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Kiearah does not stick out in a crowd. She has an average height and stature; her skin is strikingly pale which one would not expect of an adventurer. Her face is oval shaped with just past shoulder length strawberry blonde hair tied back into a messy ponytail. Dark, long lashes surround her almond shaped light green eyes under thin curving blonde eyebrows. She has a small, elegantly curving nose and slightly full light red colored lips that don’t often break into a smile.


Kiearah is very stubborn and strong willed, and often spouts sarcastic comments at the worst times. Although she acts kind and sweet, her temper and tongue get her into trouble a lot. She has a good sense of humor and is likeable once you get beyond her quirks and fallacies. She’s a romantic at heart and loves a good story, but would never admit to it. Her trust is not easily gained but she respects those around her until even the slightest wrong action or word gives her reason to loose all respect for a person or organization.


Kiearah was born seven years after the Dark Portal opened in a small village of Ironbury in the northern kingdom of Lordaeron. Her father was a local herbalist and her mother was an accomplished tailor. As Kiearah grew up, she quickly made friends with a local village boy named Dareus Devenish. Kiearah developed a childish crush on Dareus’s older brother Zarack and admired him for becoming a page for the Silver Hand. Whenever he came home to visit, she would cling to him begging to hear stories of heroes of the Light. While her infatuation with Zarack was built more on admiration, Kiearah was more interested in her dear friend Dareus.

Kiearah and Dareus together as children.

Kiearah’s mother was determined to have her daughter one day take over her knowledge and business as a seamstress, but Kiearah didn’t want to have anything to do with it. She would often skip out on any lessons her mother tried to give her and would argue with her mother about becoming a paladin instead. Her parents tried to explain that the paladin order would not accept woman in their ranks, but she was determined and would not listen to a word of it. They decided it was just a phase that she would eventually grow out of and continued to pressure her.

A year after Dareus had left the village to study in Dalaran, Kiearah’s parents decided to send her away to a seamstress friend of her mothers in Lakeshire. Kiearah acted compliant and moved to Lakeshire, deciding there was nothing more for her in Ironbury having heard no word from Dareus since he left. She continued to rebel against her mother’s friend when she would attempt to teach her tailoring, but ended up being thrown out when the woman would take no more of Kiearah’s temper.

Kiearah stayed in Lakeshire for about four years with a guard friend. She heard the Cathedral in Stormwind had begun teaching paladins and were accepting woman into their ranks. She left Lakeshire and traveled west to Stormwind to pursue her dream. She was accepted into the ranks of apprentices and began her studies.

After nine years of working her way quickly through the low rank of page to an apprentice paladin and spending very little time in the Cathedral itself, Kiearah grew closer to being appointed a title and full rights as a paladin. Her instructors gave her an assignment to get some hands on training out in the world before she was given a title. On a whim, Kiearah decided to stay a few days in the Cathedral to assist the Archbishop with any menial tasks. She enjoyed being in the Cathedral and wished to admire its beauty for a few days before setting out in Azeroth. On her last day, she came across someone she never expected to see. Hearing her name being called out, she turned to find none other than an older version of her old friend Dareus. After a joyful reunion, she listened to his accomplishments of becoming a respected mage and his final task given to him. She offered to help, eager to be by his side again. They traveled to Loch Modan and were successful in finding the reagents Dareus needed for his robes. He offered they journey together and Kiearah happily accepted, more than happy to not part from him again.

Goals and MotivesEdit

Kiearah’s current goal is to become a well-respected paladin of the Light. She would like to find the man who inspired her to follow that path, but is not actively searching. She secretly hopes for her relationship with Dareus to become something more than just friendly, but doesn't expect it to.


Kiearah and Dareus were childhood friends in the small village of Ironbury. They got along well with their personality likenesses and being the same age. Kiearah cared for him deeply and as she grew older her feelings for him grew as well. But being too shy, she never told him how she felt. After he left and she hadn’t heard from him after a year, she became convinced he never felt the same way and saw her as nothing more than a village girl he had once been friends with. However when she saw him again years later she couldn’t help but be overjoyed. His offering to journey together gave her hope, but she is convinced he never did or will feel the same.

Kiearah didn’t know Zarack very well since he was away studying to become a knight of the Silver Hand most of her childhood, but she came to admire him from stories his mother and him told when he would come back to visit. She had a childish crush on him she was young, but now looks at those feelings as being nothing more than admiration. She is grateful to him for inspiring her to follow the path of a paladin and wishes to thank him for it one day.


  • Kiearah lives her life by a saying Zarack said to her when she was a child; Only those with real faith can wield the Light.
  • Hearing negative comments from her superiors, Kiearah has come to loathe the new Scarlet Crusade and any who would side with them.
  • Kiearah avoids partaking in any crafting professions.
  • Kiearah gets very offended when people assume she's a farm girl.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

Not much information can be found on Kiearah, only a short sentence of her recently joining the paladins. Her last name renders a small mention of perhaps her family, but it holds no importance.

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