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His actual physical features are unknown. He never removes his mask; as far as anyone can tell nobody has seen his face and, if they have, they're no longer among the living. He alters his clothing (making excellent use of optical illusions) to mask his height and build. The only means of reliably identifying him is a small blue signet he wears underneath a corner fold at the top right edge of his tabard. It bears lines which glow silver and turns to dust if anyone but him lays their fingers upon it. There's no clear indication of how it's produced so despite its simplicity it's nearly impossible for anyone to copy it. For this reason he has gained the moniker, "Azure Shade".

The only part of his face commonly visible regardless of the mask he wears is his eyes, yet it could be said that's the part of himself he hides best.


Ineos has lived two lives, one he's unsure he ever lived.

He remembers living as a human orphan in the city of Stormwind. He was taken into the home of a paladin and in time he enrolled in the military, following in his adopted father's footsteps.

As the hairs upon his head slowly grayed he became renowned throughout the land of Azeroth, hailed as a champion even by members of the horde. He provided diplomatic solutions to situations that were thought impossible to resolve by any means other than violence. He led the charge in destroying foes that threatened both alliance and horde and in time, by his hand, kinship formed as old grudges dissipated into mere memories.

He laid his hammer to rest and vowed to devote the rest of his days solely to his wife and child, but the machinations of a devil beyond the sky put an end to this desire. Most of Azeroth was left in ruins; thousands fell during the fight. In the end this being was slain but it cost the paladin his life. The hero passed on peacefully knowing that his loved ones would carry on and the world would be rebuilt.

Yet death was not as he envisioned; surrounded in blackness he heard a venomous whisper. "Live on in another realm apart from those you cherish."

Shortly after he awoke in the body of a night elf and his mind snapped. He was eventually able to regain his sanity due to his strong willed nature but his memories are jumbled. To further complicate matters the body he found himself in didn't belong to him and its former master coexisted within it. He was unaware, albeit suspicious of the possibility. Harboring other more important concerns he pushed the notion aside but has lately begun to give it serious consideration due to countless things he's said and done which aren't in line with his core personality.

Unbeknownst to him, there's also a curse upon him which is slowly eating away his essence and corrupting his spirit. He does know something isn't right and he prepares for the day when he may snap again.


He's a living contradiction. One moment he's expressing a nonchalant attitude towards killing (even to the point of joking about horrific things he does to corpses) and the next he's grimacing at the sight of blood upon his swords.

About the only consistent trait he possesses is his sense of loyalty, and the grace and love he shows toward the few that have gotten close to him.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • He's become an unofficial member of the Kult of K'uwhl by repeatedly showing up out of the blue whenever they band together for a major undertaking, whether it's fighting the horde in Halaa or searching the halls of Karazhan.
  • He's usually found venturing alone throughout Azeroth and Outland. Despite being so secretive and seclusive, he has a reputation for jumping into a fight for a stranger's sake and immediately disappearing afterward. It isn't publicly known who this rogue is, but it's generally thought to be him since someone managed to catch a glimpse of his signet one time before he disappeared.
  • He's called, "The Fool" by certain higher-ups because he has flatly refused positions of nobility and power offered as payment for his deeds. He's gone so far as to refuse any form of payment by government agencies, stating that he will do their dirty work if he honestly believes in it but he won't take the wealth they've accrued by ill means. (Consequently, he won't bat an eye when it comes to stealing their gold, and he doesn't give it to the poor.)
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