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Character StatsEdit

Name: Ornasse Evershade (though often gives his surname as "Dawnseeker")

Title: Sage of the Seven Pines

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Age: "Ancient", somewhere around 9,000 years.

Birthplace: Nordrassil

Residence: None currently.

Into the DreamEdit

Ornasse was born near the ancient world tree, Nordrassil. His elders noted his potential for druidism very early, and he took to his lessons easily. As a young druid with no ties to family or mate, he was eager to answer Malfurion's call to enter the Emerald Dream. For over seven thousand years, Ornasse served and guarded the Dream along with his druid brethren, largely unaware of the war that raged in the physical world.

To the EastEdit

Ornasse, like many other druids, awoke to a world in turmoil. Their home destroyed, their immortality severed, and their leader missing; Ornasse was outspoken in his criticism of Fandral and his plans. Disillusioned, he adopted the rather irreverent surname "Dawnseeker" and headed east to the kingdoms of the humans and dwarves, having learned that there were many creatures and lands affected by plague -- he could at least attempt to help them.

A staunch traditionalist, Ornasse views the non-elven races as inferior, though he does hold Tauren druids in some regard. Even many kal'dorei earn his scorn, believing the youth have lost touch with their own kind and have become little more than humans with blue skin. Women in particular he finds mystifying and completely irrational. He has a particular distrust of Draenei, initially he mistrusted them based on their demonic appearance, but several unpleasant encounters have caused him to dislike them on a personal basis as well.

Generally disagreeable, he has managed to befriend a few druids with similar temperament, but generally keeps to himself.

Orphan of the Green FlightEdit

In the dreary forests of Duskwood, Ornasse was surprised to come across a young green dragon hatchling, weak and struggling in a spider's grasp. Uncertain if he should interfere, but he realized the whelp must have somehow crossed the gateway from the Emerald Dream, and her presence could not be entirely accidental. Cleansing the poison from the little creature's blood, he named her "Sorona" and is now the young dragon's rather wary caretaker.

The World BeyondEdit

Recently Ornasse has begun his service with the Cenarion Expedition on Draenor, eager to do his part to heal the shattered world. He has undertaken an investigation of the corruption in the Emerald Dream, leading him to the ancient raven-god once revered by the arakkoa.

In more personal matters, Ornasse believes he has found the happiness that always eluded him with Naeva, a seasoned warden who recently became his wife.

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