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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Jukuza Horde Moon Guard US IconSmall Troll Male.gif Shaman} Shaman 30 Shatterspear Tribe Tribal Elder
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Full name: Jukuza'Jin
Title: Tribal Elder of the Shatterspear Tribe
Race: Troll
Age: Unknown (older adult)
Position in society: Elder
Occupation: Shaman and Merchant
Face/Heel: Generally a pleasure disposition.
Physical Description (abridged):
Jukuza stands 7 feet 6 inches tall, with light blue skin and dredlocked hair. His hair color tends to change frequently, but is always tied back with thin strips of leather. He has medium-sized, upturned tusks. He wears a short string of glass beads and teeth around his neck, thin ivory tusks above his elbows, and can be found twisting his fingers around a shrunken head or small skull.

Personality: Well mannered, cool disposition, nothing is too extreme, and nothing is out of reason. He remains calm in nearly all circumstances. He remains friendly to all races, but he clearly favors trolls above all.

Marital Status: Single.
Sexual Preference: Straight
Blood line: Shatterspear Tribe


As a young troll, just before coming of age, he managed to scale the mountains secluding his native village. As he peered around the low-lying lands, he became curious and ventured forth. He first came across the night elves, which he had no experience with, but soon found they were hostile towards his race. He was taken and set in a cage for some time before he broke free and journeyed south along the mountain base. He managed to remain hidden from the Night Elves and continued on through the Barrens. There he found a group of trolls that belonged to the Darkspear and befriended them. He spoke about his home, but many received him in disbelief, giving no credit to his story or his bloodline. After some time among them, he decided to search for more of his tribe among the Darkspear, and now journeys throughout Azeroth searching for either friends of the Shatterspear or those of his tribe.

Shatterspear Tribe Guild

Forming the Shatterspear Tribe has been slow. Five members populate the tribe, with more initiates always welcome. Recently, members of the prospective Sobadji Tribe approached his own tribe and requested an alliance. Dedicated to the old ways of the trolls and looking forward to the unification of the trolls, the Shatterspear Tribe has willingly accepted these brothers and their alliance. The Shatterspear Tribe is dedicated to easy living and peace among all.

Shatterspear Library

If you are interested in perusing the Shatterspear Library, please feel free to see which books we have found in-game. If you know of more locations or have a specific request, please leave a note for us. You may find the library at this Link .

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