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Warsong General.


A large orc, Rakar has wide shoulders and thick limbs - accentuated by the heavy armor he wears. His skin is a dark jade shade, and already losing slight tint in his age. Two thick braids come down either cheek and held together by decorative leather bands, though his mane is less taken care of - content with a mere mess atop his head. Twin tusks, weathered and yellowed, peer proudly from between his lips. Though few have ever truly seen his face, as he wears his helmet almost throughout the night and day. Very rarely will he remove it.


For an orc, he's well spoken and articulate - almost civilized. Yet it does little to mask the true warrior within when gauged in battle. He would avoid confrontation when necesary, but just as swiftly rise to a challenge. In combat he is a reckoned foe, but if befriended they have gained an ally for life. You either love him or hate him.


Rakar was born in the Outland, old Draenor. He joined the military at age six; that was the last time he saw his parents.

In his early military years, he was tortured by one of his commanders - for reasons currently unknown. Many believe he wears his mask to cover the scars from the beatings. Due to his power and favorable progression he became a general of the Warsong Clan at the young age of eighteen, under the command of Grom Hellscream. He followed Grom in every battle,even joining Hellscream and the rest of his orcs in indulging in Mannoroth's blood, until the death of his respected comrade.

After Grom's death, Rakar may have been next in line. Yet he knew that he was not mean to be a top leader, so he resigned his commission and worked as one of Thrall's military advisors.

Goals and Motivations

To become the best is the orc's main goal. Whether to do so as a personal accomplishment or to impress others - perhaps a bit of both - remains unclear.


  • May have a certain fancying towards elves.
  • Tends to end sentences, and conversations altogether, with a simple "Whatever".
  • Prefers to charge into battle atop his armored talbulk than the saddle wolves traditionally prefered by his comrades.

Public Knowledge and Rumors

  • The only actively recruited orc under his banner.
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