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Garasha Blackskull is a very typical orc. She is very manly, eats with no table manners, and tries to get anything with a functioning reproductive system (sorry, Forsaken) to bed with her.


Garasha is a female orc of fairly average height and weight. She has dark red-brown hair in a very rough mohawk, very untidy but pretty clean. Her ears are pierced many times with golden rings, and she seems fond of jewellery, either of the golden or tribal kind. She nearly always wears a necklace of raptor teeth, all of varying sizes.

Garasha dresses in one of two different ways: for battle, or for bed. For battle, she is dressed in her best mail, with two swords strapped to her belt and a large gun on her back. For bed, she is dressed in very revealing leathers, showing all her best scars.


Goals & MotivationsEdit

Garasha doesn't seem to have many goals. She is very 'in-the-moment' oriented, and she only seeks that which seems like a good idea at the time. One major motivation of hers is lust. She seems to have a very high sexual drive, although she is frequently frustrated when the blood elf population she associates with steadfastly refuse her advances.


Garasha is typically orcish in manner. She is very rude, outspoken, confident and brave, but lacks discretion, tact or manners.


Garasha's background has not been fully revealed yet.
Information she readily reveals is as follows

  • She is formerly of the Black Tooth Grin Clan.
  • She is an un-initiated member of said clan, having no missing teeth. How this came about is yet unrevealed.
  • She was interred like most orcs after the Second War.
  • She was part of the Horde exodus, travelling in the same group of ships as Grom Hellscream.
  • She was stationed at the Ashenvale border and assisted in defending the camp against the night elves.

However, since the above are only spoken by Garasha herself, none can be taken as true facts.

Public Knowledge & RumorsEdit

Rumors that have been heard about Garasha are

  • She is not of the Black Tooth Grin Clan as she says, but is instead of the treacherous Laughing Skull Clan.
  • Her sexual preference is not limited to Horde males.
  • Her sexual preference is not limited to humanoids.
  • She has an eye for people of power, such as Thrall or Cairne. While her sights may be high, she does not neglect to notice those closer to earth, such as certain guild heads, including her own.

Note: Do not solicit Garasha for ERP. While she is a sexual character, her player is not.

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