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Character Stats Edit

Name: Erilan Anocia Nalore

Title: Soulstealer

Age: 32

Hair Color: White as the morning mist

Eye Color: Piercingly blue

Skin Color: Light yet radiant

Height: A shade under six feet

Weight: 163 pounds

Marital Status: Single and pleased to be so

Mother: Deceased

Father: Whereabouts unknown

Siblings: Only child

Pets: Erilan chooses to care for a small blue Dragonhawk of which she is quite fond.

Appearance Edit

Erilan is in the prime of her life. At just under six feet tall, she still maintains her beautiful appearances despite being a follower of the dark arts. Her hair is a beautiful and vibrant white which is often pulled back into a ponytail so as to not distract her during her chanting. The first thing one often notices about Erilan is the piercing gaze of her glacier blue eyes. She generally appears to be in quite good spirits... for a warlock anyway.

Personality Edit

While friendly is certainly a word that would not be used to describe Erilan, she is by no means cruel. Erilan speaks with a purpose with little regard for formalities. When she chooses to speak people take notice as it is clearly of grave importance. Erilan tends to keep to herself as followers of the dark arts are rarely accepted in the community at large.

Background Edit

Erilan Anocia Nalore is the daughter of the renowned shipwright Gabriel Nalore of Southshore. As a child she watched as her father and his apprentices constructed great vessels which sailed throughout the known world. Gabriel was a fourth generation shipwright who mysteriously disappeared on his last journey to Kalimdor some twelve years ago. Erilan's mother, Talia Anocia, was a seamstress in Menethil Harbor who died in childbirth with what was to be Erilan's brother (he did not survive). Prior to her death, Talia taught Erilan the ways of a seamstress and she became quite proficient with a needle and thread.

Upon learning of her father's disappearance, Erilan made it her sole objective to learn his fate. She traveled to Stormwind to meet with Baros Alexton, the man who commissioned her father to construct what had become his final ship. Alexton revealed to Erilan that the ship he had constructed was meant to serve as a replacement for a raiding vessel owned by the notorious Edwin VanCleef. Erilan, knowing that she was not strong enough to take on the Defias Buccaneer in her current state, sought help in the form of an old family friend.

Demisette Cloyce, a master warlock in the city of Stormwind, befriended Talia Anocia many years ago. After hearing of her death, and of the disappearance of Gabriel, Demisette sent for Erilan so that she might help her find out what had happened to her father. Erilan arrived at the Slaughtered Lamb Tavern and was greeted by Demisette. They spoke at the great table atop the tavern where she asked what Erilan intended to do about the disappearance of her father. When Erilan told her that she would be going after VanCleef, Demisette offered her a choice. Train in the dark arts and be shunned from society, or risk never knowing the fate of her father. After much debate Erilan chose to accept Demisette's offer of training.

The first few moths were difficult. Training in the dark arts is dangerous and can cause one to lose their sense of self. Because they are often shunned by society, warlocks often rely on summoned demons for companionship. Erilan was no exception. Demisette summoned the imp Pagmat to be Erilan's companion and protector during her initial training. Pagmat proved to be a powerful ally, if not crass and somewhat garrulous at times. On more than one occasion his rather foul mouth gave their location away to an unfriendly patrol.

Erilan learned quickly, and before a year's time had passed she was ready to continue her quest to find VanCleef. She had received information that Edwin's ship had last been seen off the coast of Westfall. She arrived in Westfall soon after the news of VanCleef reached her in Stormwind. She found the area to be saturated with members of the Defias Brotherhood. Erilan began to seek information from the Brotherhood about the location of their leader. They did not give up the information easily. After slaying dozens of Defias, she finally came across a traitor who lead her to VanCleef's hideout. Erilan fought her way through the guards protecting the man she was after.

After nearly an hour of fighting she finally had come to a clearing deep underground. There was a ship there hidden away. She recognized it immediately as her father's craftsmanship. Even the sails were familiar, she had sewn them with her own hands some three years prior. As she continued to fight her way to the top deck of the ship she could feel herself getting closer to an answer she had been seeking for so long. Once she reached the top, she found VanCleef waiting...

"Where is may father?" She shouted

"I'm afraid I don't know what you are talking about Lass." VanCleef said in a smooth low voice

"My father built this boat on which we now stand, what happened to him?"

"Ah yes, the boat maker I remember now... We took him prisoner when he refused to hand over the ship. After beating him for his insolence we traded him to the Bloodsail Buccaneers. It's likely he's been dead for some time..."

Erilan interjected, "Lies! My father would never fall to the likes of you or your kind. I'll get the truth if I have to fley every ounce of flesh on those cowardly bones of yours!"

A fierce struggle ensued as Erilan and VanCleef attacked each other with all of their might. Erilan eventually dealt the killing blow to the Captain and grabbed him by the shirt.

"Do one good thing with your miserable life and tell my what I want to know."

VanCleef began to speak. He told her that her father had resisted capture and was thrown overboard in the middle of a maelstrom at sea. It was likely that he did not survive. Erilan was crushed by this news. She stood up and cast one final curse on VanCleef extinguishing his life.

Erilan continues to hold hope that her father somehow survived the wind and the sea. She found a group of adventurers calling themselves the Brothers of the Fallen who accepted her into their ranks. She now fights at the request of their leaders Curun and Beryll, tackling whatever assignment they might have for her. Perhaps one day she will see her father again... Only time will tell.

Goals and Motivations Edit

  • Seeks to find out the truth behind her fathers disappearance
  • Wishes to find some sense of community
  • Wants to master the true essence of being a Warlock
  • Seeks to find an understanding and respect between the dark arts and society through education of the common people

Idiosyncrasies Edit

  • Hates spicy food
  • Treats her demons more as companions than slaves dispite how they must feel
  • Does not generally speak with people without business to discuss
  • Doesn't like it when people she doesn't know stand too close
  • Regards the members of Brothers of the Fallen to be her only true Allies

Public Knowledge and Rumors Edit

  • It is rumored that Erilan once engaged in a relationship with her succubus... the two are no longer on speaking terms
  • Erilan actually killed someone once in a friendly duel.
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