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Name: Petronella "Punti" Farkick
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Dark brown
Skin color: Light brown
Height: 2' 7"
Weight: 45 pounds
Spouse: None
Children: None
Siblings: None
Parents: Malto (deceased), Menda (living)
Pets: None presently


A bit taller and heavier than the average female gnome; curly pink hair always caught up in two fluffy pigtails; large brown eyes. Never seen without her trusty ax and backpack full of engineering supplies; shuns the mechanostrider for a black stallion mount. Wears plate armor that is carefully polished and cared for; her arms are lightly muscled from years of mining and ore finding. Has a heavy trace of Dwarvish brogue from her years spent studying in the capital city.


Happy, irreverent, independent, and relaxed, sings often, whistles frequently. Believes in always mixing business with pleasure. Athletic and loves a good game of catch. Musically talented, proficient on both the flute and the lute.


Raised in a sprawling, comfortable home between Ironforge and Gnomeregan, Petronella is the only daughter of Malto and Menda Farkick, an aviation mechanic and arcane mage respectively. Cherished, but not spoiled, Punti had a happy childhood filled with books, pets, magic, and dreams of flying. Instead of being schooled at Gnomeregan, like most young gnomes, her father requested and was granted an Ironforge education for his young daughter. Malto wanted a well-rounded experience for Punti and believed the gnomes to be too focused on technology and engineering. In Ironforge, Punti was educated in archeology, mining, smithing, cooking, basic first aid and medicine; she then surprised both of her parents by choosing to follow the way of the warrior. When questioned, she explained that she intended to follow her father into aviation mechanics, and because of that she wanted a simple, no-frills career in arms to help fund her true calling. With their blessing, Punti set out on her young adult life as a cadet in the Ironforge Army.

Punti was not particularly affected by the loss of Gnomeregan, as she was raised with much closer ties to Ironforge and has no real desire to see the lost city reclaimed.

Her life has been relatively happy and trouble-free, with the exception of the unexpected death of her father to a sudden illness. His untimely passing gave Punti a new determination to become an aviator. Her mother remains in the Mystic Ward of Ironforge, slowly pulling through her grief and counseling young mages in their arcane studies.

Punti became exalted with the kingdom of Stormwind very early in her career; completing any and all contracts issued to her in order to be granted access to the stables and battle horses of the city.

Goals and motivationsEdit

  • To reach Outland and study with the Master Engineering trainers in order to learn aviation, both flying and mechanics.
  • Caring for her widowed mother.
  • Perfecting and expanding her knowledge of arms and battle.
  • To one day be granted access to the tightly-guarded Ironforge Airport.


  • Loves horses, particularly her black stallion, Sparkyplug.
  • Carefully cultivates a small garden in the Forlorn Cavern consisting of random flowers and questionable herbs, most of which she dries and smokes in hand-rolled cigarettes and joints.
  • Greatly enjoys the Park in Stormwind and can often be found under a tree, practicing her lute or flute, or engaged in a pick-up game of catch.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

Has a spurious relationship with High Tinker Mekkatorque; has been censured for her refusal to assist in the Gnomeregan reclamation effort.

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