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Name: Azulan Darkwind
Title: Blood Knight/Last of the Darkwinds
Age: 126 (equivalent to 28 in human years.)
Hair Color: Auburn Brown
Eye Color: Bright Green
Skin Color: Light/tan
Height: 5'10
Weight: 175


Azulan is very fit, a product of constant training. He stands proud, usually giving a sneer to those he doesn't know. As of late, his eyes have grown dim and distant.


Where he was once a proud and outgoing youth, after the discovery that his only kin had died Azulan withdrew into himself, now aloof and judgmental. He chooses, for the most part, to ignore everyone if he has a goal in mind. Very headstrong, he does not give up on anything he sets his mind to. It is this determination that drove him to become a Blood Knight, and the same that drives him to search for a "cure" for the curse on his name.

He can best be described as: Overzealous, vengeful, reckless, and paranoid-schizophrenic. Despite keeping a tough exterior, inside he is afraid he will ultimately succumb to the curse of his name.


The Darkwind family traces it's roots back before the great sundering tore the one continent in two. While never a name of any importance, it came to some fame after the sundering. Some members of the family were stricken below during the fatal act, others succumbed to the addiction of arcane energies and fled with the Highborne across the sea.

Since then, the members of the family have all suffered cruel fates, some murdered, driven insane, or finding death by misadventure. A rumor quickly began circulating that the very name Darkwind was cursed. Despite these events the family continued on. Recently only two have been left; the brothers Timulous and Azulan after their kin were killed during the Scourge attack on Silvermoon City.

Timulous had a wife, but sadly could produce no children. Azulan, ever the headstrong one, chose to pursue a life of duty and training rather than one of recreation like his brother. This training isolated him and he lost contact with Timulous.

Timulous finally fell victim to the Darkwind curse and was captured and killed by Amani Trolls. When this news reached Azulan he lashed out in anger and sealed himself off from the world for three days. After those days, he emerged telling his close friends that his new goal in life was to cure the taint of his name.


  • Prefers to speak Thalassian.
  • Sometimes talks to himself, usually cursing and yelling.
  • Very often ignores people when he sets his mind to a small goal.

Public Knowledge and Rumors

  • Was found unconscious and highly dehydrated by a friend once after long training period. He simply ignored the strain on his body.
  • It is believed that he went mad the day he found he was the last Darkwind. Those closest to him are convinced that this is the Darkwind curse seeking to end the blood line once and for all.
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