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Ranger Elethyi, with his tanned skin stretched over a highly toned frame, he stands every bit an expert Ranger of the wilds. His long auburn hair is pulled tightly into a high ponytail, half falling down his shoulders and back- streaked with strawberry blonde from the sunlight. His face is a bit more square and slender than most Elves; his eyes are not a glowing Viridian but rather a pale Hazel. Every movement he makes seems both precise and elegant-calculated and unique. He speaks in a full low tenor, only raising in times of extreme paranoia or emotion. Elethyi is usually seen with a silver chain around his neck, the actual item around it tucked into his garments. However- this is not the case at this time...the chain is nonexistant- and that notion is seen through Elethyi's behaviour.

  • (Ele's age in human years would settle around 30-35.)


Left to a orphanage from a time he cannot even recall, Elethyi always betrayed the instructors of class and escaped out into the lush wilds since the time he could walk upright. He developed keen senses of nature and what it means to sneak, track and capture creatures of the lands; never wishing to actually kill the companions he found there. The other younger orphans had shied away from him for as long as he could remember, his pale Hazel eyes scaring them and there was always talk of a mixed-breed in him or some deficiency they cared not to know of. It was nearing time to complete training; his important name day approaching when he would be allowed to head out into the world with just himself and his faithful bow and arrows, when he stumbled across Ayrick Bloodfaron- the only son to Lord Bloodfaron who owned the Orphanage he belonged to. It seemed the lad also took to escaping into the green wilds for refuge. The two quickly became lovers, falling madly in love. The night before he was to "graduate" from the Orphanage, Elethyi and Ayrick were disovered together in nature, the Lord obviously having caught on to their behaviour. They were dragged to a discreet location and beaten, as per the Lord's request. When Elethyi awoke the next morning, recovering consciousness, he discovered Ayrick dead beside him, having bled to death through the eve. He took with him a very tiny vial of his love's blood, wearing it around his neck as an eternal symbol of devotion. Escaping the guards with the tactics he had developed over the years- he made his way out of the lands via the Orb in the city; running for what felt like forever. He was taken in by some Revantusk trolls who aided him without question for some unknown reason. Once he was healed and had learned a bit of the ways of the Trolls(some years later), he set out for Silvermoon City once more- determined to prove himself among those known truly as Sin'Dorei.


He travels with Guardians of the Lands- Arikara the red windserpent and Barnabus the auburn wolf. To those other than his close comrades, they seem to simply tag along beside him; however those that are closer know they -chose- to guard him, coming to his aid when needed.

Goals and MotivesEdit

  • Now on the hunt for his missing necklace, he is in process of tracking down Zaricotl once again.
  • Elethyi simply wishes to defend his close comrades (the little number of ones he has) from both physical and emotional harm.


Calendre is the Sin'Dorei Elethyi calls best friend. They met many months ago inside the inn of Silvermoon. Her sarcastic, cool nature caught him by surprise; being the opposite of his usual way to carry himself. She fell for him but he could not find it in himself to accept her love. He was the one to stand beside her at her wedding to Sathien, dedicated to her as a brother of sorts. He carries a love for her like no other.

Caelos has quickly become a rather intimate friend of Elethyi's. Coming from the opposite end of the spectrum in life, Elethyi finds curious comfort in the lush environment Caelos brings to the table.

Sercei is Elethyi's partner. The young, dark-haired Scholar caught Ele's attention quickly and they became rather fast friends, both admitting feelings for the other. They are now exclusive to the other.


  • His signature color is blue. Most of his garments contain the color in some way.
  • Along with the above quirk, he accents everything with red. His Hawkstrider, Rayne, is crimson. Arikara, the Queen of the Windserpents(and his main companion), is also red.
  • ((He is played by Alijysiia))

Public Knowledge & RumorsEdit

  • Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
  • ((Elethyi is currently retired.))
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