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Standing at Seven feet, five inches. Galavis can be best described as tall and muscular. His hair is long and silvery. His body is hued a light pink giving him an almost human appearance. If not for his freakish size and pointy ears; he could be mistaken for a human. His face is the only feature that stands out noticeably. Brutally scarred to the point that it has the look of worn leather. The most prominent scar on his face runs from his forehead down his left cheek. His cheeks are somewhat gaunt making their bones protrude slightly. A thick white beard covers the rest of his face.


Not much is known about this elf, his business in Azeroth or his allegiance. What few stories remain of him suggest he was once a Suramaran noble of high rank. He later left Surammar, appearing in Zin-Azshari five years after going missing. There he worked his way into the court of the young charismatic queen. Even eventually becoming a member of her royal guard. As Azshara grew more cold and wicked he became horrified at the changes befalling his once kind hearted queen. Going so far as to speak out against Her and her followers reckless use of magic and insisting Lord Xavius and his fellow advisers be dismissed from the royal court. But at this point Azshara was under the influence of the very powers she sought to control and banished Gala'ahir(As he was known then) to Winterspring, where he was to live out his days. It is at this point his fate becomes vague, though he does later reemerge during the War of the Ancients under the alias Galavis at the battle of Kel'Azshir. Where he fought hundreds of demons on a narrow bridge spanning the gorge to the town. Eventually he fought Archimonde himself but was immobilized and captured, being sent to Azshara as what Archimonde called, "A nostalgic gift." After the events of Kel'Azshir it is widely belived he was tortured then executed by Xavius under the orders of Azshara. Though it is rumored he escaped and later trained as a Demon Hunter.

Goals and motivationsEdit

After being tortured by demons and in the process losing an eye, he carries a genocidal hatred of everything fel natured.


A quick witted and calculating Night Elf; Galavis will manipulate events from the shadows with "little nuges" to trick his enemies into weakening themselves. When he is not kiniving and plotting, he is known as a fun loving Elf with a kind heart and good jugdement.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

It is rumored he is active in the world again, but many Night Elven historians dismiss this.

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