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Groa is at once stern and sentimental. She carries a rose from her former husband with at all times, yet she also generally carries a sword. She has a passion for dressing well and spends a good deal of her time perfecting her sewing skills.


Lady Groa is very quiet about her past, but there are a few things she is open about.

She came from a well to do family and was raised to be a mage like her mother. However, she discovered some books hidden away in her father’s library that caught her interest and began to study dark magic in secret.

When she came of age she told her family her choice of occupation. Her mother strongly disapproved of her child’s choice. Groa resolved to build her life as she chose and went out into the world without their support. To this day, her mother refuses to speak to her and she has limited contact with her father.


She has a half sister by her father named Farithia with whom she leads her guild. She does not speak about the rest of her family often.

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