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Mathais is a tall man, around six feet without his plate boots and around an inch higher with them. his hair is the color of grain though recently a few strands of black and gray have started to show. Most of the time he can be found in his mismatched plate armor making him stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd, but failing that he prefers the softness and (according to a few friends) attractiveness of his Runecloth Robes.


Strangely Mathais does not have much of a backround seeing as he himself remembers little before the time he started to train as a paladin at Northshire. Adept in the ways of healing he's often found in the back of battles healing his compatriots rather then in the thick of things.

Always in search of knowledge and the spreading of it in his earlier days of the year he took a few students under his wing to better instruct in the Light and it's uses. Not long after one of his students was nearly beaten to death by vicious murlocs. Shortly after he was assigned to teach her exclusively as a personal tutor.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Currently, Mathais is researching the effect of the "Light" on people who need not healing in hopes of the information being used to develop other forms of treatment.


Often times when faced with a tough decision he's prone to fits of either insanity..or extreme clarity.

When not in the fight or studying (sometimes even while studying) he likes to knock back a few mugs of dwarven brew.

Ever the flirt, Mathais does try to get on the good side of any woman he meets which has earned him more then a few angry glares, laughs, and the occasional slap to the face.


Sinnead L. Montanari - A human fire mage with whom Mathais is currently actively courting. Having met one night in Stormwind with her standing upon the fountain and him below looking up at her before climbing up himself, which later led to the two having a sort of friendly drink and the shareing of Mathais's current studies. Later on in the relationship Sinnead was kidnapped by her sister, leaving Mathais to eventually rescue her and become her knight in shineing armor...only in not so shineing armor. Soon after that event the two admitted feelings of love for the other, shifting their relationship to more of a romantic tone.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

Was once wed to the Warlock Arreis Juliander, now divorced after affairs from both parties.

Is currently courting Sinnead L. Montanari

Attunement & Key StatusEdit

Attuned to Molten Core

Keyed for Scholomance

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