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Name: Arryah Von Hallen
Title: Infiltrator of the Kor'kron Legion, The Deadly Rose
Age: 125
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Emerald Green
Skin color: Fair
Height: 5', 5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Spouse: None; currently mourning Garkar Axebite
Children: None
Siblings: Atreyin Von Hallen (Older Brother, Deceased)
Parents: Deceased


Long silky black hair falls past her shoulders. She is of average height with a solid athletic frame. Her soft flawless skin hugs tightly to her well shaped curves. Her tight face is full of beauty. Her solid emerald green eyes are piercing to the stare. She has three gold loop earrings, two on the right and one on the left.

On her right bicep she has a solid black tattoo of two crossed swords with a name detailed on each blade, Arryah on one and Atreyin on the other. She also has in the small of her back, a fairly large tattoo with very fine detail of a black dragon enveloped in thorns and black roses.

She speaks with a stern voice that is filled with pride, and can be soft and soothing to the ears. She also has a very seductive sway when she walks. Its quite charming to watch her. Any that have come across her would say she is filled with pure beauty, yet she is also quite deadly.

She is typically seen wearing the tribal armors of the Horde and bearing the Tabard of Orgrimmar or the Kor'kron Legion, as well as wielding a pair of axes forged by the Warlord of the Kor'kron Legion and her friend, Garkar Axebite.


Patience. If one word can describe her it is that. It is her life’s work and has helped her through the darkest days.

As tough as she acts, she is still a woman and enjoys womanly comforts.

She is rather quiet, rarely becoming bated into an argument. Although she is quick to attack verbally if felt offended. She always stands tall and proud, refusing to ever show inner weakness. She holds her friends dearest to her close to her heart, and will willingly die for them. She tends to sense a somewhat sympathy for the young/weak. Perhaps it is the teacher in her, she would never brand someone as weak, but rather strive to improve them.

Her sarcastic humor sometimes goes unnoticed.

Recently she is becoming more relaxed with her Orcish comrades, and much more open with her slight jokes and love of friends.

Quote/motto: The silent learn the most.


The second born of a pair of Elven twins, in the small town of Goldenmist Village. Fathered by the late Lord Theo’dore Von Hallen. Mothered by the late Lady Alexz’andra Von Hallen. Sibling to her late older brother in no less then a minute, Atreyin Von Hallen.

For reasons unknown, the name “Von Hallen” was branded upon the family during the late Theodore’s & Alexz’andra’s time serving under the command of a younger ancestor of Lord Jorarch Ravenholdt, acting as two of his most skilled assassins.

The sign at Arrayh’s birth of her nearly immediate following of her brother proved to stand true their entire lives. The twins were sent to Ravenholdt Manor to learn the ways of their parents, and the patience of an Assassin. Under the watchful eyes and close teachings of Master Kang and Fahrad, the twins were shaping up to be everything their parents wanted them to be. It was only a matter of time before Azeroth's black market feared the names. They were never apart. They became known as the deadly duo: “Thorn” and “Rose”.

When the plague first began to grow within the Eastern Kingdoms, Lord Theo’dore & Lady Alexz’andra were sent on a mission to disrupt a certain Necromancers plot to overrun the land with undeath. Their mission was deemed a failure when the two never returned. The lands of Tirisfal plagued, and all life lost, there was no other solution.

After the Scourge attack on Silvermoon, Arryah and Atreyin left Ravenholdt Manor charged to aide the re-construction of the city. It was then that the School of Shadow was founded in Murder Row. It was there the twins became exalted with the city's shadowy order. Within their first year of teaching, their skills were noticed by the noble Military house of Lord-General Sargeoff Dawnblood. He recruited the two assassins into his army known as Blood of the Sun as his own personal bodyguards. They then became known as, “The Blackguard”. It was there she had originally met her now most dearest friend, Warlord Garkar Axebite. They served with the Lord-General and his family for many years to follow, until eventually, the Lord-General retired the order.

Upon the recent attacks of the Scourge under the command of the new Lich King, Arthas, Arryah and Atreyin traveled to Northrend to lend their blades in the effort. Sent on what seemed like a suicide mission to travel into enemy lines within Icecrown and dismantle a group of Necromancers raising fallen heroes of the Horde, Arryah witnessed the swift death of her dear brother Atreyin. She fell to her own sorrow allowing, for the first time, full emotion to completely engulf her. She was now lost and fated to being the only living member of her blood line left.

Months had passed, and Arryah had no direction. She tried returning to Silvermoon only to be overwhelmed with the constant bickering and power hungry life-styles of her Sin’dorei race. She was growing to hate it. She traveled south, returning to Ravenholdt Manor, only to be exiled due to her family's name and simple deaths to the Scourge. It was then, for no real reason, she had traveled to Orgrimmar, city of orcs. She had stumbled upon her friend whom she had not seen in almost a year, Garkar Axebite, who now claimed to be the Warlord of the Kor’kron Legion. Upon their friendly re-union, Garkar Axebite was hosting a meeting to the Kor’kron. A single orc, Salrik Strongbow stood and suggested to Overlord Var’gok that he take in a single Sin’dorei. The Overlord looked to Axebite, asking if he knew of any Sin’dorei worthy enough to fight along side the Kor’kron. Axebite acknowledged that he indeed did know the one an only elf he would ever trust his life with - Arryah. It was then she was recruited into the Kor’kron Legion to act as a representative of her race.

Her skill and worth on the field alongside the Kor’kron has become fully aware to the Overlord and Warlord, ranking her to become their top “Infiltrator” and Axebite’s personal assassin. To this day, she lives in Orgrimmar and serves under the Kor’kron proudly and with honor.

Goals and motivations

  • To never fall to the Scourge.
  • To rebuild her name.
  • To stay loyal to those dear to her, and strike her blades for them.
  • To lead her own elite strike team under her own command.
  • To never fall in in the power-hungry category of her race.
  • To know true love.

Public knowledge and rumors

  • Although she was once only known as “Rose” she has disregarded the code-name, and is proudly allowing all to know her as Arryah.
  • It is rumored that her brother died by her hands, and not of the Scourge.
  • Has an acquired taste for tequila.
  • Loves the ocean.
  • Has been branded as an “easy drunk” when drinking on a rare occasion.
  • Has been seen to never leave the Overlord's side when fighting on the battle-field.
  • Was the mate of Garkar Axebite before his death and is possibly bearing his child.
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