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Genki stands about five foot ten when he is hunched over like any forsaken, but standing upright he stands at six foot two. His dirty hair filled with dirt and mud has a hue of green to it that simply makes it appear to have a tealish color. His skin faded with time and the lack of blood has turned it into a very light blue. Many travels he sought to find his robes, and now with Anathema in hand and a soft brimmed hat on his head donned in the blackest of robes he grins at all who look his way.


As if with anyone who happens to suffer from a multi-personality disorder, Genki is no different with the exception of the fact he doesn't have said disorder. He is a man of many faces and how you perceive him is simply by a matter of a few things. Of course what many women see him as most men do not, and what most women see is not what a small few select women do. Renowned through Azeroth as "The Lech" he holds this title true. No woman is safe from his advances as is no womans body free from his ever groping hands. Twisting words spoken to him and his own words around, his polluted mind puts a perverse spin on everything. This surely is no way a priest should ever behave or for that matter hold himself, but Genki is different, this sheer aspect of him he holds dearly to his heart.


A human of course in days before his untimely death, he enjoyed his time in Stormwind and part of the Parish that was there. One late and dark fateful night himself, his paladin brother Tharim, their crazed and demented warlock friend Murdoc, the ever kind-hearted gnome warrior Sprokk, and the love of Genki's life the Night Elf Druid Jinryu all set out to invade the Blackrock Spire. It was this night that forever changed Genki. Ambushed by a raid of the horde (this particular group consisting of mainly undead), the party had to begin to flee which sadly they didn't get far. In the battle that ensued by sheer luck Sprokk's long time friend Balaa came to the rescue with some dwarven allies that were nearby, she being a mage, teleported the party back to Ironforge, though sadly as they were going they left Genki behind. In his dazed and confused state from the brutal mace impact to his head, his vision cleared where he was left alone to go toe to toe with many undead. Before he knew what was going on his body began to burn with intense pain and his skin felt plagued. Escaping to thorium point he flew away on a gryphon towards Ironforge to his dismay his body grew weak and he fell into the Loch. Swimming to shore there he was greeted by the same undead, and his mind went dark his vision gone.

Genki awoke to what felt to be many moons later, on the cold hard floor of a crypt. "Where am I, and why do I ache?" were uttered out in a low raspy voice. Hearing the maniacal cackle of the undead that he last remembered he made his way up the crypt stairs, to where he would reach for an adept priest only to discover his arm which was bright lively skin was now the dead and decayed skin and bone associated with any forsaken. Dis-heartening to this discovery was also the discovery that he didn't die of natural causes or even by being killed in combat, but by the experimentations of the Royal Apothecary Society stationed in the Undercity. Still in disbelief of being stripped away from his beloved friends and family it took him a while to get used to being an undead.

Many moons later he stumbled upon who would later become his "Brother" a mighty troll berserker named Zealeous. It would be one venture into winterspring after delving into the shadow to obtain more power that Genki would run into his old friends and his old caring love. This fateful night forever damned him to stay as the undead priest he is.. Zealeous killing Jinryu in a fit of rage, forced Genki to tear off his shadowy aura and grab her lifeless body crying. An emotion of sadness and depression he long forgot the feeling of arose and to his surprise and that of two young half-elven children, an angel appeared offering Genki two options: Revive as a human and feel the pain Jinryu has felt for the long years, or stay deceased for eternity for Jinryu to be revived. Being the martyr he is the later was chosen.

More moons passed at Genki's son (the child of him and Jinryu) followed him to hunt him down for allowing a troll to murder Jinryu, came to in turn fight along side Genki in what Genki considered the only family he ever had since he was "awakened". The mighty clan called "Stormblade", led by a mighty orc shaman. It would be here that many days and nights would pass and many ventures and friends would be made. Until that fateful night where the guild was brought to the brink of destruction to a failed attempt at slaying the mightiest of dragons in Azeroth.

With the oncoming rumors of the dark portal being opened he along with his son and daughter-in-law investigated the portal to where they were drawn in and sent to Outland where they wouldn't return to Azeroth until the portal was opened and the battle against the Burning legion and Illidan the Betrayer would begin.

With the downfall of Stormblade, what little survivors of the clan remained had went their ways. Only the Den Mother, Genki, and the Clans most respectable rogue remained to where the three of them joined the ranks of "The Merciless" to which they found was almost a mirror image of their beloved Clan. It is here to this day that Genki resides in peace minding his own business.

Rumors & Local KnowledgeEdit

  • Self labeled "The Lech" for his pride and his perversion.
  • Known to "Soapbox" and preach in the Ruins of Lordaeron.
  • Despite being a follower of the light, he wears the darkest of clothing and carries the Anathema with him.
  • Loves to meander into Alliance towns and send his shadowfeind after the local guards.
  • One of a few dedicated "Defenders of Halaa".
  • A known "sympathizer" for the Alliance.
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