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Marianne Eldershaw is a Priestess of the Holy Light and Priestess of Reason. She is based in the Cathedral of the Light in Stormwind, which she considers to be her home, as she has nowhere else to truly go. She is currently studying the Forsaken Shadow immensely in an attempt to fully understand it and how it works. She also claims that she now also follows Reason, which she declares cannot be blamed for any wrongs in your life and can always be justified - as it is reason.


Marianne is average height (about 5'7") and weighs 130 lbs.

Marianne has shoulder length light brown hair which drops straighly from her face and curling at the hair's end. She keeps her hair very groomed, as she tries to keep up the image of a respectable priestess.

Her skin is a slightly deeper tone than most, giving her a creamy, olive look and leading a lot of people to believe she is tanned or spends most of her time outdoors in the sun.

More often than not, Marianne is smiling. She genuinely loves being around people, and when they are happy so is she, and it shows through her beaming smile and shining eyes.

Marianne has a very small mark on her left cheek, which is a scar caused by her former bodyguard, Thaneth, taking a swipe at her once. It healed up better than expected and is not noticeable unless one looks very closely at Marianne's cheek.

Often wearing anything that is black, Marianne insists that it is her favourite colour and that she feels most comfortable in it, that black clothing is not representative of her emotions.


Marianne is a very kind-hearted girl, being called sweet and sympathetic among other things by those who engage her in conversation. Though she appears a bit reserved or anti-social at times, she is simply a little shy. Marianne typically puts the needs of others ahead of her own, and she gets a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment whenever she assists those in need.

With all the violence in the world, Marianne has lately become slightly depressed and at one point even became suicidal, wishing to escape from all the pain and suffering in Azeroth. Fortunately, she has gotten over that stage and is now trying to find ways to ease away what remains of her depression.

Training for several years at the Cathedral of Light and then actively joining several military organizations (Brethren of War, Scarlet Crusade, Silver Knights, etc.) has strengthed Marianne's heart and willingness to help others, but it has damaged other necessary aspects of her, which has resulted in Marianne being too forgiving of people and also not being able to grasp love or truly understand it.

Because of Marianne's recent changes, it is hard to tell what type of person she is now. Though she is still an admirable Priestess of the Light, her almost aggressive dismissal towards resolving problems normally requiring diploamcy and non-violence and other things subtly hint that she may now work outside the law all while honing her control over the Forgotten Shadow make it difficult to determine if Marianne is still a kind and gentle peacekeeper, or if she has succumbed to the shadier going-ons of Azeroth.


Forced to leave her home in Moonbrook due to the encroaching Defias threat in which she saw all but her sister perish, Marianne fled to Stormwind where she began her life as a priestess under the care and guidance of High Priestess Laurena.

Due to her upbringing, Marianne always tries to be kind and considerate of those around her, and will likely be more hurt over unintentionally offensive things she says than the people her words are directed at.

As a Follower of the Light, Marianne abides by the three virtues to a tee, earning the respect of her mentors who insist that Marianne's spirit is remarkably pure, and that she is destined to be an exemplary follower of the Light, an inspiration to young students, as well as followers who feel that they have lost their way or dedication to the Light.

Marianne's sister, Adelphe, revealed herself a few months ago and attempted to kill Marianne with poisoned water. Since recovering and learning more about her sister who had been "brainwashed" by the Defias, Marianne has shown sympathy towards her and has even forgiven her, even though she has not seen her since they fled Moonbrook. Marianne has since learned that her sister is now deceased, making her the only remaining living member of her family (as her brother, mother, and father died in Moonbrook).

After looking back on several key moments in her life, Marianne came to the conclusion that the Church of the Holy Light was a farce which worshipped something that only gave people psychological assurance and never anything of a physical equivalent. As a result, Marianne decided to become what she calls a Priestess of Reason. She claims to follow Reason, because it is reliable, always makes sense, and can be explained clearly and logically.

On April 16, Marianne commit suicide due to what was revealed to be stress, grief, guilt, and possible loneliness by the one counselling (sp?) her, Vijaya Madhabi.

Marianne had jumped from Darnassus, though her close friend Saxonluce Marshal had attempted to talk her out of it. When she finally did jump, he went along with her to try and save her. It appeared to be a success initially, until after they landed safely not too far below from the jump. Saxonluce's sword had come free and made itself a hazard. Upon landing, the sword impaled Marianne, killing her immediately. Ironically, the one who tried to save Marianne from taking her own life was, essentially, the one who killed her. She was resurrected by Saxonluce and a priest the next day in the Temple of the Moon.

Today Marianne continues to work at overcoming her depression and dealing with her own complicated emotions, all while trying to maintain a good public image for the sake of the Church. Publicly she associates herself with the Church, but those who are closest to Marianne know that she only stays with the Cathedral of Light to keep her bond with the Light strong. She does not agree with the methods of the Church of the Holy Light anymore and is, in fact, quite an unlawful person now.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • To bring peace to her homeland of Westfall.
  • Help rid Stormwind territory of tyranny and villainy.
  • Settle down with a man she loves and lead a good life.
  • To see Reason become as widely accepted as the Light.


  • Marianne has many friends, some being Amyren, Arianor, Borus, Gaelsong, Jaggedfel, Neros, Saxonluce, and Sinnead. Marianne considers Amyren to possibly be her best friend, because she is the easiest to talk to and confide in.
  • Ziran Ramsdale was once a friend of Marianne's, but after becoming a death knight and making her fiance at the time (Pape Shadowbreaker) hold a knife to her throat, Marianne cut off all relations with Ziran and now deems him a heretic.
  • Marianne does not take kindly to most of the Silver Knights, her former organization. Her reasoning is that "they are a large clique which shuns the idea of interacting with those who do not wear their tabard."
  • Despite almost being killed by Thaneth at one point, Marianne has forgiven him but cannot trust him any longer. As a result, she is often on edge whenever he is around.
  • Harbours a deep resentment towards the priestess Geisha due to personal reasons which Marianne claims are "purely coincidental."
  • Married to Pape Shadowbreaker on February 10, 2008, but divorced March 20 2008 after Marianne returned from unscheduled Church work in Silithus to find out that Pape had violated their vows. The divorce was short lived however, as Marianne and Pape reconciled their differences on March 26. The two entered a strange new phase of their marriage; as Pape is a Paladin of the Holy Light while Marianne is a Shadow Priestess of the Forgotten Shadow. However, on April 2, Marianne decided to break things off for good, as she and Pape were barely even involved in each other's lives any longer, and Marianne had become aware that Pape was in love with another woman named Geisha.
  • Currently seeing Saxonluce Marshal, who is, of the people she currently considers her friends, probably whom she has known the longest. Marianne had feelings for him for the longest while and had trouble containing them. She kept them private until Saxon had informed her of his engagement to a girl named Abrielle. This caused Marianne to break down and tell Saxon everything. This created tension between all three which lasted a little over a week when Saxon called off his engagement and told Marianne that everything had just been a big misunderstanding.
  • Bears a deep hatred towards Kira Songshine and swears that she will one day drive her out of business. Marianne deems Kira to be her rival for no apparent reason.
  • Despises warlocks and considers them all to be corrupt or evil, even if they do not admit it or deny it. Marianne believes that anyone who meddles with demonology has a dark side, even if they are themselves unaware of it.


  • Enjoys drinking cherry grog often. She prefers this drink because of its unique fruity taste.
  • Refuses to engage in conflicts of any sort within Stormwind City, but considers anywhere outside to be free ground.
  • Noticeably shy at first sight, but can be quite chatty when spoken to or provoked.
  • Strangely oblivious when someone flirts with her or tries to drop hints for her.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

  • Marianne tends to keep to herself most of the time, but there are several things which people know about her. For instance, she visits the Lion's Pride Tavern most nights for a few drinks, usually of cherry grog.
  • Some are aware of Marianne's admirable cooking abilities. It is also common knowledge that Marianne held several jobs in Theramore for a brief period of time and that she spearheaded the second effort to increase tourism in the coastal city.
  • Many are also aware that Marianne's baby was killed by an assassin named Ameviel when she was giving birth.
  • It is also well known that Marianne led the Hand of Lothar, which disbanded immediately after her return from missionary work in Silithus as many people had left in her absence. It is rumoured that Pape Shadowbreaker initiated the chain of mass departures.

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