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Basic Info Edit

Name: Asheus Shadowbane

Title: Vindicator

Age: 2,421

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Luminescent Blue

Skin color: Blue

Height: 8'1"

Weight: 250 lbs

Spouse: Deceased

Children: None

Siblings: Two brothers, Unknown whereabouts

Parents: Deceased

Appearance Edit

Among many things, Asheus stands at an imposing height, even for draenei. Built among the stronger draenei of the race, Asheus is in very fit shape, though his arms are slightly scarred from past fights, each one telling a tale of a foes blade. His tail holds a gold plate towards the end, enscripted with runic marks recalling stories of heroism and valor.

Personality Edit

Asheus has a very inspiring personality. He seems as though he walks without fear, and has earned the right to be viewed so. He has a natural aura of leadership amongst him, and is very warm hearted to friends. He feels as though his life is worth much less than others, and often feels the need to put the lives of comrades in front of his own.

Backround Edit

Asheus was among the many draenei living in draenor during the savage orc's invasion of shattrath city. He was chosen among the many by Velen to stay behind and make a last stand to give the others a chance to escape. Asheus, though young, gratefully accepted the task, willing to die for the good of his race. Though he was ready, his father was not willing to allow his son to die, and convinced Velen to allow him to stay in his son's stead for this suicide mission. Asheus refused, but it was inevitable that his father was going to stay. In a last goodbye, Asheus left with his life mate, Kaavesh, with the other draenei to azeroth. During the crash, Kaavesh was killed. Asheus mourned for a few days, but realized that he must put it aside to help help his people. He now works for the good of the Alliance, and his race, to purge the demon orcs from this world. Not much is known of Asheus besides this story, for he has revealed nothing but this.

Idiosyncrasies Edit

Despises Orcs, due to the relations on Draenor, and betrayal of a befriended Orc.

Feels the need to take the role of leader when there is none.

Will never betray a friend.

Rumors Edit

Once fought 20 Orcs, alone, and survived.

Has survived the blade of many Kal'dorei assasins.

Owns a home within the city of Ironforge, and holds a high friendship with the Dwarfs, due to their love of blacksmithing.

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