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Denasen, or Matthew to his friends and colleagues is a level 64 Undead Warlock on the realm Moon guard. He is played by the user Acha


Matthew measures at five feet eleven inches, but stands with a slump natural to most undead. He tends to favor dressing in purple or black robes. His throat has a long cut across it, leading most people to assume that was his cause of death. His eyes are peculiar for most undead, his right eye retaining its human coloration and form, the left mottled in the yellow glow of undeath and usually hidden behind a clump of hair. The right eye has a tendency to become mottled and glow yellow when he becomes angry or loses his self control.


Matthew is very laid back and tends to go with whatever flow is around him. He is rather quiet and tries to only put in what he deems needed in the conversation. He can have a short fuse at time, mostly when it comes to herbs and their uses in alchemy. He has been spotted arguing loudly with some of the royal apothecaries in Undercity.


Most of what is known about Matthew's past is in bits and pieces among his friends, one would have to ask them if they wanted to find out about his background, even he doesn't remember all of it.


  • Speaks with a slight hiss at times from the cut in his throat
  • Has a knack for growing plants even though he doesn't study Herbalism
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