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Athanaric is a level 70 Orc Warrior on the realm of Moon Guard.


Athanaric stands tall, towering and powerful; like a great jade god. His neatly-trimmed topknot and beard are blackest black, with flashes of blue highlights. His facial features are strongly chiseled and implacably handsome. He has high, wide cheekbones and a cliff of a brow overhanging his startling yellow eyes. He stands firm and confident, with an air of nobility. Men gaze upon him and tremble; women gaze upon him and swoon with lust.


Athanaric doesn't speak at all about his life before the Third War, and summarizes his role in the war as "grunt," neither revealing where or under whom he served. After the war, he formed his own mercenary company named Clan Terror. It was a rough and tumble group of miscreants, kept from each other's throats by a constant supply of enemies, gold, and intimidation. No target was forbidden and collateral damage was ignored. After an especially messy assassination in Booty Bay, Athanaric was called before Thrall to answer for his actions. After many months, Thrall mysteriously allowed Athanaric to return to his group, only requiring that they adhere to a strict code of conduct in the future as well as limiting their clients. Unfortunately, Clan Terror had not waited patiently for their leader's return. Some had set out on their own. Others had been killed in petty squabbles over loot, pride, or women. Enraged, Athanaric killed all who were too slow to flee his wrath.

The crushed leader returned to Orgrimmar and explained the bad news to Thrall. He asked only to be allowed to make his living in the city as a guard. Instead, Athanaric was directed to the Blood Wolves where he was to serve on a very, very short leash.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Athanaric's single goal and motivation is the Fight, whether on the battlefield or within his own ranks. He does not even seem to care about victory so much as losing himself in the midst of battle, surrounded by screaming foes, axe in hand, and maniacal grin twisting his toothy face.

Vices and idiosyncrasiesEdit

  • He will often pause in the midst of a towering rage during combat and laugh, "high" on his own anger.
  • Has been known to spout gibberish that sounds something like boasting, but makes little sense.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • Participated in a massive raid that simultaneously hit all major Alliance cities.
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