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Stats Edit

Name: Kelltar

Age: 17

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Crimson

Skin color: Sage Green

Height: 6'11"

Weight: 280 lbs

Spouse: None

Children: None

Siblings: 3, Murdered

Parents: Murdered, Bremi has become his surrogate mother

Pets: Fluffy

Appearance Edit

Kelltar is a young orc. Through his constant battles and training he has developed a very muscular build. He is taller than most orcs, but he prefers to hide it so as not to draw attention from others. His eyes glow dimly, hinting at his never-ending lust for battle. They constantly dart about, looking for possible ambushes or fights. His skin is rough from the numerous scars on his body, and he is always sporting a fresh wound from his battles. He does not care for other's opinions, nor for his own looks. His beard is shaggy and wild, trimmed only to keep it out of his way. His hair is even worse than his beard. He is never seen without his armor on, even during sleep. When he does remove it, it is only to repair his armor and dress his wounds, both of which he does himself.

Personality Edit

Kelltar is filled with a never ending desire for battle. While his people have freed themselves from the blood lust that plagued them, Kelltar only wishes to use it to his advantage. It has nearly cost him his life on more than one occasion, but he only wishes for more. He will kill without a second thought. He does not discriminate, he will kill man or woman, adult or child. His heart burns with hate for what happened to his family, and he channels that towards fueling himself with rage in battle. Yet he does have a peaceful side only seen by Bremi Felhoof and his lion, Fluffy. It was this peacefulness that made him want to follow the path of the hunter. He admires the power and simplicity of animals, and has learned to incorporate animal instincts into his combat. He hunts for the thrill, but is conservative towards animals. He slays beasts only when necessary, and animals are the only creatures he cannot bring himself to kill for fun.

Background Edit

Born on a small orcish farm in Durotar, he was raised to be a farmer. His father disapproved of fighting, never wanting his son to experience the bloodlust from the orcs' so recent past. He was however, taught enough to defend the farm from the occasional centaur. One day, as he was out in the fields, he heard screams from the house. Drawing his sword, he rushed to the house. He found a Tauren standing over the bodies of his parents and siblings. He stood there, not sure what to do about the tauren. The tauren, now known to him as Bremi, seemed to be unable to bring herself to kill him. As she began to leave the farm, Kelltar grabbed some food and an axe, and ran off after her. Although angry at Bremi for killing his family, he was intrigued by her warrior mentality. So he became her disciple and learned the art of combat. Yet he did not wish to follow the way of the druid. Once ready, he traveled to Camp Taurajao and learned the ways of the hunter. He tamed a white lion as his companion, and he could never be without his Fluffy. After rejoining forces with Bremi, he dedicated his life against the Alliance, in honor of the mighty Warchief.

Goals and Motivations Edit

Kelltar does as he pleases, only giving thought to Bremi and Fluffy. He serves the Warchief without question, but will take orders from no other, save for Bremi. His ultimate goal is to see his faction, Forsaken Empire, to rise to power. He also wishes for himself and Bremi to rid the world of the pesky Alliance.

Idiosyncrasies Edit

Remorseless towards the pitiful or weak. Does not waste his time helping others. His time is his own, and he is the one who will decide how to spend it. Often seen playing a pick up game of gnome punting with Bremi

Public Knowledge and Rumors Edit

Some say that he obtained a vial of demonic blood to consume and instill himself with the orcs' bloodrage

Some people are convinced because of his nature that he killed his family himself, and simply met Bremi by chance

Is said to run a drug lab in Silvermoon City with his accomplice Bremi

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