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Below that polished armor is the toned, muscled body of a seasoned Horde huntress. Though slightly shorter than other Orc females, her taut, rippling muscles, heavy breasts, and vicious attitude help her to compete with the best of her Orcish sisters.

It’s also easy to see that the huntress likes her piercings. Her ears are pierced in several places; a thick, crude ring pierces her septum, and a semi-circle, encrusted with a ruby, pierces her belly button. Her other piercings are well hidden behind her armor.

And though her flesh is devoid of scars and her eyes are a bright blue, this young huntress carries herself with a fierce determination. Those mistaking her youth for vulnerability soon find themselves on their knees, begging for mercy.

If one happens to sees her dressed casually, her tight biceps, firm thighs and hardened abs are easily apparent, as are some additional piercings.


Born of the Frostwolf Clan, Jalissa had grown up knowing much of strife and conflict, but also of honor and duty. Shortly after she had enlisted in the Horde forces as a scout, her father fell in battle, protecting Alterac Valley from the encroaching Alliance threat. Her mother, determined on seeking revenge for the death of her mate, stayed with the clan and took up handling the supplies. Jalissa left.

She made her way to Orgrimmar. There she met with the Warchief Thrall, who, in light of her loss, offered her a chance to get some sense of justice. He directed her towards The Kor'kron Legion, a highly trained fighting force, the best the Horde had to offer.

After speaking to the legion's General, Krulsa, Jalissa took the oath and enlisted with the legion. Since then she's been fighting in their name, but will never forget why she joined in the first place - retribution.

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