Eumelia Sunsinger is a level 2x Mage on the Moon Guard server. Her name is pronounced "Yoo-meh-lee-uh".


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Fairly average in height for a blood elf, Eumelia appears to be a young woman around the age of twenty human years. She possesses a slender build, the figure of one who does not think highly of physical exercise, but also of one who manages to take quite good care of themselves all the same. Her skin is a healthy, soft pink tone, almost completely free of any blemish whatsoever, save for a few freckles here and there. Eumelia can be quite vain, and can often be found in fairly revealing robes and decorated with jewelry ranging from shimmery teardrop earrings to necklaces, bracelets, and rings.


Eumelia Sunsinger does not, unlike some, possess a particularly stunning bloodline. She has no famous relatives who attended at court, no especially brave knights, and no powerful mages in her family history. Eumelia, while somewhat vain when it comes to her appearance, finds this to be perfectly acceptable, as it means she can follow her own path in life without worrying about aspiring to achievements in her past.

The young woman's family currently resides in the rebuilt Silvermoon City, her father a member of the city guard, and her mother operating a small jewelry shop. Eumelia herself had been studying on the nearby Sunstrider Isle under Magistrix Erona, like most beginning mages. However, Eumelia is not fond of the "stuffy" life of studying ancient texts for hours on end, and in recent times has left her studies to aid in her mother's jewelry business.

It may be a dull life, but Eumelia is not particularly interested in becoming well-known or making a name for herself. At least, not at this point in time.

Character "Hooks"

Preferred method of contact: Approaching me ICly is fine, so is IC mail. Tells are OOC unless you're standing next to me and whispering or somesuch similar action. For unrelated methods of contact, I'm rarely on AIM at TasogareHimizu, and can be found very often on the Serenia IRC network under the name Kestrel.

  • Hooks:
    1. She’s rather immodest. Her robes are cut to show off her figure and often reveal quite a bit of skin.
    2. She’s not very good at hiding her mana addiction, and has an immense paranoia she'll become one of the Wretched. She tends to get quite twitchy when going without mana for extended lengths of time, and can become very moody and even more jumpy than usual. .
    3. She's rarely seen any races outside her own, and has mixed reactions when coming in contact with them. She tends to be put off by the night elves, but most other races earn at least her curiosity, even if in the end it's just to laugh at them for some reason or another.
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