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Maverria was born in Ashenvale forest, in the town of Astranaar shortly after the end of the war of the ancients. Her mother died giving birth to her, and she was left in the care of her sister, Aquindana Moonarrow. The two both grew up in the forest alone, doing odd jobs to put food on the table.

Whereas her sister found a talent for magic and creating warm clothing for those in the town, Maverria's efforts instead went to armor and agility. She started fashioning leather armor from skins she took from animals in astranaar. While many night elves frowned upon this since she killed the animals herself, they allowed it since she also destroyed the occasional demon left over from the leigon's first invasion, and saytrs whenever she could.

However, before either of them came of age, Aquindana fell asleep and began to walk in the dream. This was extremely problematic for several reasons. One: Aquindana and Maverria relied on each other for support and income. Without each other, they were both screwed. Two: At the time, only males became druids. That Aquindana was able to walk on the dream was shocking, especially since she had no formal training.

Maverria made sure her sister was well taken care of, then left for the southern border of Ashenvale, at silverwing hold. She put her skills in combat and stealth to even better use than before, slaughtering anything that dared defile their home. She continued in this manner for a time, until one day, the even more unthinkable happened.

Maverria Moonarrow, rogue and soldier, also entered the dream involuntarily.

Unfortunately, her ties to the world of Azeroth were so strong that she was ripped from the world almost as soon as she entered, causing the two worlds to touch with her at the center for a brief moment. This caused a massive explosion where she entered the dream. This occured six more times before she learned to close herself off entirely.

Maverria has only been able to guess at what occured after that, but what was clear was that when Aquindana awoke again when the leigon came a second time, she was furious, and fully intended to catch her sister.

Hearing tales of Lordaeron and the humans, she left on a boat to cross the sea on the first chance she got, which turned out to be among Tyrande Whisperwind's sentinels. Why Malfurion did not confront her is unknown. Maverria claims she only escaped persecution because of her abilities in stealth magic. She spent the next four years or so in the wilderness, trying to find her way to Stormwind. She did so only by purest luck, since she could not at the time read the common roadmaps and only had her wits to go by.

Some time later, after learning to speak common, she realized she could not hide from her sister if she could come over the sea too. Maverria was sure druidic training would keep her down for a while, but was equally sure it would only be a temporary measure. She found a woman by the name of Lovewend, who took her into the Fel Coven to keep her hidden once she explained the situation.

The Fel CovenEdit

The Fel Coven is an all female group that takes in refugees and outcasts from all walks of life and kept them sheltered. They consist of slaves - those that are only there to work - servants, who are protected but serve the guests as well. Guests are the refugees, whom are treated far more comfortably than their previous lives. There are also bodyguards, and the leader, Tsukio, who is referred to as the Mother. Maverria decided such a group would be useful, especially since their headquarters was very out of the way.


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