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Azazhel Azalex Daeb is the creator and leader of the Xaez. He is one of the prime Masters of Fel magic, and he is also a master Necromancer. Though he seems at ease most of the time, he is really a very vile Demon. He claims he has a " deed " he must accomplish...


Age: 869 
Birthplace: Darkshire,Duskwood 
Home: Uknown Loaction, Durotar
Occupation: Fel Master, Necromancer Of Xeaz

He is fair heightened and weighs around 75 pounds, he has rotted purple skin and strain marks on his face. He walks around with a gloomy look most of the time, and he talks to his minions or himself most of the time. He is very unattractive and spiteful, you'll have a hard time trying to have a successful conversation with Azazhel. Unusually, his bones are in perfect condition, no scars or anything are graved into his bones. His absorption of Fel has healed many injuries on his body, so all together he mentally messed up, but physically, he is in good shape for a Forsaken.


Though he always looks down in the dumps, he is happy (In a bad way) most of the time. He makes it seem like he hates his minion companions but he knows he would be lonely without them. He is slightly Anti-Social, and tends to be mingy towards most people, but he isn't mingy towards his subordinates, he treats them fairly, but he is still a Warlock, making it natural for him to be mingy towards anyone. He is very confident and ALWAYS successful in his " deeds " he knows when to mentally jump when his gut tells him to, and is always looking for the best of whatever he is in need for. He is very bossy, snotty and pompous, he keeps his staff on him all the time, due to his insecurity, and will never ask for help in anything unless his sovereignty is at state. Overall he is a over confident bossy and slightly rude being that doesn't like to socialize unless he gains something for himself (Power wise).

Goals and motivationsEdit

To be prime, "The best", 
Power, in every way." 

Though his goals aren't too well known by the public, he does have motivations, which includes his loyalty to his king Sargeras, he respects him in everyway and probably the only being he truly loves. Also, he IS a Forsaken meaning he is very loyal to his queen Sylvanas Windrunner, even still, he isn't as loyal to his queen as he is to his king.


  • Azazhel loves his minions even though most of the time he is shouting at them, telling them they are pitiful spiteful being that isn't worth sh*t.
  • He has an unusual reaction to water when it hits his skin, though it isn't known why he becomes numb when he makes contact with H20 but he is being seen by someone, currently.
  • He loathes Sargeras and often tries to keep in contact with him, and tries to please his dark master, but he doesn't know Sargeras doesn't care about him in any way.
  • When he was a Human before he died he fought in the First War against the Horde, he no longer knows any of his previous languages, but he tends to relearn them for some reason.
  • He finds the Horde to be a Joke, and he is not even close to being loyal to his fellow races of his faction, this is one of the reasons why he is anti-social, lack of communication with others.
  • Though he used to like to get drunk he no longer can since he is missing organs, but he enjoys seeing others drunk, and he despises singing.

Current Condition Edit

Currently he is a newbie due to the fact he is only level 6 at the time, but this is my first Horde roleplaying character, and so there isn't much to say, except that he is working on his master "Deed" at the time.

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