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Cadell Everlong is a Hunter on the Moon Guard server. He's funny, charismatic, charming, deviant, entertaining, really, really ridiculously good-looking, and in absolutely no way modest. Seriously, he's awesome.


Standing tall even by Elven standards, the Farstrider's profession is betrayed by the quiver strapped to his back. Cade styles his hair and acts in a manner reminiscent of a Troll, suggesting his enthusiastic descent into the new self-indulgent lifestyle adopted by the Sin'dorei. His eyes burn brightly beneath an often-furrowed brow, making his lust for mana all too clear. The expression reads as frequent confusion which, though un-flattering, is often pretty accurate. Despite this, he rarely displays anything even remotely resembling unconfidence - though this is likely a product of his Elven upbringing.


Everlong is unusually offensive for a Farstrider, subjecting enemies and allies alike to frequent quips and sarcastic remarks that tend to push the boundaries of metagaming, though these occurrences are limited to trivial matters. The quality is often considered a defense mechanism to mask his oblivious nature, though Cadell is a good deal more intelligent than he lets on. Why he insists on perpetuating the idea that he's not can likely be attributed to a sense of humour.

Inherently aggressive, the Ranger is often quick to violence and approaches most situations with a military mind. He has little patience for diplomacy and culture, and despite a genuine interest in the well-being of his allies he has a tendency to impose Elven customs on others. He's fiercely patriotic; quick to defend the Sin'dorei against those who take issue with them, though despite the uneasiness he does feel a sense of kinship with the other races of the Horde; both from a warrior perspective, and from the spiritual.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Everlong has a great deal of respect for the accomplishments of Kael'thas Sunstrider, and wishes to see him remembered for his heroism and selflessness, rather than the corruption that befell and destroyed him.

He's a strong supporter of the Dark Lady and her Forsaken, viewing them as the rightful heirs to Lordaeron and is intent on seeing the land in their hands.

Everlong has arrived in Northrend and is aiding the Horde and their new allies as they march towards Icecrown. He aims to see the Lich King destroyed, both in retribution for the assault on Quel'thalas, and for his constant interference in the Ranger's relationship with the Spirit Healer.


  • Cade shares a strong, almost brotherly bond with the dragonhawk Flametongue.
  • He has an unusual reaction to the magic addiction suffered by his people. While initially he was plagued with the same illness and lethargy of the other Sin'dorei, he began feeding the hunger for mana with violence, which proved to be a satisfying substitution. As a result, he tends to become quite hostile and aggressive without an arcane source to satiate him.
  • This bloodlust is still present, despite the re-energised Sunwell feeding the Sin'dorei. Apparently, he's become quite addicted to fel magic, and the Holy Light of the Naaru isn't satisfying him.
  • He loathes Lor'themar Theron and Halduron Brightwing, and visits Undercity often to seek the counsel of Sylvanas Windrunner, whom he still considers his commanding officer.
  • Cade served the Alliance in the Second War and is perfectly capable of speaking and understanding Common, but the betrayal of the Human race bred a deep animosity and so he neglects the language.
  • Cade laughs in the face of certain death, even when it's inappropriate.
  • He's known to make frequent pop-culture references that break the forth wall, immediately dismissing them when someone brings attention to it.

OOC knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • Everlong covets the title of Moon Guard's Best Booty, as gifted to him by the server's former Ass-Master, Mishaizi Zul'mai.
  • He's engaged to Sylvanas Windrunner. They're very much in love, and one day hope to wed before a gathering of Moon Guard's heroes.
  • He's attempted to pursue a relationship with the Spirit Healer on a number of occasions, only to meet with complications each time. Despite these interferences, their desire continues to burn passionately.
  • Everlong's player may or may not be a Penguin in real life.
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