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Currently Recruiting

  • Note: Guilds must update the "Date Posted" field monthly to avoid being removed.
Guild Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Date Posted Note
Seriously Casual Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 01/16/09 Please app at guild website or contact Awani or Bouren in game. Serious mature gamers only please.

Prophets of Apocalypse Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 10/12 Please only level 70 and have KZ key. Need ,ore Exp. Tanks and Healers Contact Stormwrath Or Cryssa
PUG Allstars F H F F H F H F H 10/11 Mature players only please. Be Kara+ geared. Visit website to apply.
Respite T H T H H H T 10/25 Adult players apply on website, prefer tanks and healers. Considering applicants from all classes.
East Coast Raiders Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 12/21 As a new guild we are looking for all classes.

! = Many
Y = Yes
F = Few
T = Tanking spec
H = Healing spec
U = Unsure/To be decided


Note: Raiding schedules are posted as server time.
Endgame Horde Guilds

The Advocate - website
Leaders: Demauren
Officers: Gorofex, Hamlicar, Nelaniar, Nevil, Thorsha
BC Progression: KZ: 12/12, MAG 1/1, GL 2/2, ZA 6/6, SSC 5/6, TK 3/4, MH 4/5, BT 3/9
Wrath Progression: Naxx 10/15, OS 1/4, Naxx(H) 6/15
Raiding Schedule: Sunday 5PM, Tuesday & Thursday 6PM

AxiØm - website
Leaders: Drekz.
Officers: Kristyn.
BC Progression: KZ: 12/12, Gruul's 1/2, ZA 1/6
Raiding Schedule: Tuesday & Wednesday Karazhan, Thursday alt Karazhan night.

Axes of Evil - website
Leaders: Ranek, Venth
BC Progression: KZ: 2/12
Raiding Schedule: Varies atm, weeknights, weekend evenings. Usually off Monday, Friday, Saturday.

Bank of Canada
Leaders: Spellbreak
Officers: Selinaria, Kakebuts
Wrath Progression: Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10), Observed(10), Tribute to Insanity(10), Icecrown(10) 9/12
Raiding Schedule: Monday - Thursday 7:30PM, and occasionally on weekends

Dark ChaoS - website
Leaders: Alizarian, Prost, Juaneriffic, Rashogra, Takuto
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 1/6,
BC Progression: KZ: 12/12
Requirements: Vent, 65+, 2 week trial period

Leaders: Tragdor, Clipse, Rhed, Schmendrick
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 2/6, Onyxia, MC 6/10
BC Progression: KZ: 8/12

East Coast Raiders - website
Leaders: Jarcon
This is a new guild so currently we are working on recruiting/leveling characters.
Raiding Schedule: To be determined but currently looking at 4-5pm server (for those who can't be up all night) - possibly some others as well.
Ethos: End game progression at a casual pace.

Lords of Havoc - website
Leaders: Kable, Siarna, Ochalis, Beaurgard, Truckroll
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 5/6, Onyxia, MC: 10/10
BC Progression: KZ: 4/12

Miscreants - website
Leaders: Urglen, Carnifex, Jackalhit, Ivo
Classic Progression: ZG: 3/10, AQ20: 1/6, MC: 7/10 (with allied guilds)
Requirements: TS, mature and friendly personality.

Months Behind - website
Absorbed Guilds: Fâllen, Myrmidon Legion
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Azuregos, Kazzak, Green Dragons: 4/4, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 9/9, Naxx: 11/15
BC Progression: Doomwalker, KZ: 12/12, GL: 2/2, Magtheridon, SSC: 6/6, TK 4/4, Hyjal: 6/6, BT: 9/9
Server Firsts: Doomwalker, Void Reaver, M'uru

Nine Devils - website
Leaders: Baraki, Langsoir, Hedgehog
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, MC: 10/10
BC Progression: KZ: 7/12

Phrophets of Apocalypse - website
Leaders: Cryssa, Stormwrath
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Kazzak, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 3/9
BC Progression: KZ: 12/12 Gruul's Lair 1/2 ZA - started attemptes

PUG Allstars - website
Leaders: Synfal, Navet, Melusyne, Skubb, Namshub, Inkadu, Desaix
BC Progression: KZ: 12/12, GL: 2/2, MAG: 1/1, SSC: 6/6, TK: 4/4, ZA: 6/6, MH: 5/5, BT: 6/9
Requirements: Ventrilo, Omen, Decursive, Deadly Boss Mods/Big Wigs
Raid Schedule: Sundays 7:00pm - 11:00pm; Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Respite - website
Leaders: Goreth, Jazper, Scrofula, Darosan, Jaet, Demagorgon
Absorbed Guilds: Crimson Council, Dead Zeppelin, Devils Den, Reunion
Classic Progression: AQ20: 6/6, ZG: 10/10, Onyxia, MC: 10/10
BC Progression: KZ: 12/12, GL: 2/2, TK: 1/4
Requirements: Over 18, KLH Threat Meter, Deadly Boss Mods, Ventrilo
Raid Schedule: We usually raid 3 to 4 times a week, starting @ 8 SVT
Ethos: Casual (loot system and guild structure) but progression focused.

Sanity - website
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Green Dragons: 3/4, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 2/9

Seriously Casual - website
Leaders: Awani, Bouren, and Lifeguard
Officers: Beaurgard, Tyldor, Defnit, Salothsar, Koontakintay
BC Progression: KZ: 12/12, MAG 1/1, GL 2/2, ZA 6/6, SSC 6/6, TK 4/4, MH 4/5, BT 5/9
Wrath Progression: Naxx 15/15, OS 1/4, Naxx(H) 12/15
Raiding Schedule: Tuesday 7PM, Wednesday 7PM, and Sunday 7PM

Sins of the Father - website
Officers: Adynae, Goben, Murr, Razigal, Skorke
BC Progression: KZ: 12/12, GL: 2/2 SSC: 1/6
Raiding Schedule: Sun: (5:00pm); Mon, Tue, Thur: (6:00pm)

Strength in Numbers - website
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Azuregos, Kazzak, Green Dragons: 4/4, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 5/9, Naxx: 1/15

Tang - website
Leaders: Tarbinator, Malius, Boomshaka, Trulie
BC Progression: KZ:1/12

Unrated - website
Leaders: Nailo, Duldreg, Armistice, Chainsgore, Cepharus, Titanwarlock, Krystle
BC Progression: KZ:12/12, GL: 2/2, Mag 1/1, SSC 6/6, TK 3/4


Non-endgame Horde Guilds

A Warm Feeling - website
Absorbed Guilds: Reunion


Blitzkríeg - website
Guild Leaders: Iverson, Asathr, Calibos, Sturmnight, Powerslave, and Ghenkis
Progression: We're progessing to get into the endgame scene. Working on getting everyone keyed and recruiting.
Raiding Schedule: One isn't set yet
Requirements: Vent, CTraid, KLH Threat Meter, Basic raiding knowledge

Buy Gold Here
Requirements: Level 19

Broken Moon

Crimson Council - website

Dark Oath - website
Leaders: Littlefang, Eldertusk

Dark Riders, The - website
Leaders: Riathamus, Kerzelked, Jubiliee, Saevio, Mercyfull

Dead Zeppelin - website
Leaders: Foe, Dethus, Joomarx, Blazemayge

Defiant, The
Leaders: Waargh, Aramu, Phaete

Devils Den


Leaders: Gokou, Piccoro, Burdock, Linksterr, Dissanance, Zuelaka
Requirements: 10-19, 20-29, 40-49 PvP

Eternal Torment - website

HATED - website

High Undead Council
Leaders: Guttless, Deathpriestt
Recruiters: Anyone in the guild
Requirements: Undead

HORSE the Guild
Guild Master: Tindiil
Recruiters: Any member.

I Love Hong Jun
Requirements: 100g per month

Infinite War
Officers: Mokta, Mortalis, Eruin, Sligo, Ironfeet, Twinkeel
Recruiters: Any Officer or Officer's Alt
Other: Ventrilo is available


Krimson Guard - website
Leaders: Seyer, Arilious
Recruiters: Arilious, Seyer, Airrees
Requirements: Must enjoy PvP, Level 40+, Must have teamspeak.

Malice - website
Leaders: Viseris, Denrys
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Azuregos, Green Dragons: 2/4, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 4/9

MELT FACE lol - website
Requirements: Caster only PVP guild!

Mirage - website
Leaders: Kiljaiden, Pedes, Shrapnal, Zotetoz, Shiftahh, Gishan, Heinlein, Mongrain
Classic Progression: ZG: 9/10, AQ20: 3/6, Onyxia, MC: 9/10

Mongolian Gnome Thumpers
Leaders: Willshire, Enahs
Requirements: Anyone can join, but we are focused on level 70 endgame content.

pain bringers - website

Pod Six - website

Reîgn øf Ðarkness - website
Leaders: Arrak, Ladivius, Aasia, Airaka (Still searching a 5th one must be a priest)
Requirements: Age 18+ (invites under 18 are special exception and those guys will be on close supervision)

Reunion - website
Recruiters: Zeems, Jerkstore, Bhodisatva, Beercow
Requirements: Teamspeak2, Ventrilo, CT-Raid
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, MC: 2/10

Rogue Nation

Seraphim of Blood
Leaders: Rho, Rimundi
Recruiters: Anyone in the guild.
Requirements: Knowledge and use of instance/raid courtesy, no whining, not obsessed with epic loot, show respect, have a good time.

Sly Fox Crew

Snakes on a Plainstrider
Leaders: Akshun, Hehejon, Xaioxaio, Hehelolz, Haharog(bad)
Requirements: Must be very awesome. PST Haharog.

Snipers of Tokro

SPQR - website
Recruiters: Frankinfurry, Graniteheart, Cabren, Mokktal
Requirements: Ventrilo, CT-Raid, KLH Threatmeter
Classic Progression: KZ: 5/12

Stack and Cry
Guild Master: Apotheosis

Team Awesome - website
Leaders: Aghost, Tremor, Deertheme, Morrath
Absorbed Guilds: Huge in the Pants, Nerf These
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, MC: 10/10

Unholy Order, The

Vengeful Spirit
Leaders: Lias/Deathbed/Roguekiller

Warchief, The

Warclan - website
Leaders: Fernandina, Herbs

Warlords Of Orgrimmar
Requirements: 55+, striving to lvl 70 to do high end raids and arena teams.

We Roll Hard
Leaders: Darthbob, Honny, Finndo

XraideD - website
Leaders: Zebrasmidu, TaintedPope, Shootinu, Elemenopee
Classic Progression:


Inactive Horde Guilds

Absolution - website
Guild Master: Sanguinia
Leaders: Tojikitoushi, Aleksis, Jizza, Pureevil
Classic Progression: ZG: 8/10, AQ20: 1/6, MC: 6/10
Requirements: Vent, 58+, 2 week trial period

Animosity - website
Guild Master: Nooglide
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 1/6, Onyxia, MC: 10/10, BWL: 1/8

Guild Master: Scaredycat
Leaders: Sallyshock, Devotion, Fennrir, Sephirothh, Balthar
Progression: ZG: 2/10

Leaders: Puebloune, Tigresse, Benigma, Murr
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Azuregos, Kazzak, Green Dragons: 4/4, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 7/9, Naxx: 1/15
BC Progression: KZ: 11/12, GL: 1/2

Benediction PVP guild with multiple HWL (Dairus, Mootalia, Psychoheresy, Soichiro etc.)

Borges and Nessia
Guild Master: Borges

Chaotic Descent - website
Leaders: Wakani, Kreege, Evrion, Achara, Toregon, Soulstomper

Chess Club, The
Guild Master: Distinct

Clap - website
Guild Master: Schala

Crimson Cross - website
Guild Master: Sektor
Progression: ZG: 8/10, Onyxia, MC: 9/10

Dark Apocalypse - website
Guild Master: Hatchetman
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Azuregos, Kazzak, Green Dragons: 4/4, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 6/9

Daughters of the Queen - website
Guild Master: Mentalone
Leaders: Mentalone, Eezymode, Bonelgon

Dawn Of The Eldarie - website
Guild Master: Octechx

Dirty Frat
Guild Master: Saydee

Domination - website
Guild Leaders: Futon, Bars, Frostbitte, Fru, Setup, Tyrannical, Warz
Progression: 4/12 Karazhan
Raiding Schedule: Varies, pretty much anytime we can

Downfall - website
Leaders: Gorkek, Pugstar, Yurias, Pryra, Wrack
Classic Progression: Post-BC guild. All members have raid experience in BWL and beyond.
BC Progression: KZ: 10/12
Requirements: Experienced raiders (pre-BC past MC), Mature, level 70, Karazhan attuned, ventrilo, application on site
Raid Times: Tuesday 7 PM, Thursday 7:30 PM, Sunday 6 PM

Electus - website
Guild Master: Caius
Recruiters: Padrino
Progression: ZG: 5/10, AQ20: 1/6, MC: 1/10

Fading Darkness
Guild Master: Bashan

Guild Master: Torment

Guild Master: Kesillerre
Absorbed Guilds: Served
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Azuregos, Kazzak, Green Dragons: 4/4, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 7/9

FOAD - website
Guild Master: Fandros
Leaders: Nardric, Karnor, Villiano, Oino, Malvuak, Antje, Superbeastly
Formerly known as: The Forbidden, Burn It
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Azuregos, Kazzak, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 5/9
BC Progression: KZ: 12/12 Gruul: 2/2

Forbidden, The - website
Guild Master: Danz
Leaders: Hehl, Dextros, Superbeastly, Gorgotron
Recruiters: Nardric
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Azuregos, Kazzak, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 5/9

Forgotten Spirits - website
Guild Master: Muatok , Democritus
Leaders: Deluge, Zurdan, Moor, Predatorx
Absorbed Guilds: Left Behind, Spirits of Oneida
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Azuregos, Kazzak, Green Dragons: 2/4, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 5/9

Forsaken Lords
Guild Master: Grinlord

The Frostreaver Clan
Guild Master: Realox

Fury - website
Guild Master: Grolm
Absorbed Guilds: MUR
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Azuregos, Kazzak, MC: 10/10, BWL 8/8, AQ40: 5/9

Fusion - website
Guild Master: Grolm
Leaders: Skeletar
Absorbed Guilds: Dark Apocalypse, Fury
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Kazzak, Green Dragons: 4/4, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 9/9, Naxx: 10/15

Gediaton Robbers
Guild Master: Gediaton

Guild Master: Fienna
Classic Progression: AQ20: 2/6, MC: 8/10

Gimmie Your Tots
Guild Master: Delen

House of Eldarie - website
Guild Master: Hariel

Huge In The Pants
Guild Master: Aghost
Leaders: Runaway, Morrath, Cyphress

Insidious - website
Guild Master: Thanathas
Leaders: Decesso, Alyona, Raito

Ira Deorum ("Wrath of the Gods") - website
Guild Master: Yunero

Iron Vanguard
Guild Master: Morska

Karate Explosion
Guild Master: Mousse

Leaders: Icutyou, Dodohead

Legion of Doomhammer, The - website
Guild Master: Cephia
Leaders: Bizaroquin, Kezzic, Esmer
Progression: ZG: 4/10, MC: 1/10

Legion of Half Moon Grim

Madness - website
Guild Master: Garish
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 5/6, Onyxia, MC: 10/10, BWL: 1/8

Guild Master: Beannie
Requirements: Singapore/Asia timing, nice people

My Little Pwny
Guild Master: Gillette

Myrmidon Legion - website
Guild Master: Neofusion, Ougabooga
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Azuregos, Kazzak, Green Dragons: 3/4, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 6/9

Ninja Hamster
Guild Master: Zenred
Leaders: Razzabi, Docinjin, Natashia

Only A Glimpse
Guild Master: Glimpse

Opportunity - website
Guild Master: Skeletar
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Kazzak, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 3/9

Order of the Chosen - website
Guild Master: Puebloune

Outbreak - website
Guild Master: Dignan
Recruiters: Sckeletor
Progression: Onyxia, MC: 10/10, BWL: 1/8

Pantsless Wonders
Guild Master: Athong

Pasifika - website
Leaders: Bushpig, Magicwaffle
Requirements: New Zealand/Australian time zone.

Phyrexian Plague Lords

Primordial Visage - website
Guild Master: Mugren

Professional - website
Leaders: Puebloune, Irran
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, Azuregos, Kazzak, Green Dragons: 4/4, MC: 10/10, BWL: 8/8, AQ40: 8/9, Naxx: 1/15

Prophets of the Horde
Guild Master: Leroy

Psychopaths - website
Guild Master: Timebomb
Progression: MC: 9/10

Radiance of Shadows, The - website
Guild Master: Augusta
Requirements: Caster/Hybrid Only

Riot - website
Guild Master: Derfus
Progression: ZG: 6/10, Onyxia, MC: 9/10

RobotZombiePirateNinjas - website
Guild Master: Dragonspire

Sentries of the Presidio - website
Leaders: Retuhcro, Akeso, Resurgam, Dolis, Scrawl

Served - website
Guild Master: Power

Shinobi Order - website
Guild Master: Flagpole (Nathrezim Division)

SIEGE - website
Guild Master: Murderface
Leaders: Mexiraider, Mincingmage, Bizy
Classic Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, MC: 10/10

Spirits of Oneida - website
Guild Master: Muatok/Oloeopia
Leaders: Sunamis, Democritus
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 4/6, Onyxia, MC: 10/10, BWL: 1/8

TalmaheRä - website
Guild Master: Seanna
Leaders: Seanna, Aryeh, Nomm, Kozenger
Recruiters: Seanna, Aryeh, Nomm, Kozenger

Guild Master: Deviruchi

Team SyN - website
Guild Master: Morron
Recruiters: Sakk, Kharma
Requirements: Level 10-19

Theafers - website
Guild Master: Drexlor
Recruiters: Beersh/Sckeletor
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, MC: 10/10, BWL: 6/8

TheFortyThieves - website
Guild Master: Amare

Trouble - website
Leaders: Zathoras, Murr, Bullmoose

Turtles - website
Guild Master: Maucowis

Two Orcs and a Tauren - website
Guild Master: Distinct
Leaders: Arched, Blaez
Recruiters: Closed. No recruiting, only Two orcs and a Tauren like the name says it all.
Requirements: You cant join its only us!

Vengéance - website
Guild Master: Thulsdoom
Requirements: All keys/attunements, 100+ FR
Progression: ZG: 9/10, AQ20: 5/6, Onyxia, MC: 9/10, BWL: 1/8

WaR - website
Guild Master: Azuru

Winds of Rage
Guild Master: Shagus

Xtinction - website
Guild Master: Nyura
Leaders: Nyura, Achara, Throhg
Progression: ZG: 10/10, AQ20: 6/6, Onyxia, MC: 10/10, BWL: 2/8


Famous Forum Identities

Bodybagger- Self professed "god of rogues" who was of average skill. Talked a lot of smack back in the day. Originally an undead rogue, rerolled alliance under the name Sypha. Eventually created a Shadow Priest.

Bringo- Very early and well known forum troll. Makes rare appearences today, posting on a low level alt named Blather. The original Welcome sticky was dubbed "Bringo and Talith's Thread."

Byllie- Forum alt used by Phersi (Perdi). He is also has a long history on Nathrezim. He rarely flames and likes to post in derailed threads.

Caradine- A tauren hunter that generally made friendly posts. Known for her artistic ability, her slow leveling, and for randomly mimicking Pikachu's voice on ventrilo.

Dethro- Undead priest. Posted as a low level character of the same name. His posts were argumentative in nature and put him at ends with various other forum posters. Temper was his trolling sidekick and both had transferred from Draenor.

Drainedsoul- Trolling alt of Liegeofchaos / Iililliillii / Erudition / Lockedinfear. Achieved notoriety through thorough trolling of <Goodbye Apathy> and <Unrated> (specifically their Kael'thas kill thread). Was anonymous for a long time before being discovered by his guild <Purple Train> after which he was summarily kicked. This discovery was announced in the thread "Who is Drainedsoul???" which was one of the few threads in Nathrezim forum history to reach the 25 page cap. Tendeds to be elitist about gear, gem, enchant, and talent choices.

Ferar- Gnome rogue. Level 10 from Tichondrius with an otherwise childish guild name. Unknown main that seems to only attack Velyse for attacking other people. Unknown motive and unknown reason as to why s/he dislikes Velyse, but singles Velyse out and claims he 'calls out his bull.' His posts are usually regarded as pointless and aggressive.

Hordeon- A previously anonymous alt used by Catracho shortly after his departure from the game. When not about the ingame matters he knew of through his other characters, his posts were somewhat thought-provoking.

Kasdeya- Sarcastic and jester-like troll, his posting habits appear to whimsically switch from being serious in nature. Currently posts as Pharmacist, an undead priest.

Lanfear- Female undead mage. Known for being a crude, outspoken, and opinionated player with an extensive playtime. She was on the server during its early history, and belonged to three of the major horde endgame guilds (Served, Dark Apocalypse, Fusion), and was involved in a large amount of forum and ingame drama including conflicts with the leadership of Served, a public defamation of Cybergawfic who refused to pay back the 600 gold she lent him, and many events involving Keirra. She is regarded as a good player with a nails-on-a-chalkboard voice. She has since transferred off of the server.

Moor- He is known as being a very friendly player who is not known for proactively engaging in world PvP. He despises five-man instances both regular and heroic and generally does not run them. He is especially known for his love of writing extremely long forum posts as well as his deliveries of /hug, /cuddle, and /kiss towards a variety of players with special focus on male blood elves, night elves, trolls, and tauren druids with the Cenarion Spaulders. His role models are He-man, Scrooge McDuck, and Herbert from "Family Guy."

Plainsrunner- Male tauren hunter transfer from Arthas that frequently posted about how he was going to revitalize Nathrezim PvP. This gained him a considerable amount of forum and in-game infamy. His infamy culminated in killing an alliance bride participating in a cross-faction wedding as she stood at the altar.  He disappeared from forum activity shortly after, according to rumor, due to an agreement with a guild leader.   He later joined the guild Fury led by leader Grolm and remained with them until the guild disbanded.

Taken- Self-appointed true example of a troll. Posts flame bait material almost exclusively.

Tokro- Male orc hunter. Spent a large amount of his time in-game ganking lowbies in Stranglethorn Vale, which was considered his zone. As such, posts about how he lacked skill or complaining about his habits were quite numerous. He loves Nathrezim very much, even if he isn't playing anymore. <3

Wreet- Forum alt whose main is unknown (except to a few fellow trolls). He is very aggressive and his posts are often insulting, usually about the nature of the target's intelligence.

Wulfhart- Insightful poster in general. His views are often disagreed with and replied to with hostility. Rerolled from a human warrior to a troll warrior.

Famous Characters

Chend- Male orc hunter. Generally recognized for being skilled in PvP combat.

Grolm- Staged a Coup from the guild MUR that was executed during a raid on Molten Core.   Formed the guild Fury with the defectors from MUR of whom he hand picked.   Under his leadership, Fury went on to be one of the top guilds on the server.

Hvkk- Originally an undead warrior reguarded for his world pvp skills in 1vX situations and massive overuse of engineering, rerolled to a mage(Mageywagey). Server transferred to Tichondrius, And then back to Nath. Most known for his griefing on world raid bosses, and his quick reflexes. Now known as "Nhvk"

Ilk- Female tauren warrior. Generally recognized for being skilled in PvP combat. Ilk became a High Warlord.

Kardir- Opened the Gates of AQ and became the owner of the Black Qiraji Battle Tank. Also a High Warlord Left the server.

Kizu- Said by some to be the best PVE rogue on the server for a little over 2 years before he quit. He is credited as being a mentor and teacher for a lot of the current top rogues on Nathrezim. Returned as the Blood Elf Rogue named Azryael after half a year of inactivity. Though he disliked PVP mostly his PVP skills were above average but fell behind the top PVP rogues on the server.

Klownz-Guild Leader of the notorious ninja guild Splendiferous Puddin Pop. Top pvp priest healer on the server. Also known for his once amazing 5's Team with Zoobox.

Mortonn- Former priest for Nathletes, and widely reguarded as the best priest in PVP combat. Former Gladiator and General Ranked Shadow Priest. Transfered to Tichondrius, but recently Transfered back with Hvkk & Neofusion. Now known as "Brostradamus"

Phrost- Russian male undead mage. Once led Myrmidon Legion, and was also a member of Fusion. Regarded as a very good mage in PvE and PvP.

Pennypacker. Considered a nice guy.

Rathamus- Most known for founding the Nathrezim Public Vent server. Once commonly referred to as the "AB Commander" during server-only BGs for rallying and organizing pick-up groups to victory. Was also recognized as an accomplished raider, though much of his time is now taken up by other factors. Is now most known for his AV "Rath Strat".

Realox- Male orc warrior that started the first race specific guild (The Frostreaver Clan, only orcs could become members). He championed honorable PvP combat and coined the phrase "Strength and Honour." Considered one of the early hordes greatest pvp minds. Responsible for igniteing the conflict which led to the 8 hour horde takeover of Stranglethorn vale, and the largest pvp raid in server history (300 horde characters). He is generally recognized as a very friendly, but eccentric player.

Stonemage- Highly recognized for being skilled in PvP combat. He reached the rank of Warlord. Was originally named Stonedmage, but forced to rename after being reported.

Tabula- Recognized for his many re-rolls in early WoW. Also skilled in PvP combat, but more known for being a frequent poster on the forums and being well liked by most in game. Also has re-birthed his notoriety for massive amounts of rerolling.

Jehova- Brother of aforementioned Demonized. No other real claim to fame other than that. Had to change his name because the powers that be thought the name was a bit too offensive. Yeah.

Timebomb- Allegedly responsible for using his guild to grant himself first pick with all loot that dropped, achieving several warrior items including full tier 1 and a Thunderfury binding. He created a thread on another realm's forums asking their community how they would welcome a warrior with Thunderfury, which was found by members of Nathrezim and led to his guild falling apart. He transfered off the server to raid with another guild.

Trash- Undead Mage that rerolled from Dragonmaw Alliance and transferred late S1 in TBC. He left Nathrezim during the middle of S2 back to Dragonmaw for a short period. He transferred back under the name of Eisbaer and held a spot in the top 10 of every bracket along with Mortonn throughout the majority of the season before leaving again to Tichondrius with his team mates. He is recognized as being the best dueler on Nathrezim Horde and is considered by many to have been one of (if not the) best Mage on the server during BC. Was believe to have retired to his horse farm in the rolling countryside with his soulmate, but has recently returned under the guise of Brobafett.

Twistar- Tauren warrior and a lead tank for The Order of the Black Thorn. Despite being the age of 15, he is generally recognized as one of the more mature players to have played on the server. Aside from that, he was an able PvE and PvP veteran dating back to launch. He considered himself a wise general in AV and could often be found dressed as a Pirate while PvPing or /dancing.

Zenedar- Male orc warrior. Able PvPer who gained the rank of High Warlord. After ample PvE experience with Fâllen, he started his own endgame guild, Malice. He often becomes very involved and serious about in-game matters, to the point of having his own battle cry to yell at the beginning of each battleground event, for example. Now plays a hunter, Zyriel, in Serious Business.

Other Characters of Note

Adagnor- Self-acclaimed as the best warlock on the server.

Aghost- Jester-like troll. His posts were considered mildly offensive in nature by many.

Arcmindah- Self-recognized "invisible lowbie noob troll".

Arrak- Tauren warrior. First level 80 on server.

Asmodai- A member of Nathrezim since WoW launched and known for his hatred of 'pinkskins' Asmodai was primarily a PvP player who spent time in Dark Apocalypse, Theafers, and finally Order of the Black Thorn. His main activity was Southshore/Tarren Mill battles with occasional forays into PvE.

Buhbuhdudley- A friendly player who loves to PVP/PVE, gets along with most people.

Cheeseball- Horde "Test of Honor" contest winner. First High Warlord on the server.

Coolsea- Male orc warrior of Myrmidon Legion. Seemed to complain often and intentionally irritate people in IRC. Thought to be emotionless and with weird talking habits. Quit the game.

Corleown- First horde to reach level 70. One of the first horde High Warlords. Allegedly talented in PvE situations.

Cortez- "The People's Champion." Considered one of the top PVE rogues on the server. His PVP skills are also considered above average. Horde-side server first OH Warglaive of Azzinoth.

Democritus- Former co-guild master of Myrmidon Legion, then co-guild master of Forgotten spirits. He is known for his authoritarian leadership, earning him the nicknames "Nazi" and "Adolf", and is also recognized for his healing ability.

Dothlogar- Former guild leader of <Bringers of the Storm> an early horde guild, co-led the largest organized PvP raid in server history alongside Realox, guild leader of <The Frostreaver Clan> which was 300 horde players strong, and led to a server crash. Former guild leader of <Booterang>. Dothlogar is also the source of a server wide joke concerning bowel movements. i.e "I'm taking a Doth."

Errelno- Former guild master of Dark Apocalypse.

Fakhthal - Male undead warlock, sometimes referred to as "boot," given the complex spelling of his name. He is one of the original members of the Legion of Doomhammer, originally belonging to the Wolfbane Clan. He is highly regarded in raid and group situations, having solely focused on the warlock class. After a long period of inactivity, he has since returned to TBC after being pursued by former guildmates to do so.

Hausen- Male orc warrior that would infrequently post on varying topics and attack people (usually in an aggressive and vulgar manner) with baseless remarks regarding their personal issues or preferences, which he would know nothing about.

Ichabod - Male troll hunter. Known for being skilled in PvP and trolling during dungeon runs. Had cross faction in game marriage to Alliance human Shanna. Former member of Dark Apocalypse. Quit WoW shortly after Burning Crusade release.

Juggernautx- Originally regarded as a skilled player in PvP combat. His skill has since been questioned by some who bring up his PvP video and the state of warriors at the time. He hit hard in battlegrounds, and often had several healers. One of the first to obtain rank 14. Also known to have cleared Alliance from outside Blackrock Mountain alongside Josceline.

Kildor- Orc hunter, founder and long-running leader of the guild House of Eldarie. Recognized by some as an "honorable" player in PvP combat. He was allegedly fond of trolling.

Krakowar- Notorious Hater. Has nothing nice to say about anything, ever. Character has been retired, but the player is still running around Nathrezim, drunk and disorderly.

Maemae- Female troll rogue. Was early remembered to be "roaming" the areas of Stranglethorn Vale, Hillsbrad Foothills, and Blackrock Mountain.

Martrak- Also commonly known as "Matinelli". Regarded by some as skilled in PvP combat. Successfully represented Nathrezim in every Arena bracket with real-life friend Udead.

Mattock- Known for ganking in the low level zones in Nathrezim's early history. He is remembered for his epic battles with Sole, and for being seen anywhere PvP combat occurred.

Miskreant- Was required to sing "I'm a Little Teapot" in order to be accepted into Dark Apocalypse.

Raidou- Was a member of Myrmidon Legion and Months Behind. Regarded as one of the more "hardcore" players on the server. Generally considered cool and as having a funny accent. Quickening was jokingly regarded as his girlfriend within ML. Currently retired due to real life issues.

Resha- Previously a member of Professional and current member of learn2play. He is known for being the first WoW character to be played by international super model and hundredaire socialite brothers, one during the day and the other at night.

Rumba- Self-described as loved by many and feared by none, as well as a jack of all classes (through the numerous accounts that he has been entrusted with), and known for running around naked, especially during PvP. Generally regarded as a friendly and honest player.

Shanna- Well liked by many, leader of all female guild, had in-game marriage to Horde troll Ichabod.  Shanna was the victim of the wedding raid mentioned above under the entry covering Plainsrunner.   She suffered a lethal aimed shot as she stood at the altar with Ichabod.  The wedding then had to be moved for safety reasons.

Shuurajou- Also nicknamed Shuu-bear by his closest friends. Regarded as one of the horde's greatest world PvP minds, he is the leader and founder of <The Order of the Black Thorn> (The oldest guild on Nathrazim). He led the raid that claimed Stranglethorn Vale as "Horde Controlled" territory for 8 hours.

Skrath- Known to play a recorder (instrument) on his raid's Ventrilo server during endgame encounters.

Smedwicks- Commonly known as one of the few shamans who refuse to drop totems. He's known for a number of exploits such as accidentally auto-attacking Onyxia before the tank had aggro on her, and dropping a Fire Elemental Totem on Arlokk, causing even more panthers to spawn.

Stewker- Realox's right hand man and generally well-liked by others.

Udiedagain- Formerly known as Udead . One of Nathrezim's first 60 Shaman's, and also the first shaman to reach 70. Regarded by many horde as the best all-around duelist. Leader of Nathrezim's highest rated arena teams. 

Yianks- First High Warlord shaman on the server. He's also one of the first enhancement shaman.

Zenred- Self-recognized as "part of the LFG tag team of Zenred and Emofury."

High Warlords

Note: The below list is out of order and undated. Numbered entries are in order but not necessarily without entries belonging inbetween them.
1. Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Cheeseball

2. Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Corleown
3. Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Ilk
4. Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Kardir
5. Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Juggernautx
6. Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Zenedar
7?. Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Yianks (January 31, 2006)
8?. Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Lokokoko
9?. Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Shadowreaper
10?. Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Sting
11?. Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Plops
12?. Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Snakeeyez
13?. Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Arched
14?. Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Thrize
Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Zaza

Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Mootalia
Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Psychoheresy

Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Soichiro
Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Neofusion
Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Dairus
Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Obould
Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Alraun
Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Tazina
Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Nailo
Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Bellapeep
Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Dci
Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Gattz
Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Gazu
Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Wez

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