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Calendre is a level 80 Blood Elf Hunter on the Moon Guard realm.


With a face that's a little too angular to be pretty, a mischievous smirk, and a generous smattering of freckles, Cal looks somewhat younger than her one hundred and sixty years would suggest. She moves with ease, but not grace, a stride that wastes only enough energy to allow a little bit of a hip swivel.

Her hair hangs thick and straight, neatly-trimmed chestnut strands that seem to be insistent on flying in her face at the most inconvenient of times. Her eyes are nothing special, shrouded in that same fel green of the rest of her kind, though the irises themselves contain small flecks of gold.

Long fingers are punctuated with bowstring calluses and small pricks from a leatherworking needle, and the rest of her reveals the same archer's strength - lean muscles all over with a slightly softer middle. Down her middle, from the "v" of her clavicle to the top of her belly button, is a long white scar.


Flippant, sassy, ever-so-slightly smug, and endlessly curious, Calendre's view of the world is a study in complicated and sometimes conflicting values. She treasures cleverness and a quick tongue over all else, usually the first to jump in and point out another's weaknesses in the most amusing and scathing way possible. Conversely, anyone who knows this elf cannot deny that she has a certain softness for those close friends who have managed to see past her serpent-tongued exterior. Her aim is freedom, fun, and discovery, always, even if it might come at the cost of others. This Farstrider has her kind moments, certainly, but they are usually random acts of kindness sprinkled in between long bouts of self-indulgence.

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