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Name: Lisl
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Irridescent
Skin color: Light Blue
Height: 6 foot 8 inches
Weight: 287 lbs.
Spouse: None
Children: None
Siblings: One brother, older
Parents: Deceased
Pets: Siamese cat


Lisl is a typical, average-looking speciman of a Draenei female. She has chocolate brown hair that grows just past the shoulders, with feathered bangs that hide a scar she received in the crash of the Exodar. Her eyes are irridescent, her skin a pale blue. She might often be seen with ribbons and beads of varying colors adorning her hair and clothing. She dresses carefully and tries to keep her appearance neat, unless conditions warrant otherwise.


Friendly, outgoing, faultlessly polite. Often shy with those she does not know.


Born to a common Draenei family, Lisl lived peacefully for many years with her mother, father, and elder brother. She woke on Azuremyst Isle after the crash of the Exodar with very little memory save her own name. She was told by other survivors that her parents did not survive the crash, but the whereabouts of her brother are still unknown. She goes through the world not with thoughts of revenge, but to fight the evil that is the Burning Legion by whatever means necessary.

Goals and motivationsEdit

  • Following the Light and the teachings of the Naaru.
  • Helping others whenever possible.
  • Fighting the Burning Legion as best she's able.
  • Finding her brother.


  • Very concerned about the state and cleanliness of her clothing- a bit compulsive, actually.
  • She is a people watcher, and can be frequently seen sitting in cities observing the interactions of others around her.
  • Apologizes often for things that are out of her control or that she has nothing to do with altogether.
  • Acts very outgoing but often gets stumped or baffled when attention is directed to her.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

  • Is the new Guild Master of Curse of Redemption.
  • Can be frequently seen sitting near the Stormwind City bank or Park while people watching.
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