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Pastel is built petite, and she shows no real signs of physical ability through her outward appearance. Her eyes are bright green with lime green hair to match. Her hair is not long, but not short, often embellished with random locks being tied off on the side.


Pastel's personality can either be described as irreverently cheerful or inhumanly sadistic. Everything she does, she does with a giggle and a bright smile. She has absolutely no inhibitions - be it making a scene in a public place, crushing a close friend's day with acid remarks, or slitting a perfectly innocent person's throat for an off glance, she'll do it without a second's hesitation or a moment's regret.


Pastel's past is, unsurprisingly, shrouded in complete mystery. Even the Ironforge rogues she works with in the Forlorn Cavern really have no idea where she came from or who her family is. "She just sort of popped up one day." is how they describe her entry into their group.

Pastel herself doesn't say much about her past. Whenever questioned, she will dodge and weave around the topic until she finally gives a killing smile - most folks who know her enough to care about her history know to back off at this point, and thus her history is a mystery. Her last name, "Sugarshiv," was her underground alias in her earlier days of running in the shadows, but she took it as her own because it has "A fun sound to it."

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • Much like her origins, Pastel's motivations are fairly ambiguous, though she will talk about them, albeit dismissively. Her reasoning behind becoming an assassin is usually "It's just how things worked out." with a shrug.
  • As an assassin of Ironforge and Stormwind's SI:7, she is knee deep in the troubles between the Alliance and the Horde. She doesn't question - or rather, doesn't care - about the politics involved in assignments, and simply executes her mark. If her target seems uninteresting, however, she tends to add a few additional conditions to the assignment to spice things up.
  • Perhaps due to her being a gnome, she has a tendency to experiment with things she likely shouldn't. For Pastel, this means always trying out new - often seemingly downright silly or overly cruel - ways of offing opponents.


  • No one can honestly say they've seen her sad or even truly angry. It's unclear whether she's conditioned herself to stay chipper or if she's just a little psycho.
  • Her explanations for her actions tend to be childish and often completely inappropriate. For instance, she'll often explain away her occasionally gruesome kills as "Doing it that way was just so much more fun!" with a bright smile, but something like sledding down a snowy hill in Dun Morogh with a stern "That was an intense thrill."
  • She has a tendency of literally "popping up" places. She'll appear right behind someone with no warning and purposely startle them. She tends to hang from rafters, pop out of barrels and chests, or from behind any manner of objects.
  • Despite her shadowy past, unsavory dealings and complete absence of morals, she's incredibly friendly and enjoys being around people. She's loveable, fun, and cute as a button as long as she doesn't have a reason to end your life.


  • Outside of the rogues she keeps step with and her own guildmates, Pastel is assumed to be a perfectly likeable, friendly person with no real questionable traits.
  • Among everyone who actually knows her, however, that knowledge is supplemented by the fact that she really doesn't need much provocation to attack and possibly kill you, and any joking references she makes to that effect are taken quite seriously (A fact she uses to her own amusement quite often). As a result, the rogues she works with don't particularly trust her, but her guildmates seem to get along with her fine.
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