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Ravenholdt is a RP-PvP server. Players are expected to stay in line with Blizzard's Terms of Service and Policies regarding RP servers.

General info Edit

Online Since: 7th April 2006

Source: Warcraft Census

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The Roleplaying Council Edit

Major Roleplayers on the Realm have created a new Roleplaying Council to improve Roleplay on Ravenholdt called the Council of Embers. Their website, intended to be the center of the Ravenholdt RP community with a Forum and overview of upcoming events and news can be found here.

Radio Ravenholdt Edit

Ravenholdt has its own radio on the web by the name Radio Ravenholdt.

Server Firsts of Ravenholdt Edit

Endgame Encounters

-The Burning Crusade-

  • Zul'jin - SFR (Horde)
  • Lady Vashj - Rage (Alliance)
  • Kael'thas Sunstrider - Rage (Alliance)
  • Archimonde - Refused (Horde)
  • Illidan Stormrage - RR Inc (Alliance)
  • Kil'jaeden - E Pluribus Unum (Horde)

-Wrath of the Lich King-

  • Sartharion - Memories (Alliance), 3 PuGs involved.
  • Kel'Thuzad - Memories (Alliance)
  • Malygos - E Pluribus Unum (Horde)
  • Algalon - RR Inc
  • Anub'arak heroic (50 tries) - RR Inc
  • Lich King - Accidentally
  • Halion - Accidentally

Level 60's

  • Alsaron: Night Elf Warrior, Nether Guard (Alliance first 60)
  • Cain: Orc Warrior (Server first 60)

Link to Ravenholdt PvE-Progression - [1]

PvP Ranks/Titles Edit


  • Kaizxer, SFR (Horde) - Season 1 & 2 & 3
  • Tiamat, SFR (Horde) - Season 1
  • Matt, Legion V (Alliance) - Season 1 & 2 & 3
  • Soulan (Alliance) - Season 1,3
  • Kathia (Alliance) - Season 1
  • Grimgore (Alliance) - Season 1
  • Centuaon (Horde) - Season 6 & 7
  • Nams (Horde) - Season 7
  • Gotteh (Horde) - Season 7
  • Braagor (Horde)- Season 7
  • Mizguuzi (Horde) - Season 7
  • Katria (Horde) - Season 7

"... of the Alliance"

  • Dodje, RR Inc
  • Wampyra, Dark Saints
  • Parashade, Dark Saints
  • Thibbledorf, Dark Saints

"... of the Horde"

  • Zylopfa, Zylos Hand
  • Ufoz, Corruption
  • Rnnak, Red Hill Fury
  • Lonewolfe, Durance of Hate

Rank 14's

  • Rinx - Grand Marshall (Also Scarab Lord)
  • Rook - High Warlord

Guilds on Ravenholdt Edit

Alliance 32 AllianceEdit

  • Stormwind Royal Knights We are a new friendly RP guild who wants new members. We accept all roleplayers except warlocks (they are evil in the eyes of Lord Lightsword, an illegal). We would prefer warriors and paladin because of their ability to wear plate and mail which makes it easier to get the decided uniform. (level 12+) The Guild Leader is Knight-Lord Gereon Lightsword who would like to speak with you if you want to join. Guild chat is OOC. (Disbanded)
  • RR Inc Redrum Inc is one of the leading PvE guilds on the Alliance side, we are one of the oldest existing guilds on Ravenholdt today and with many previous achievements such as the opening of the AQ gates and numerous first boss kills, Redrum was the leading PvE guild in TBC, standing strong as the only alliance side guild ravaging The Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau. Redrum Inc. orginated from The Venture Co and today is present on 3 realms (TVC, DB and Ravenholdt). Redrum is currently preparing for patch 3.1.0, bringing on the challenge that awaits them inside Ulduar.
  • Ðeus lo Vult Ðeus lo Vult guild is one of the ancient if not the most ancient guild of the realm without never be refounded, or deleted and recreated. The guild is composed quite only by italian guys (age 25 years old and over), and it's active on pve(10 and 25m raids) and pvp(premades and arena teams) sides with daily frequency. Few members are rp lovers, so we can point at this guild as a quite complete one.
  • Heavy Metal We are a small, friendly RP heavy guild administered by a Dwarven family. We have a mature sense of humour and a humorous approach to play. (Disbanded)
  • Iron Wheel Iron Wheel is one of the oldest guilds on the realm, still going strong. We're a bunch of nice, friendly people, with a twisted sense of humour. Guild chat is OOC and frequently mature and/or offensive (if you're the sensitive kind). As for the IC part, Iron Wheel is a guild of mercenaries, more or less. Without any other clear goal than helping the alliance and each other, meaning that the guild is home to a diverse group of personalities.
  • Legion V Casual RP and PvP, hardcore PvE. Even though the guild is new as of November 2006, please check out our website. All the info is neatly organized and found there. The guild is founded by experienced, mature players that have been in WoW since launch. We have experience with guild leadership from earlier MMORPGs.
  • Ultima We are a small and friendly PvE guild. Karazhan is on farm, and are working our way through ZA as we scale up to tackle 25 man content. (Disbanded)
  • After Dark We're just a guild where we want to play the game for what it's made. Fun, and that means on all aspects of the game. (Disbanded)
  • The Agency of War The Agency of War is a very active, friendly, kind, help and chatty PVP and PVE guild. We currently have over 300 active members. We do everything from Horde cap raids to Horde small town raids, games nights (with over 1000g in prizes) guild lottory, Kara and over pve raids, fishing nights and much much more. We also have a activly used website and a twink team. Join today. (Disbanded)
  • Tempus Fugit Tempus Fugit is a small force of brave Swedish speaking soldiers that have been struggling against evil and the Horde on Ravenholdt since 2007 and still kicking. We are always on the lookout for new recruits too fill out our ranks.

Horde 32 HordeEdit

  • Banned There was once a guild called Umbrae Sanctum. A great guild with great people of great skill. Unfortunately due to some events the guild had to be disbanded. Asparuh got the strongest and most loyal of its members and this way Banned was born with one reason - to be the best! People were recruited and hardcore raiding started. For only a month the guild got progress in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple that US never had. Now while progressing fast it is one of the very best guilds on Ravenholdt. (Disbanded)
  • DeathheadSoldiers a new Guild that stands for protecting the army of the Horde, and slaughter the Alliance. Deathheadsoldiers don't care about your experience, your skills, only your love for the Horde.
  • Chocolate: We're more of a social guild, which organises RP and PVP events on a regular basis. (Disbanded)
  • Covenant of Ashes Created on the 14th of April 2006, the Covenant of Ashes is the oldest still active role-playing guild on Ravenholdt. Still live and raiding as of 2014.
  • Insomnium Newly formed guild. We intend to do end-game raiding, but we are still in process of recruitement. We are fun guild, but when it comes to raiding we do it seriously :D And one more thing, we are having preTBC raids. (Disbanded)
  • The Jesters The Jesters is a guild composed of friendly, mature people. We do Karazhan about three times a week, trying to start around 19:00 ending at 23:00-23:30ish, killing all of it, and we're thinking of adding an extra raid day for beginners. (Disbanded)
  • Sunfall Rebels (SFR) SFR is an established, mostly adult guild, originally from Star Wars Galaxies, and then the Emerald Dream server, many members have been succesful in PvP and PvE on previous servers and are now residing on Ravenholdt.
  • Voodoo PvE (raiding) but more importantly FUN! Be that raiding any instance, teaming up for PvP, wacky RP in Ironforge or insulting each other in guild chat. So I don't really know if I can tag our guild with any of the above abbreviations, whatever it takes, bring on the fun!! (Disbanded)
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