners, petty thugs and the like.


Abigee is naturally an outgoing person, but she has been scarred and twisted by the struggle of her childhood. She will often banter and joke in her crude but well natured manner but undertones of hate and spite can be detected by those paying attention.

Personality Description

A jovial but caustic youth , she enjoys companionship and common good times. She normally speaks Orcish in the working class accent of Silvermoon (think Queen's English compared to east end of London) punctuated by Sin'dorei and Orcish colloquialisms.

Goals and Motivations

Abigee is motivated by hate, mostly for humans but also for their accomplices the Kaldorei, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Draenei. Her goal is immediate, she wants to hone her skills as a rogue in order to exact her revenge upon her human tormentors and to avenge the death of her mother.

In Character Weaknesses

Uneducated and without a family support structure nor history. She has made many acquaintances but no actual friends. She often underestimates the intelligence and ability of the people she meets, combined with her recklessness in battle this leads to many difficult situations.

Passionate About The War?

No. The politics of warring factions is something for Kings and Generals to worry about. Abigee does what she is told by her superiors so long as it allows opportunities to kill more humans.

PvP preference (do it a lot?)

Not battlegrounds very often, but informal world pvp. Abigee loves to creep up on a napping human and slit his throat. She is always flagged as pvp while in game.


Abigee lived her childhood years in Silvermoon. She was the only daughter of a serving woman at the Wayfarer's Rest Inn and as far as she knew she didn't have a father (she has since learned the carnal details of the world and assumes her father did not know more than her mother's first name).
Life at the tavern was difficult but fun, she worked in the kitchens washing dishes and was able to often sneak out to explore the city on her own. One evening she overheard some talk about the Darkmoon Faire and decided it would be a fantastic thing to see. Her mother was unable to leave work to travel and she forbid young Abigee from going.
Abigee snook out and traveled with some tradesmen to Hammerfall, from there she made out on her own and found her way to Goldshire, where the Faire was said to be.
It is only because she was never sent to school and had never left Silvermoon before that she was unaware that her "kind" was not tolerated in the lands around Stormwind. Abigee was in her 55th year but due to years of undernourishment she had not yet showed all the signs of maturity, perhaps this saved her life.
The humans of Goldshire threw stones at her, chased her around the fairgrounds, and a pack of the younger ones caught her in the forest and decided to make a game of her. One of the larger ones pinned her down by standing on her long elf ears while the others beat her and spat upon her.
She awoke later in the night, unsure if she was still in the world of the living. The sharp pain in her ribs confirmed that she was. It took her days to limp her broken body south and into the Grom'gol Base Camp where Orc healers helped her recover before sending her on the airship to Brill. Abigee returned to Silvermoon after 3 weeks away, she expected her mother would finish the job that the humans had started once she arrived.
But her mother was not at the tavern. She had been killed on the walk home by a mugger; that was the extent of the official story. No one cares about the life of death of a serving woman in Silvermoon. By asking questions and listening to whispers Abigee suspects that actually her mother was killed after servicing a wealthy citizen, likely to ensure she never spoke his secret.
All this happened only days before Abigee arrived back in Silvermoon. If the humans had not beat her so viciously she may have been home long before this event and would have been with her mother that night. The death of her mother was due to the callous and ruthless behavior of both the elite of Silvermoon and the filthy humans of Goldshire.
There was no place for Abigee in Silvermoon, her mother's apartment was already vacated and re-rented to another person, so she left and went back to the Orcs that had helped her survive her beating. Orgrimmar proved to be a much more tolerant home than Silvermoon had. Abigee was judged on her own merits and not the social standing of her parents. It was here that she began her journey to becoming a master assassin, and it is Orgrimmar that she still calls home.

Abigee was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([1]) on February 10th, 2007 when she was level 13. She joined The Murder of Crows on Thursday, July 19th, 2007 when she was level 30. She was removed from The Murder of Crows by Master Jannik on Monday, October 1st, 2007 around 9:30am because she violated the 1-month idle rule. Abigee was last seen on August 19th, 2007.
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