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Celeania is an Undead Rogue on the realm of Moon Guard - formerly Blood Elf. (Updated 2/03/09 - Basic Info, Appearance, Goals and Motivations, Relationships, Public Knowledge and Rumors)

Basic Info

  • Name: Celea(nia) Therrand
  • Age: Died at 26 in human years.
  • Height: The average Blood Elven height, around 6', 5'10" when slouching
  • Marital Status: Married to Keldron Therrand
  • Siblings: Aaisha Galumi (married: formerly Goldsail, deceased)
  • Parents: Lord Fel'thamar and Lady Goldsail (deceased)


In light of not-so-recent events, Celeania Solliden (better known as Celea, or simply "The Rat") finds herself floating between the rift of life and death. Her hair has become stringy, the berry dye she used to use somewhat decomposed and now instead a disgusting purple, clinging to her head like some sort of growth. Her eyes glow yellow, as she is now free of the arcane addiction she had in life, and almost constantly is she grinning her trademark rotten, cocky grin. Rot slowly is spreading over her body in small patches over her arms, scarred left cheek, and lower legs.


Celea has never really spoken of her past to anyone, preferring to keep it silent and simple. All they need to know is who she is now, what she does, and who she's working for. But then again, even that last one is still a mystery on occasion ... just the way Celea likes it.

She does, however, spend far too much time spying for her own good, and everyone knows it. Her insatiable taste for information has touched many a group, often staining them with her presence for weeks to come.

Her family was, until recently, that of the Goldsail and Fel'thamar lines. Her only sibling, Aaisha Goldsail, quickly forced her out of the family for all her misdeeds; her mother and father, being deceased, had no say in the matter, and she was deprived of her inheritance. Dustyra Solliden took her, however, as her adopted daughter, and she took that name instead.

As the eldest child of the small noble house of Fel'thamar, she was meant to be the heir (seeing as no sons were born) and public face for the Fel'thamar line once she was a teenager. For several years (before her sister's birth), she was doted upon and lovingly raised by both of her parents, quietly learning her mother's piracy and alchemy tactics in the basement while taking on the mantle of a noble in her home and out on the streets of Silvermoon.

Aaisha was born, and Celea's mother died in child birth. Everything changed. Her desire to be a noble dropped considerably, and she stopped attempting to impress her father. Between this and the loss of his wife, her father quickly became bitter and stopped paying Cel any attention. She focused on becoming a pirate, and Aaisha was the one to be doted upon. The mighty Fel'thamar heir had become little more than a grudging public pet, holding herself not with grace but with contempt for the nobles that surrounded her.

The expectations that had been held for Cel fell to the earth and shattered into a thousand pieces when she ran away at the age of fifteen (by human reckoning). She stowed away on a pirate ship, and was eventually discovered and forced to work as a deckhand and cabin girl. Her favorite story to tell is how she took over said ship without firing a shot, though she did actually fire a single bullet into the head of an opposing man. You'll have to ask her about that one.

Nowadays she works as the brains behind Veldbarad's operations and has made a name for herself as a renowned spy and assassin instead of a noble heir. In fact, no one remembers the Celeania Fel'thamar that once existed, and they'd never know if she didn't have those rotting pointy ears and was open about her history to those she trusts.

Goals and Motivations

Her single goal is greed. Money is her driving factor, as well as anything else that can benefit herself or get her out of trouble. Immortality seems to be serving her incredibly well.

She has almost an inherent need to lie in any situation that could be possibly used against her. To get out of trouble especially will she lie, weaving them together like a spider does her web, in a convienient place and way so that they're plausible - plausible until she's out of the situation, anyway, or at least until she's in a slightly more favorable one.

Vices and Idiosyncracies

  • Celea likes to smoke, and likes to drink. Ever-present is her bottle of rum or port or any other alcoholic beverage, and the pouches at her waist hold more than poison ingredients.
  • She took on the habit of calling people 'kid' all the time, even though she probably isn't anywhere near as old as half of them.
  • Liar, liar, liar. Telling the truth is nearly impossible for her, and if it weren't for people's willingness to give her a chance, she wouldn't be anywhere near alive today. Hell, she'd probably be dead at least six times over.


  • Keldron Therrand - Keldron and Celea first met under circumstances of hate: she was spying on his former guild, Corpus Veritas, after hearing that they were mobilizing against Veldbarad. Over time, the tensions ceased between their two guilds and Cel ended up trying to earn the trust of Corpus Veritas (for less than honorable reasons!)... unfortunately for her, she instead started to actually -like- Keldron. Somehow or another, they wound up married. Idk.
  • Erenyin Thunderborn - The Banepaw Betrayer, Erenyin confronted her with information about the Banepaw during a crucial battle between the two guilds. He now follows her practically everywhere, acting as her bodyguard - due to her line of work, she definitely needs one. Cel respects him greatly and counts him among her true friends, though she'd never admit it.
  • Faelinn (Faellinn) Delancey - Faelinn rose quickly through the ranks of Veldbarad Bornevalesh after gaining favor with Celea. Through this time, they have become fast friends, and they are more alike than either would like to admit. Cel looks up to her as an older sister, in a twisted way, though she can't understand why she insists on being a "goody-goody" at times. Considered MIA and going under the name 'Tarrian Booth.'
  • Wildia Stillflower - Though Wildia initially joined Veldbarad (now disbanded) with glares of distrust bearing in upon her, Cel lent her the benefit of the doubt. Wildia has now become very protective of Cel, and vice versa, leaving them to look after one another when need be.
  • Ishbaneer Schatten - Ish is bent on seeing Cel turn to the good side of things, and while he has definitely had a positive effect on her, it seems to be in vain. Conversely, Cel is convinced that with enough work, Ishbaneer can turn back into the scoundrel he had been at one point, and strives to make him so once again. All the same, the two have become unlikely friends, and until something bad goes down, shall probably remain so.
  • Lila Blackheart - (To be updated)
  • Vilmar Serenthel - (To be updated)
  • Sadirahe Serenthel - (To be updated)

Public Knowledge and Rumors

  • Celea -is- The Rat. And that's what most people know her by.
  • She successfully pulled off two weapon heists in Orgrimmar and is somewhat responsible for the self-imposed exile of Rexnuma, from the Hellstorm Clan.
  • Cel was once known as the Captain of Veldbarad Bornevalesh and the brains behind all their operations.
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