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Khronar is a male orc warrior with a strong affinity for dual-wielding axes. He currently serves as one of Oshu'Narash's common infantry soldiers, and hopes to bring honor to the Shock Unit by using his combat prowess to Oshu'Narash's advantage.

Appearance Edit

Khronar stands just over six and a half feet tall and weighs two hundred seventy three pounds -- slightly above average for an orc. He has dusty green-brown skin, and fierce red eyes. He is bald, and dark stubble covers the lower half of his face.

Khronar favors heavy armor that grants superb protection, although he tries to select armor that does allow some degree of mobility. He often crafts his own armor, as he feels that he is the only one who could create armor to fit his specifications.

History Edit

When Mannoroth was slain at the hands of Grom Hellscream, Thrall assumed that the demonic taint of the annihilan's blood was permanently lifted from the orcish race.

He was wrong.

While the majority of orcs were freed, there were some, a handful at best, that retained vestiges of this curse. They were not as bloodthirsty and combative as they had been under the full sway of Mannoroth's blood; yet nor were they as calm and level-headed as the rest of their brethern.

Khronar was one of these orcs.

Maybe it was his overwhelming love of combat that allowed the demonic blood to remain active in him, or maybe it was his willingness to obliterate any obstacle in the pursuit of honor and glory. Regardless of the cause, one immutable fact remained:

Khronar was not free.

He was no longer a slave to Mannoroth or his ilk; that had ended with Mannoroth's demise. No, he was a slave to his own passion, incapable of steering his actions or desires away from the thrill of battle. He tried to resist his urges, his bloodthirst, but failure was inevitable.

Until Oshu'Narash.

In Oshu'Narash, Khronar saw the potential to give meaning to his passion, and in doing so free himself from the agony of being unable to give justification to his actions. In short, he saw a way to turn his lingering curse into a lasting blessing.

His axes sharpened, Khronar stands ready to bring honor to Oshu'Narash, and meaning to his life.

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