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Standing shorter than most elves, Lila peers at you with heavily black lined eyes, that may or may not be covered by a pair of rose tinted goggles. The visible parts of her face are usually spotted with dirt and grime, showing an over all lack of personal hygiene. Her dark red hair lacks the luster and shine that most of her race have, though most of her bangs are kept to the side, a few strands fall over her face. A number of earrings line her ears, along with a single ring in her left eyebrow. She wears a black leather choker around her neck.

Wearing dirty leather to match her dirty face, Lila appears to wear whatever she rolls in. A belt lined with pouches hangs limply from her skinny waist. The contents of the bags rustle and jingle slightly as she moves. From the same belt, hang two swords, loosely hooked in two leather straps. A chain is looped twice around her neck, with a silver cross hanging from it. A mood ring is on her right ring finger and she, for some reason, has a blue ribbon tied around her wrist.


Lila, to most people would seem to be an unhygienic and hyperactive elf that does whatever she pleases. Be it from hurling a watermelon packed with dynamite at you, or pelting you with peanuts. Loud and outgoing, Lila isn't one to shy away from a person, she's much more the type to approach a random stranger and brutally invade their personal space with pokes, prods, and tickling.


Not much is publicly know about her background, other than she lived on the streets of Silvermoon and has a criminal record for apple thievery and pick pocketing.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

Lila's goals change with the moment, be it killing a great monster, or chasing a butterfly till exhaustion. Her ultimate goal is to live through the day to make it to dinner. Her major motivation is her adoptive father Langley, who is the biggest influence in her life. Though it's not necessarily a good thing for others as these two are typically found prodding at some poor victim of their fun seeking.


  • Lila prefers the ground or a nice bench to a comfy bed.
  • As an engineer, some could call her brilliant or insane with her odd creations such as watermelon bombs and banana peel launchers.
  • Enjoys insanely spicy food.
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