Korvos Ebonlocke is a Forsaken Warlock on the server Moon Guard(US). He tends to be found roaming around Brill, often keeping to himself, only talking to his imp, Azrot, or working on creating new potions and elixers. The warlock is often seen as unfriendly and bitter, but in truth he just has no interest in meeting new people and making new friends. After losing the love of his life, Corin, and becoming undead he sees little value in most, if not all things.



  • Full Name: Korvos Silas Ebonlocke
  • Age: Unknown
  • Race: Forsaken
  • Gender: Male
  • Detailed Class: Warlock
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Relationships (Past or Present): Single, with only one past relationship with the late Corin Hayfield.
  • Wealth status (Rich, Wealthy, Upper, Up-Mid, Mid, Low-Mid, Low, Poor): Low-Mid by choice, seeing little value in money.
  • Job(s):Alchemist
  • Theme Song: Help I'm Alive - Metric


  • Facial appearance: Mild rotting found above and below the eye sockets, but aside from that very little disfiguration on the face for an Undead. Shaggy purple hair with numerous burnt strands, due to his Imp enjoying setting strands of his hair ablaze.
  • Skin color and appearance: Light purple skin, where there is skin left, dirty bones and the like are exposed in numerous areas around his upper torso and legs. He stands a few inches shorter than most Undead, but not enough to be noticeable unless closely examined.
  • Best features: Loyalty. Even though he sees little need for friends and companions he is extremely loyal to those he is friends with, helping them when the situation requires it. Even with his excommunication from the town of Grand Hamlet(now Darkshire) he is still somewhat loyal to the town, showing no resentment and completely understanding the reasoning behind his excommunication.
  • Worst features: Quietness. He does not attempt to be friendly to new people, often resulting in people reacting to him poorly.

Relations, Ect.Edit

  • Place of birth: Grand Hamlet, Southern Elwynn Forest. Which is now known as Darkshire, Duskwood.
  • Wealth status during childhood: Upper Class
  • Current home(s): Brill
  • Reason for making a home there: He enjoys its close proximity to Undercity while not being bothered by the constant business of the city.
  • Known family members, and their relation to the character: Ello Ebonlocke, Uncle and Mayor of Darkshire. Althea Ebonlocke, Cousin and leader of the Night Watch.
  • Most cared for friends, family, or pets: Vadrik Chillscream, Kavic Beastrage, and his imp, Azrot.


Korvos Ebonlocke was born into the Ebonlocke family, where his father was the younger brother of Ello Ebonlocke, mayor of Grand Hamlet, and his mother the daughter of the local blacksmith. Shortly after his birth, his father died of a cause unknown to Korvos, and his mother was left to raise her young son alone. His uncle Ello stepped into the role of a father figure for Korvos, teaching him how to be a responsible and caring man. Early in his childhood he became close to his cousin Althea, as the two were of similar ages. They could often be seen playing together around the town, and were known to everyone in the town. When Korvos reached the age of eleven he was sent to Stormwind to learn the ways of the mage. He spent the next years training under the wizards there, excelling in the art of wielding fire magic. When not training he would read books on different types of magic, as well as alchemy, something he had always been interested in, but was never able to pursue. Living in Stormwind gave him the oppurtunities to begin working on his Alchemy, which he enjoyed greatly, often making simple potions used for trickery rather than enhancement and healing.

After he had decided that he could gain no more knowledge from the wizards in Stormwind he returned to his home to find that it had greatly changed since he left. His cousin seemed distant and unwelcoming, and his uncle tired and hardened by the troubles of the town. The dark influences from the tower of Karazahn had become to invade the town and surrounded forest. It was when he saw the terror that had been unleashed upon the town he decided that something must be done to drive back the dark forces. He recognized that his fire magic alone would not be strong enough to repel the evil, so he began studying more destructive magic, practicing the spells in private, keeping his studies secret from the townsfolk. One grim evening while in his room studying he began hearing screams from outside his window, the screams became louder and other more violent noises quickly errupted. He quickly grabbed his spell book and dashed outside, decided that the time was now to put his new spells into practice. When he reached the militia he saw his cousin ordering around the civilian soldiers around, she quickly explained that the town was being invaded by an unknown number of zombies and other wretched beasts, and that they did not have enough men to keep them at bay, and there would be no way for the Army of Stormwind to reach them in time. He ran up to a nearby hill, where he was able to get a full view of the mayhem, deciding that this would where he would stage his attack. He began channeling his spell, putting every ounce of energy he had into the spell. Fire began raining upon the attackers, continuesly pummeling them with balls of fire, creating fires among the zombies which quickly spread to the surrounding invaders. Korvos saw the spell was being effective, but more and more continued coming. Some of the smarter invaders realized where the fire was originating from, and hordes of invaders began their attack agaisnt Korvos himself. Under his breath he whispered one word, and immediatly a wall of fire errupted from the ground around him and moved agains't the invaders, incinerating them quickly and efficiently. With the assitance Korvos provided the Militia were able to hack down the remaining invaders, saving the town from the dark dangers that presented itself that night.

The aftermath of the battle was atrocious, not only were there countless bodies of slain townsfolk, but much of the surrounding area was destroyed not by the invaders, but by Korvos' destructive spells. While grateful for the protection Korvos brought to the town his uncle insisted that he give up the destructive fiery magic he had taken so long to study. Korvos insisted that he was doing it for the safety of the town, and that it was neccessary but his uncle told him that it was too dangerous and could cause too much harm to the townsfolk. Korvos was given the option of abandoning his magic or leaving Grand Hamlet forever. Korvos chose the latter, vowing that one day he would return and purge the town of all darkness, without harming anyone from the town.

((The second and third parts of Korvos' journey will be posted shortly.))

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