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Personal Information Edit

Name: Lhykosidae

Title: Blademaster

Age: 25,000-25,700 years old

Eye color: Silvery-white

Hair color: Silver

Height: 8 feet

Weight: 458 pounds

Nicknames: Lhyko, Old Man

Apperance Edit

A well seasoned warrior, covered in the scars of battle. He bears on the right side of his face, a long jagged scar, a battle wound from a Nathrezim and over his left eye he has a long, straight scar, a bit pronounced. He bears a brand of Argus of his right hand, and a brand of a hammer on his left hand. Heavily muscled, his back and chest are covered in light blue tattoos, so faint they can barely be seen. His eyes are a silvery-white color, is hair, silver in color, is drawn back into a straight ponytail. His tendrils have leather bands around them, and the farthest left one is shorter then the other.

History Edit

Lhykosidae remembers his people's flight from Argus, and spent many of his Years as a Vindicator serving the Light. He hates the Legion and all its servants with a righteous passion. He was the foster father of Adiini, a young Draenei hunter whose parents died during the journey to Draenor. Lhykosidae is the last survivor of his family.

Damaash and the Blademaster Edit

Daamesh was a town in Terokaar Forest that came under attack from the Fel Orcs and their demon allies after the Orcs' became corruption by the Burning Legion. He and Kaaranda, his brother, fought for many hours, holding the hordes of Orcs and demons at bay, but eventually the were overrun.The Orcs and demons rampaged through the town kill all who lived there. Kaaranda was overcome with regret and sorrow, naming himself Kaaranda the Unforgiven. Lhykosidae, on the other hand, was overcome with rage. forgetting all of the powers of the Light he had used for hundreds of years. He used his rage to fuel his combat prowess, becoming a warrior. This rage caused him to slowly loose his sense of right and wrong, just hungering for the feel of the kill. He returned to Outland after some time, still lost deep in rage, until he met Lantresor of the Blade, who slowly began to introduce him the ways of the Blademaster. Lhykosidae took this as a new calling, fully immersing himself in the ways of the Blademaster.

Personality Edit

Lhykosidae is old and stubborn. He gets angry with those who have lost hope in the fight against the Legion. He never gives up hope that the Legion will be defeated, and seeks to instill this hope in all around him.

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