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Melicent has a small, petite build while not being short. Her eyes are a bluish silver, and her long hair - always tied back - is a solid shade of burgundy. Her eyesight is sub par, but she rarely wears spectacles outside of her own private time, as she hates admitting the shortcoming.


Melicent is down to earth and practical-minded. Generally friendly and very intelligent, Mel makes friends easily and loves to help out. She pursues her goals with an almost mindless obsession, however, and her mind, while mostly sound, is a little cracked. This tends to show through during times of extreme stress or frustration, when she can become very violent and downright scary.


Melicent's family originated in Duskwood, which was corrupted before she was born. As a young child she bore a front seat witness to the horrors the cursed forest had to offer, until her family gave it up and moved to Westfall. There, they attempted to start up a small subsistance farm, but were overturned in a matter of years by the Defias, and fled to Goldshire in Elwynn forest. There, Melicent and her mother worked in the inn, and her brother and father worked in the smithy.

Of course Goldshire was never safe itself, but the family stayed in its new home. Melicent, having already been exposed to so much violence as a child, had already developed something of a murderous streak herself, and would often idly torment the wildlife - as children are wont to do. To subvert this growing tendency her parents gave her to the local mage trainers, hoping that - if nothing else - the intense studying would strengthen her mind and spare her from a potential life of depravity.

Melicent took to her training halfheartedly, feeling there was never any point to it and feeling in the back of her mind that she would probably be killed in a matter of years. Even so, she had an intense fascination with tales of the dragons of Azeroth, and then, as luck would have it, she stumbled upon and befriended a blue whelpling who, feeling sorry for the disenchanted mage, decided to look over her to make sure she didn't stray into the darker side of magic. He has traveled with her ever since.

Since that time Melicent has done little more than travel, learn, and perfect her arts. Her ultimate goal is to meet with and find a way to join the blue dragonflight - a goal her whelping companion promises is completely unsound, but has agreed to help her if for no other reason than to keep her complacent.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • Her ultimate goal is to meet with and somehow join the blue dragonflight. While not entirely sure how that would work, herself, she chooses to cross that bridge when she comes to it.
  • Her magic training, while originally forced upon her, is now a very important thing to her. Even though it is perhaps largely due to her blue flight obsession, she also has a sense that she owes it to her family to excel.
  • Something of a personal goal that bubbled up in the more recent days of her journeys is the desire to return home and eradicate all that which still plagues not only Elwynn, but Westfall and Duskwood as well.


  • She's quite bipolar, almost to the point of having a seperate personality. Under situations of intense stress or danger, she reverts into a destructive, violent version of herself that will not stop unless she's rendered unconscious or whatever she percieves to be a threat is erased. It is rumored that she has yet a third personality, but no one really knows what that is or how to trigger it.
  • Even though she worked at the inn, she absolutely cannot cook. It's said that even her conjured food tastes bad.
  • She is absolutely against the Alliance versus horde war, if for no other reasons than that she feels there are far more pressing things to deal with.
  • She tends to become extremely obsessive over things, then rapidly losing interest. Aside from her studies and sewing hobby, she has yet to maintain a single passion for more than a few months.


  • She's known to be friendly and reliable, if a bit unpredictable. Most people who don't know her closely are not aware of her mental issues, because most other folks who've seen it probably died.
  • When she's called to the front lines of the war she's known to have something of a nasty personality, usually responding harshly - if at all - to requests for refreshments and such.
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