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Julani is a Horde side-project of the Alliance character Marianne.






Julani was born in Stranglethorn Vale where she was raised by two Human travelers, Michael and Alana Brunswick. Many protested the Brunswick's decision to raise Julani as their own and very, very few fully accepted it.

When Julani was fifteen years of age, Michael and Alana were murdered by their own kin, humans. They were accused of acting in league with the Orcish Horde, which was the result of many years of growing distrust after the two had adopted Julani.

Julani had also been targeted by her foster parents' killers, but a man by the name of Irvin helped her escape. The two went into seclusion together, Julani fearing for her life and Irvin worried that his own people would turn on him if they would see him.

The two lived peacefully on the coast for four years before they had been found by pirates. The pirates did not care about their pasts or that Julani was a troll, they simply wanted their possessions. Irvin fought to keep them away, but to no avail. He was struck down and killed before Julani who fled.

Afterwards, she sought refuge with her fellow Darkspear Trolls who were at first resentful towards her due to her upbringing, but they eventually accepted her.

It has been three years since then, and Julani now lives in Silvermoon City. Not enjoying the company of the Orcs, she had to move away from them, which brought her to the Blood Elves - the former allies of the Alliance.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • To become a well known and respected alchemist.
  • To become a skilled physician.
  • To chart all of the world's forests.


(None yet)


  • Has a peculiar habit of mixing a Common accent with a Troll accent, or flipping between the two at random.
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