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Alliance 32 Calebela

Calebela is a Paladin on the US-Moon Guard realm.

Character Information
  • Name: Calebela (kayl-bell-uh)
  • Gender: Female

Calebela is 6 feet 7 inches tall. Her skin is a dark purple. She has decently long white hair that extends ever so slightly past her shoulder blades. Her hair is often kept tucked behind her ear on the left side of her head, and left free on the right side. Although it is quite rare, she sometimes puts her hair up in a bun.

A guilty pleasure of hers is wearing "revealing" armor (by a Paladin's standard, mind you, she won't touch those metal braziers or thongs with a 10 foot pole).

While not one to wear jewelry, around her neck is a silver chain with a dove-shaped shadow draenite rock. It was a gift given to her by her mother before she boarded the Exodar, thus is very special to her.






Celadeia - Her identical twin sister, a Priest. The two have a very strong bond, and are rarely seen apart. Calebela is the older of the two, being born 2 minutes and 14 seconds before her sister, and is quick to point it out when her sister doubts her about anything.

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