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Illumanati is a Blood Elf priest on the realm Moon Guard.

Basic Info

Name: Illumanati Telrunya

Nicknames: Ill by her family, Lumi by her friends

Age: 18 in human years

Height: 5'4"

Family: Alexiel Telrunya (father), Lilith Telrunya (mother, deceased), Viuly [[1]] (older sister)


Illumanati isn't as tall as the rest of the people around her, but her constant energy makes up for her height. Her deeply tanned figure is frail and skinny. Her bleach blonde hair is almost always pulled back into a tight ponytail with various strands falling loose to sweep across her face. On a rare occasion she lets her hair down, but most people have only seen her with her hair pulled back. Unlike some other elves, her eyes aren't as rich in green and are more of a pale teal. On the lower right side of her jaw is a white X shaped mark that stands out against her dark skin.

In public, she tends to move around constantly, may it be fidgeting, shuffling her feet, or swinging her arms about. She seems restless and always energetic, but lately dark circles have been forming under her eyes, showing her recent lack of sleep. Her voice is high-pitched, quick, and squeaky on and off, but aside from that she speaks as formally and polite as she can.


People who know Illumanati have said she probably suffers from ADD, mainly due to how distracted she can become. Though if someone asked her, she would probably claim she had no issues paying attention, then proceed to go play with her pet. Regardless, she is constantly chipper, optimistic, and outgoing. She seems to care a lot about the people around her, even those she doesn't know. On the downside, she is extremely naive and gullible. There is, however, the rare occasion when she becomes angry and will stand her ground, but not too many people have seen her flare up like this. For the most part, she's a bubbly, carefree girl.


Illumanati was born into a militant middle-class household, but didn't receive the same upbringing as her sister. Some say that priests were there at her birth and wished to take her away to immediately start training to become a priestess. Others say that her older sister, Viuly was constantly abusive to her for reasons unknown. When questioned about her past, Illumanati merely smiles and says it's not important.

But what is known is that she started training to become a priestess at an age equal to ten human years. When her training was finished she was sent to the base in the Blasted Lands to help with healing the troops. Then one night she vanished without a word. It wouldn't be until six months later that her name was mentioned. A Paladin named Quel'oren, who had been protecting her in Draenor for the past months, returned to Silvermoon and asked her father for her hand in marriage. She never returned to Silvermoon and stayed in Garadar, where she helped out with the orphans.

Time went on and her name faded away again. Here and there people talked about how her engagement was canceled. Some say there was an affair involved, but no one was certain. All that was known was that Quel'oren started hanging around her sister Viuly more and more often. Several months later, Illumanati had finally returned to Silvermoon, where she was scolded by her elders for leaving her post for over a year and has sentenced to aiding the Horde in their efforts against the Alliance.

Recently, she has left the priesthood and embraced the shadows as a new way to help people. People have even spotted her working with the Skyguard in their advances in both Draenor and Quel'Danas. She can almost always be spotted with her Forsaken bodyguard, Iouri, who she seems to be more than just friends with.

Goals and Motivations

She has never truly had any goals or motivations, seeing she was forced to become a priestess. Now that she is no longer tied to the priesthood, she has become more passionate about helping people out in ways different from traditional priests.


  • She has picked up a habit of smoking Bloodthistle, which she has been using to help her sleep.
  • Her dreams depict only present events of people she has seen. Recently, she has developed empathy with the people in her dreams and has woken up various times bleeding because of it.
  • Is always fidgeting.
  • Has an extremely bad habit of mining for rare gems, especially when her friends are in danger.

Public Knowledge and Rumors

  • Has reached an exalted state with Garadar and seems to fit in well with the people, especially the children.
  • Can be seen with a small Hippogryph hatchling, which was a gift from her father before she left for the Blasted Lands.
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