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Aryndras' appearance reflects much of his current personality. Clothed in whatever raiments he can find or make conveys his self-sufficient mannerisms and his closeness to the wilderness.


Calm and aloof, Aryndras is the silent hunter.


Much of Aryndras' history is unknown, even to him. His first memory is awakening in Shadowglen under the care of Priestess Alathea. He was told that he was found in a state of great injury near the Warsong Lumber camp and brought back to Shadowglen where is he was nursed back to health. With no memory of his past or lineage save for his name, he set out for Darnassus in hopes that there he would learn his identity.

Goals and motivations

Under Construction


No relations to speak of at this time.

Public knowledge and rumors

Rumors of his past follow him wherever he goes, the tattooed mark upon his arm brings with it hushed whispers whenever he is near. He has not yet discovered meaning to any of it.

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