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Harold Marcor is a strange figure. He is taller than is average, standing roughly 6'5" high, though his height is often concealed by a hunched posture. Marcor is broad of shoulder and yet thin to the point that he seems as though any strong breeze might whisk him away. Further, his hands are overly large and his fingers end in sharpened bone claws more similar to a beast's talons than any human digits. He is swathed in thick robes and a heavy cloak, the hood pulled up to hide his face from casual inspection. While these proportions would suggest a more comedic characture of a mage, the effect is quickly ruined when one catches glimpse of the visage which peers from beneath that hood, for from those dark and heavy folds stare a face from nightmare, a hideous and grim rictus of charred flesh, dried tendons and bone, empty eye sockets alight with unnatural flames. What little flesh that is not concealed by his robes is similarly charred. His movements are vastly far swifter and more agile than his state of preservation implies.


Marcor as curious and frightening a sort as his visage would suggest. His moods are for the most part unpredictable, being possessed of a malevolent joviality one moment and vengeful hatred the next. He further possesses a habit of alternating between brooding silence and loud speech, such being littered with grim puns and morbid commentary and is also given to laughing at strange intervals in a hoarse and hideous manner which is more indicative of a death rattle than of any sort of expression of mirth.


Harold Marcor is in all likelyhood not a product of the Lich King's plague. Harold himself has made passing mention that his condition is the result of other magics, though the nature of such is as yet unknown. He rarely speaks of his past prior to joining the Forsaken, though such scant commentary as has been recorded suggests that his state of undeath predates the Scourge Invasion. Marcor has on more than one occasion made allusions to a little known cabal of necromancers, elemental mages and politicians that existed 50 years prior to the First war. Lack of surviving documentation makes verifying any of Marcor's stories impossible, though he seems to possess information regarding the cabal that only a member, or an enemy, of the cabal would know.

Harold was discovered wandering the Plaguelands setting fire to various mushrooms, ruins and small animals. He was approached by the Forsaken, and found to be intellegent but uncooperative. After being subdued with some difficulty, He was brought before Sylvannas for judgement. The details of this meeting are unrecorded, but the result was that a somewhat less uncooperative Marcor joined the ranks of the Forsaken.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Marcor's only known motivation seems to be the pursuit of destruction; and everything he does, from seeking knowledge and power to the aiding the Horde, is geared solely toward that end. He rarely seems to make any long term plans, though will occasionally become obsessed with some bit of esoterica to the point where he will seclude himself and begin formulation intricate schemes, a pursuit which rarely lasts more than a few days before he returns to his seemingly random campaign of destruction.


  • Harold has no respect for life or property, and will frequently resort to unnecessarily extreme measures in order to achieve even the simplest of tasks.
  • While frequently abrupt when addressing stangers, Marcor can be quite eloquent when he wants to be.
  • Marcor is obcessed with fire and flame related imagery.
  • Marcor's understanding of recent events seems to be limited at best. He speaks of events from the past few years as though reciting from a history book, yet he can describe very vividly the politics and events of fifty years ago.
  • Marcor speaks a language called Ixanh. It's origins are unknown, though it contains a few elements of Zandali and Thallassian.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • Marcor is rumored to be under the effects of a geas or some other strong magical compulsion.He makes infrequent mention to "that which binds me", and has claimed to be unable to lie or directly harm "those who serve of the Forsaken". The exact limitations to which Harold is tied are unknown, though he seems to have spent a great deal of time attempting to test the geas' limits and find loopholes in it.
  • Marcor's loyalty to the Forsaken and the Horde is at best questionable.
  • Marcor is originally from Stromgarde.
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