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This is the Ravencrest Progression Listing. Here you will find a list of PvE Progression the Ravencrest raiders have made.

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Alliance - Horde - Key


GuildSerpentshrine CavernThe EyeBattle for Mount HyjalBlack TempleSunwell Plateau
Ancient LegionH, L, M, K, BA, V, SW, A, KNUndone
Bad KarmaHVUndoneUndoneUndone
BlackoutLV, SUndoneUndoneUndone
Elite Blood FalconsH, L, BA, VUndoneUndoneUndone
Knights of ValorLUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Live To WinH, L, M, K, BV, SUndoneUndoneUndone
ReckoningH, L, M, K, BA, V, SW, AUndoneUndone
RevelationH, L, M, K, BA, V, SW, AUndoneUndone
Shadow LegionLUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Shadows of Emerald IsleH, L, BUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
The FirmLA, V, SW, AUndoneUndone
The PunisherH, LA, V, SUndoneUndoneUndone
TideDoneDoneDoneDoneK, B, F, E
Watch ThisH, L, M, K, BA, V, SW, A, K, ZUndoneUndone

GuildKarazhanZul'AmanGruul's LairMagtheridon's LairDoom Lord KazzakDoomwalker
Ancient LegionDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneUndone
Bad KarmaDoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
BlackoutDoneN, A, H, JDoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Bloodbath and BeyondDoneNUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Crimson ShadesUndoneUndoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Dragon LanceDoneUndoneHUndoneUndoneUndone
EchelonDoneN, ADoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Elite Blood FalconsDoneN, ADoneDoneUndoneUndone
InvictusA, M, V, C, T, S, P, BNHUndoneUndoneUndone
Knights of ValorDoneNHMUndoneUndone
LegacyDoneN, AUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Live To WinDoneN, A, H, JDoneDoneDoneUndone
RazorDoneN, AUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Shadow LegionDoneNDoneDoneUndoneUndone
Shadows of Emerald IsleDoneN, A, H, JDoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Silent RedemptionDoneUndoneDoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Team SalvationDoneNHDoneUndoneUndone
The FirmDoneN, A, H, J, MDoneDoneUndoneUndone
The PunisherDoneDoneDoneDoneUndoneUndone
TyrannyDoneN, A, H, J, MDoneDoneUndoneUndone
Veterans of AzerothDoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Watch ThisDoneN, A, H, JDoneUndoneUndoneUndone


GuildSerpentshrine CavernThe EyeBattle for Mount HyjalBlack TempleSunwell Plateau
Consilio et ArmisDoneDoneDoneDoneUndone
EmpireH, L, M, K, BV, SUndoneUndoneUndone
Fight ClubL, M, K, BV, SUndoneUndoneUndone
PWRS Raiding AllianceH, L, MV, SUndoneUndoneUndone

GuildKarazhanZul'AmanGruul's LairMagtheridon's LairDoom Lord KazzakDoomwalker
BushidoDoneN, A, H, JUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Consilio et ArmisDoneN, A, H, JUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
ElysiumDoneN, A, H, J, MUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
EmpireDoneN, A, H, JDoneUndoneDoneUndone
Fight ClubDoneN, A, H, J, MDoneDoneUndoneUndone
Legion of ChaosDoneNDoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Order of ValtielDoneNUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
PWRS Raiding AllianceUndoneUndoneDoneDoneDoneUndone
RavenclawDoneN, AUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
RelicDoneN, A, H, J, MDoneDoneUndoneUndone
ResurrectionDoneN, ADoneDoneUndoneUndone
The CovenantA, M, V, C, S, T, PUndoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
The HighlandersDoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone
Vital RemainsDoneN, A, HHUndoneUndoneUndone
Wraith of SinDoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndoneUndone

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The Eye:

Serpentshrine Cavern:


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Battlegroup: Rampage

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