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A capable mechanism for keeping the Alliance organized and safe. It only has a few flaws, such as being unable to tell Alliance and Horde apart (suggested that it attempted to heal everyone aboard when the Tempest Keep was seized by the blood elves). Unsurprisingly for a fallen cyborg belonging to a group of sentient Draenei, its dual programming and verbal interface are very advanced.


Since the Exodar crashed landed on the Azuremyst Isles, Otterbot has been modified and maintained by gnomes, Ottermus Primevil (warlock and chief enginner) and Wizzrobe Popkins (arcane specialist); who named the Draenei, Otterbot.

Much of this being's history and past life is unknown. The injured Draenei was discovered near the Exodar crash site by Ottermus, who was inducted into the Explorer's League by the noble Dwarves at a modest adult age; mainly due to his supreme intellect and extensive research on the Twisting Nether. Exploring and research development wasn't just a pleasant way to pass the time for Ottermus, it was a passion. His thirst for knowledge and understanding of dark magic has led him to be a symbol and somewhat feared leader within the faction of Ottergon.

When word spread about the crash landing of the Exodar, he got wind of Engineer "Spark" Overgrind's plans to acquire parts and sabotage Admiral Odesyus' fleet to land on Azuremyst Isle. Ottermus developed a goblin disguise kit and a cunning plan to stow away with the others secretly aboard Odesyus' vessel.

The night following the initial build of the Landing, Ottermus escaped into the regions of Ammen Vale to investigate the area and check for survivors. He took particular interest in one of the Draenei for reasons unknown; then radioed in for support from his secret team of Ottergon operatives and was airlifted out along with the survivor by two engineers in a Turbo-Charged Flying Machine. All while under the cover of nightfall.

Characteristics and FlawsEdit

Otterbot has no knowledge of the crash landing, it's history or race. So it cannot properly explain why or how it exists, but is self-aware. It's dialect is not particularly robotic and it does not have any noticeable cyborg-like features, so the ability to remain undetected within the Alliance has been possible.

Otterbot is unable to feel pain and does not have any emotions; at least that's what has been said. It is fully capable of carrying on a social conversation, though it may not always know what it is talking about.

While minor engineering problems are commonplace for a gnome, the major drawbacks to Ottermus' personal engineering capabilities and modifications are sound related. Humming, whirring, buzzing sounds and beeps are often heard when it is consciously stimulated. Humans might get a sense that Otterbot has computer-like qualities through interaction and social dialog, though Ottermus is too arrogant in his design to care.

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